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from xemowhorex :
you have me listed as a favorite. if you're still around and care at all, i have had to locked my diary for a while. the username: emo password: whore
from a-nymph :
Aren't snow days just beautiful? :) A couple of days ago, I had a snow day from University- so exciting ;) Your photography is beautiful.
from fan4 :
I don't like winter either.
from saraniana :
from iron-orchid :
ha... most* well written, I meant. (oops...)
from iron-orchid :
I don't think I've left you a note yet (it's overdue)... Your journal is one of the well written and interesting I've ever come across. It's just so unique compared to many, it can't help but be intriguing. :P anyway... hi. :)
from nuniko :
I'm back, Dearest. It's been a while...really miss you.
from jason75 :
as a formner kiwi, I think perhaps there is work for you with the New Zealand tourism industry, love your diary
from macresco :
I really understand what you right about. I really appreciate what you say and I think your incredibly talented and your going to make it as a famous play write. Really you are. Good luck and take care.
from obsessional :
Thanks for the note girlie! The link is up on my page and it is all good now! I am kinda hyper at this moment so my message might make absolutely no sense at all. Anorexic Web is the greatest along with, ofcourse, your page! I'll make a contribution sometime in the near future so I can have my own little password and such for it and not have to use the general one. Love always, Obsessional
from onecutabove :
I have the code for the ring up on my rings page. There is a link for the ring page directly on the front page of my diary. Sorry for any confusion. Is it okay if I have it there instead of on the front page? It's so much easier to have a separate page for diary rings and I think it just looks nicer.
from tearscaress :
I've been reading for quite some time now, but have never felt the need to leave a note. Despite no drastic change in environment, I am now leaving one anyway. You write beautifully.
from just-fine :
I applied to join the tf ring, just thought i'd tell you my username on there is cryintherain, incase you wern't sure who i was. Also, wanted to say thankyou so much for the forum, it's so nice to be able to meet and speak to people who understand and won't judge. Love <3, Claire xxx
from onecutabove :
reguarding the diaryring... I'm assuming I was taken off the list because I didn't have my diaryland email set up. I don't know how to set it up and would rather not, seeing as how I know I would never use it. I already have an e-mail ([email protected]) that you can reach me at with info on the ring. (You already do this with info for the forum.) What I'm basically asking is can I still be in the ring if I don't have the diaryland email account? Thanx for your time. ~Jessica~
from jennstarr :
great diary!! xoxo Jenn
from immolation :
Trying to get in touch with you here, I know you're a busy woman. Thanks for everything: the TF (just bought my password), my New York fix (you even mentioned my street, I was excited), the words. Submitted my name to the TF diaryring. Thanks again. It means a lot.
from qtxloves :
i wrote before but i didnt get a reply. my username is babygrl and my email address is [email protected]. when i request my password i get this notice The email address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username but i know that is the correct email address because thats where i get my password weekly from the thin forum. and thats my user name :( pleaseeeeee help. i really need support and im going through a tough time. i could just cry, thin forum means sooo much to me! i think theres a glitch, please please help :( thanky ou
from hungry-hippo :
Mozart's Requiem is a funeral Mass that was unfinished at his death. For more info, go to I love Mozart, too!
from slowlyinsane :
Hi there...I noticed that you have my diary,, listed as one of your favorites. I just wanted to tell you that I've moved the diary to Hope you come visit! Amanda
from shadow-s :
alright. check. ;) i think i fit the requirements now, hun.
from skelechick :
hi susan, ive been a member of the thin diaryring almost as long as ive been using diaryland. i update frequently and meet all the requirements stated in the recent letter sent out to the list, with the exception of having no more than 5 other rings. maybe you should rethink this requirement. im a memeber of several other rings and they dont deter me from being an active member of TF, or the thin diaryring. just my thoughts on the matter, please leave me a note in return, or sign my guestbook. thanks.
from theseraphim :
the thin forum is password protected now. Kudos, susan. I wish my pro a site had thought of that. anyways, I tried my old user name and password and didn't get in. If anyone knows the new password or how to get access, I would be greatly indebted to them. I live at that forum, man. When the ana insomnia is hitting I just hang there. I miss everyone and it's with in a two day time frame. no one needs tell me how sad I am but if you have info [email protected] I'll kiss your skinny feet Victoria
from spongesue33 :
OMG, it's gone!! I am going insane here because the thin forum no longer exists! What happened to it?? Someone please tell me. I lived for that place. It's my life. It was like my drug. Please... let it come back!!!
from spongesue33 :
OMG, it's gone!! I am going insane here because the thin forum no longer exists! What happened to it?? Someone please tell me. I lived for that place. It's my life. It was like my drug. Please... let it come back!!!
from choke2death :
hey, is it just me or has TF vanished:(??? i cant access it at all, it comes up with a server admin page saying it doesnt exist???
from daphne-minor :
hi! i applied for the thin diaryring and my username there is the same as here, but with an underscore, not a hyphen. peace :)
from okay-hay-bee :
I'm just leaving this note to say hi! I have you on my favorite diary list! And I also love your pictures! It looks like you could be a professional! I don't know if you are or not, just thought I'd let you know I like them! If I had a scanner (and the money to buy film) I'd do the same thing! Anyways, keep up the good work!
from frenchpress :
hey good for you!! talk to them..for they might just be you...heh
from ethelkitty :
Dear, take care, and things will look up in the New Year. Try to talk to someone professional about what happened, or a clergyman, or a good and trusted friend. You are not alone, and this is not your fault. You didn not need to "learn a lesson." It's a horrible thing to have happened, and you deserve better. Hang in there. Ethelkitty in NYC
from windsong :
Your diary is the only one that I actually read thoroughly and look forward to reading. Your words have a calming effect on me and make me realize over and over how beautiful life is (even when you complain!). I just wanted to let you know that I admire and respect you, as well as your work on this website. Thank you so much, and always keep remember that there are many people who care about you out there...even if you've never met some of them.
from ahiddenplace :
I would not want to "be intimate" if I was raped either. I hope you feel better.
from boyrepellant :
i just discovered this journal--beautiful design and words. please let me know what you think of my site...
from oneko :
nov.10. Hello. You are one strong woman. Thank you for the share of being.
from penpak :
Hi futurebird ! i never comment or leave a note to anybody else before just like i am new here. And i wanna let you know that how great your diary is! wonderful girl . Keep it up! i'll be watching u!
from krispiepop :
so much adulation!listen, i just need to understand the link between you and the thin page. is it yours?theres no reference to that kind of stuff in your diary entries. i just want to know if it belongs to you, that website is very important to me and i'm dying to know if you've masterminded it.
from fabulous :
wow, girl. You are breathtaking.
from zbra :
you are absolutely beautiful.
from buttrice :
your diary is amazing and inspiring. i don't honestly enjoy reading most diaries, but i visit yours often despite the lack of obligation, that i would normally take advantage of. keep on writing! i also love your new layout. i wish i had you design sense. oh! i must stop my this now. i feel so young.
from jenistar :
I tried to sign your guestbook, but it came up with a blank page. Enjoying reading through your site. I too have experienced the non-smoker's desire to indulge, not for the nicotine but for the acceptance. Glad I found your journal.
from fairytalefun :
I love your layout! I also spared you a click :) Happy Holidays!
from jamiestar :
Your diary is such a nice place. I love the way you write, and your layout is one of the coolest I've ever seen. (Also, I was born in Pittsburgh, and miss it.)
from raging :
Ahh! I love it. the name, the writing. :)
from microserf :
I know this seems superficial, but I thought it, so why not say it? I think your picture on this page is totally beautiful. What a lovely... I was going to say self-portrait, but I don't know if it is one. Seems like a self-portrait. I really enjoy your words. It seems to me that you write just enough... you don't mistake quantity for quality. I admire that in a writer.
from lindsilly :
original though at it's best! thanks for a great read.
from enderrr :
beautiful! (go PA!)
from javakid :
like your diary..the whole layout makes me have to read it out of being totally intrigued. Hey how do you make a banner for your Clix! entry?? Help me!
from iona :
I admire your layout so much and it makes me want to read more...and I like that you get to the point so poetic too. Best wishes! Iona
from virre :
Your're really cool
from waterlily :
What a groovy diary. :) I'm surprised I haven't run across it before. Expect me to check it out more often.
from siff :
I have read a few of your entries, and I like your writing. You fascinate me by your way of thinking, the way you seem to turn things around, not allowing a dove to be a dove, or a letter to be just a letter, but acknowledging that it is something more. Oh, and I also like your layout...fabulous *s*

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