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from whystinger :
Well, it seems stupid, but she is good with twisting shit around and making me doubt myself. I also look at it this way, at least I am finally getting off my ass for a change. Nobody moves before they are truly ready to. I do wish I would have moved quicker...
from reanimations :
dude what the fuck, i can always count on a read from at least you!!!
from lovelydaisy :
[email protected] :) Had it before but lost it because of a puter switch :)
from ebokian :
Hey lady, It's Miss Limekle. What's with the lockage?! I tried to go and catch up and find this. :(
from kiki-blue :
aww locked out. [email protected] can I have the other password too? Please please!
from icyjewel :
Hey girl, my email address is b[email protected]. I hope to be back to reading you soon! :)
from blue-swirl :
Can I have a password? Love ya....
from fireflyez76 :
You locked me out *sad about it* if you dont mind letting me back in, it's [email protected] still ;) Thanks darlin' *hugs*
from whystinger :
If it is golden, then puta is either slut or whore, so she is a Golden Slut and the name fits her well... She is one hell of a ride... a choppa!
from whystinger :
Fuck me once and I'm yours forever... LOL! I get in a hurry and don't always articulate. Thanks for scolding me, because it made me re-read and clarify. And no, she is NOT off the hook. It would take several fucks over a few weeks to really restore it. That never happens. I think she has an idea it would, but never takes the time...
from whystinger :
I think I didn't articulate it well. I have NOT put the preparation on the back burner. I did want to write about how having sex and the closeness it brings does start to put the thought in one's head that maybe a marriage can be saved. Mine CAN be saved, but it is up to HER if she wants it saved. I will do my part, but I am not investing too heavily in this marriage, as I am always the one investing. Remember, I am using the diary to help me sort out all this shit. I have also been in the marriage for 12 years, so some of this bullshit has become "normalized" for me and that helps me understand why I keep trying. Also, bear in mind, that my folks have been married for 50 years, all Aunts and Uncles are still married (if alive) so I think that has an impact on me.
from whystinger :
Thanks for the note. Actually, hell is a bit chillier lately. I HAVE been prepping a bit. That is one of the reasons I welcomed my folks to come and clean and organize the 'shop. It will be easier to handle in the event of change. I also am working on a little separation fund. Yeah, it is less $$ than I want it to be, but it will be a help if I need to go... Yeah, I do have trouble leaving. I think of many reasons and excuses. I don't know why, but it is probably that I have become used to this crap after so many years. Yes, it is a cop-out, but after the bullshit, it just feels good when things are quiet.
from pipersplace :
She e-mailed you! Damn. And she thinks he's wonderful? Well, you know what they say about denial....
from sixelasauce :
being anti-social takes practice
from kinka :
from sensualistic :
"Maybe I'm not such a catch after all. Maybe I think I'm more valuable than I actually am." What the fuck??? Woman if I was within hitting range, you'd be screaming. You know that's not true. DELETE DELETE DELETE!!
from blulinepaper :
Welp, at least you won't get any flying ants for awnile! Heh.
from tiragem :
Thank you, kindly. It has nothing to do with will power though, and far more to do with incentive. Kinda like how the boring, zoftig housewife makes herself over into a bombshell milf after her husband leaves her for a woman half his age - she certainly never had the will power to lose the weight and exfoliate, but she certainly found the incentive. So, hexychick, even the divine Miss Pea would be able to lock it up for a year, given sufficient incentive. And since I know I shan't be here for a while - happy birthday in advance.
from sensualistic :
HA! And I fucked up your notes page. Ok, I miss you lady. You can delete the other one if you like. Or leave it to laugh :D
from sensualistic :
from whystinger :
Hmmm, new diary... BTW, I finally got off my ass and took my PC BACK in for repairs...........
from sensualistic :
i've been so busy i didn't even strive to be the first note! bad wife is me! BIG HUGS LADY!!!
from impetuousme :
thanks for the suggestion. And I'll be checking out that site. And, good to hear you've found what it took to make you smile at work again. :)
from kayrayne29 :
Hi! I have moved! Please follow me to: Happy reading!
from impetuousme :
yes we ARE due, but now is probably not a good time, because in my current state, you'd likely find yourself fending off THIS awkward old man... :)
from impetuousme :
what's this? vergin notespace? anyway, i see you have another site... you sound different here... older? god... anyway, of course i'll be adding THIS version of you as well, and I HOPE to god you DON't password the thing. How many passwords can people be expected to remember???

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