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from the-prude :
I know this is not a blog, and you do not write here for people to leave "comments" or "advice".. but just something for you to think about if you decide to keep M: if you do your thing, which is technically no strings attached, and he is also (secretly) doing other things (people) on the side too... He could probably easily tell you: Yo, I have feelings for so and so and we're gonna have to stop. = You're left hurt.
from the-prude :
You want to love those guys that don't want to "use" you (even though you want it) and you want to stab them for not giving you what you want. Ugggh! It is so frustrating!
from the-prude :
your last post brought back lots of memories. I was in your shoes not long ago (6 months ago, I just graduated after almost6 years of being lost)all I have to tell you is never let anyone put you down. Just because they seem/look like they have everything going their way, or they're right on what they call a "track" it is fucking bullshit. My advice is work hard and do your best in whatever it is you're doing right now, regardless if it is your dream or not (you don't know that yet). A university degree is your license through life in many ways, much like a driving license. A driving licenses is a driving licenses whether you are driving a modest Honda or a flashy Lamborghini!
from scullerymaid :
Hey! Thanks so much for the comment. Recently, I feel like all I do is vent! But I really appreciate what you had to say. I just graduated a year ago and never imagined this is what things would be like after college. Thanks again for your kind words.
from svenhard :
hi, just visitin, the mad scramble for prom related sh1t is a big con foisted onto girls, once you reach your late twenties you'll look back and see just how vapid and fake the whole scene is, just because you're not a size zero with perfect hair doesn't make you unbeautiful, self confidence is the key, easy to say, harder to actualise in reality. anywho, chin up and all that. sven
from foxy-316 :
Hi Me, Hope you always know that there are so many people there for you, and you never have to give up. Love yourself! -Me

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