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from lunasoul :
Hi whystinger! Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’ve been going through my entries today wondering if I can get back that voice of yore.
from whystinger :
I see you are on tonight - are you going to update or start writing again? I hope so
from serenlickety :
I have enjoyed looking through your diary. I love the Japanese culture so it has been a pleasure hearing your stories and experiences.
from glassextreme :
Nobody eats raw meat in Chinese culture. The closest is "yu sheng" or raw fish during Chinese New Year. Even then, it is just a few pieces with a lot of vegetables. As for raw eggs, does cracking an egg into a drink of hot Milo counts? It's quite delicious. I think eggs shouldn't be eaten raw, because they have germs.
from sirilyan :
I'd certainly not eat raw chicken, and I'd never just crack an egg and gulp it down, but I could see myself eating a recipe that called for raw eggs... is that a half a vote or a full one?
from jennyj :
There is no raw chicken or egg eating here!!
from glassextreme :
Thanks for your info.
from glassextreme :
Merry Christmas Kim!
from ohmaria :
I wouldn't really be overly pleased to be going with my co-workers to the baths, but you are going so I say do it! Just pretend like they are strangers and that you are there for yourself. Besides, when else will you get to have another wacky bonding experience like this? P.S. I love your diary!
from rosejeide :
Hmm... I don`t think I would be that enthusiastic to strip naked and go skinning dipping with my Nihon co-workers/classmates. LoL.
from jennyj :
There is no way these people here would get to see me naked. They have to see my hungover enough times for me to not want to put them through any more. As for me seeing them ... I'd rather eat a whole pig by breakfast time.
from glassextreme :
I have problems with that last time. The German girls stripped and showered with the doors opened and I was shell-shocked. Now, I think I am more comfortable with my body, but being with co-workers would sound very intimidating.
from lunasoul :
Hi, welcome to the pool, I mean poll! So, yes or no, would you participate in a naked bathing ritual with your co-workers? Pithy comments or philosophy welcomed.
from breathless- :
Hey! I just wanted to say that your diary rocks. But I'm sure you've heard that before. You also know how to write. Keep it up. ;) Anyways, if you get a chance, drop me a note and check out my diary! Byebye!
from glassextreme :
Well, the part about linking is because this girl valska put a link on her website, and I got over 80 hits from her site. I guess, I tried to put messages on people's websites, and slowly, some discover my website. And there are many who are my real life friends, so the diary is a way for them to find out what I am doing. :)
from glassextreme :
Hello! I like your layout. Simple and easy to navigate.
from soulsurvivor :
haha... sometimes we are our hair. i would love to go to japan. i hear magic mushrooms are legal there. taima... haha. ciao! have fun teaching!
from antologia :
hola, La cancion se llama "Te necesito" de Shakira. Es de su primer album o mas bien dicho el segundo, titulado "Pies Descalzos". Tu pagina esta muy bien organizada e interesante. La encontre porque busque a quienes tenian a Shakira como su favorita y me encanto ver que a una persona que vive lejos le gustara. Me retiro. Cuidate, tu tambien. Paulina ^_^ 5
from lunasoul :
Funny that you should write about my ideas. I have been following your progression as well and wondering where you get yours. I just recently got back from a TESOL course in Kyoto and I learned a lot there. I also have been investing in many books of games and activities. When I leave Japan I will have to hire my own plane to carry all of my books and other teaching materials. I also am a member of a professional English teaching association in Japan and they have a list serv which I read regularly for ideas. I often visit Dave's ESL cafe which has pages and pages of ideas and links where you can get more. is also my best friend and often I will type in "present perfect games" or "present perfect grammar games" and search what comes up. I would wilt as a teacher if I didn't have the internet. Keep up the good work!
from glassextreme :
Hello! I am training to be an English teacher now, and I can get so many exciting ideas from your classes. I wish I were in your class. How on earth do you manage to come up with so many interesting ideas?
from lunasoul :
Hello! Please leave me a message. I'd love to know that you stopped by, and this way I can even give you a reply!

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