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from jaxraven :
...another entry, another response, and I still can't tell if I'm falling off a cliff or just finally figuring out that gravity wasn't pointing where I thought it was.
from jaxraven :
No... of everyone I've ever known the things you feared were never things I thought you'd see in me. *blinks* ...afraid of what?
from jaxraven :
*shrugs, places something of a tribute in her own journal* It'll be there, if you look. As, always, will I. You taught me that trusting is a foolish thing to do, and every time I forget that lesson I regret it. *shrugs again*
from jaxraven :
I've got the book in question, yes, and you're welcome to have it back... just let me know when, and actually BE THERE this time, hm?

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