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from sellingcrazy :
hey, don't worry! once you get into good 'ol washington, we'll let you sleep as much or as little as you want! we can even stay up and watch some trash tv! can't wait!
from sellingcrazy :
Thanks for the sympathy. It was bound to happen, and you're right, now you can show me up on the slopes! All I know is that I still know how to party it up! Can't wait till you get here! BTW...Justin just turned 21 today! Wooo!
from girlmess :
UGH, I just want boobs. Padded bras make me look so fake. I even invested in one of those waterbras, but then my friends would poke my boob all the time to see if I was wearing it. Ouch. I have a lj, but I can't get it to look pretty, because the coding on mine is messed up. And the comments section is at the top for some reason. And it hates me. I'm breathe_bullets on there, and you make me feel lucky that my parents don't spy on me. Next time they do, take their hamburger- patty- shaper- thingy. Yes, genius.
from girlmess :
MY MOM HAD ONE OF THOSE TOO. Oh my frick, yes, they didn't work as well as one would think. Yes, I'm ashamed to say my mother once owned a perfect- hamburger- shaping- thingy- from-tupperware
from sellingcrazy :
hey woman! are things going good? i hope so! oh, and...5 days...three shots...hehe! have you ever tried Bacardi Limon with Mountain Dew? It will be the death of me someday!
from sellingcrazy :
Don't worry woman! You can do it!
from lastyeargirl :
Well next time you're in the country let me know and we WILL get coffee - I may be in Edinburgh, I may be in Glasgow, but I will be somewhere :) xx
from sellingcrazy :
hey thanks. i'm sure justin will understand, i just get a weird about things like that...and yes, shauna is the one you'd probably freak out. heck, i even freak her out most of the time...hehe! love ya!
from wearewu :
"never know if you really remember who i am"? Riiiight. :) Iowa is its normal boring self, as always. I see you've managed to escape. Permanent or temporary?

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