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from arajane :
hey, glad you're back here writing and all that!
from tater-fay :
I clicked on you randomly and was really pleased to read your entry on Prague. I spent a month there last spring and would love to go back! I wrote about my experiences there in my diary (I was there April 2007) if you are curious..
from acornotravez :
I sent you an email 8/23/06!
from popcore :
Hey, Mr Soupstain! Are you there? Are you hibernating? If we bang pots and pans, will you crawl out of the undergrowth and dance for us again?
from rainyday6 :
your diary is amazingly funny ^_^ Just thought I'd let you know. cya.
from soupstain :
Ha ha, you know what I said about re-opening this thing on Wednesday... Well, it might take a bit longer.
from gratuitous :
i actually thought for a moment it may have been you who set him up!? but no, it seems not! he's out and about again anyway. bless him! x
from soupstain :
Hello. I'd just like to let everyone know that Soupstain will only be locked for a few more days. Something's come up. More later... Soup
from miralogue :
you best be sending me a password, soup. [email protected]. pretty please?
from gratuitous :
no way! you can't have locked! can i have the code? please! xx
from tattoobelly :
Oh Soup, how can you shut me out like that??
from arajane :
gah! password? i'm speechless. (or not really.) what happened to all our good times and poo talk? could you really be cutting me off?
from figgy33 :
Thank you Soupstain! I look forward to the light of your diary re-entering my life. Sometime. :-)
from figgy33 :
Soupstain, I have been loving you from afar. Or at least loving your diary entries. Why hath thou forsaken me? I must now enter a password in order to read your diary. Oh sadness. Oh deprivation. It is cruel of you, cruel I say. Please let us unwashed masses appreciate your wit and genius. Password Begone!
from riotnrrd :
micheal nesmith appreciation society!!!!! where do i sign up?
from bipolargirl :
new member here - love simple men "the who --- the OLD who.." also love hoffman - he was bipolar, too
from espagnola71 :
And here I come again... Mmmmm, there seems to be a little problem with the lirics. "Caminamos" means indeed "we walk" or "we are walking", but I have no idea what "bagala" could be!!!! I imagine "lune" is actually "luna", which does mean "moon" and "Caribe" is well... the Caribbean. So, more or less you were right. Maybe "bagala" is some strange word for vampire that I have never heard of... ;-)
from espagnola71 :
Ah, and don't worry about your Spanish, people working in the hotel business usually speak English
from espagnola71 :
Ooops, I see mine will be the fist message. I don't know if you will read this, but I live in Barcelona, so if there's some way I can help...

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