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from oatmealjoey :
i am not moving on
from swordfern :
Hey there, I don’t think there’s anyone monitoring the admin/tech support of this site anymore. Sadly, I don’t think you’ll get your diary or your money back. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s likely best to just cut your financial and emotional losses and try to move on :((((
from oatmealjoey :
help me, diary land owes me money at joeyarnoldvn
from oatmealjoey :
Yes. I emailed him using those 2 email addresses. I posted a blog entry post today. Still no luck. I may have had other accounts too besides this one which I am still trying to find. I may have had at least two on Diaryland. This username is OatmealJoey. Another one may have been JoeyArnold. One may have been Bumbaloe. One might have been Star_JSA. Another account may have been Cool_Kid or Cooooool_Kid. Another one might have been Darth_Lazer. These are some if not all of the usernames and/or display names I had on the Internet since the 1990s when I first started using the Internet. I was on Yahoo and AOL instant messenger and chat rooms and email and I think there was Geo City web pages I published. I am talking about some if not all of the websites I was on around like 1997-2005 and that includes Diaryland, Xanga, etc. I started using the Internet in 1997 when I was twelve years old and not so much before that. I started running around talking to random people in chat rooms during those last few years of the 1990s. I think Diaryland was the first blogging site I've ever joined. I first joined Diaryland via this account or possibly via other accounts in the early 2000s, like 2001 or 2002. This account says it was created in 2004 but I thought I was blogging here as early as 2001 or 2002 or 2003. Therefore, those early entries was probably via early accounts which I am still looking for via I also paid the $19 or $18 a year or two ago via this website and am still waiting or I would like my money back if I cannot get help with this. Diaryland was a big thing in my life before joining Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, etc, later on in 2004, 2005, 2006, etc, apx.
from the-grey-one :
don’t worry joey - you’ll probably get them back. andrew goes MIA for a while. i’ve tried emailing him at these addresses before : [email protected] and [email protected] — have you tried posting a new entry? a lot of people who haven’t been on the site for a while come back and think all their entries are gone- but once they post a new one it seems to restore their archives in a day or so.
from oatmealjoey :
my current email is [email protected]
from oatmealjoey :
i can't log into my old email, [email protected]
from oatmealjoey :
I want my old diaries, at least the files to the older account or accounts I have had on Diaryland including this username, Oatmealjoey. If you can give me advice or help me in any way, since I already sent Diaryland $19 some days ago and have not heard back from them since, please email me or send me a message here, on Facebook, Hive Blog, Gab, or somewhere. My email is [email protected]
from oatmealjoey :
i sent diary land money and i sent them an email, i hope they respond to my email

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