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from mamaness :
I did a google search, there are news stories about this. Yikes. Anyway here Yellow: hugging Purple: kissing Red: lap dance Blue: oral sex Black: the full monty.
from reddirtgirl :
Digging on the new pic.
from trishy79 :
not to rain on your parade, but you should really read up on salt water fish tanks before getting involved in one. they are a lot of work and very very fragile. im just looking out for the fishies! :) thanks!
from frenchgirl2 :
Love the diary. End of the year is so emotional ain't it! But you will have another class you adore--every year in a different way! Thanks!
from lip :
Just wanted to say, when I see that you have updated it really makes me happy! I love your diary!
from trishy79 :
you have the best kids in your class! but the kids are a reflection of the teacher, and you sound like a kick-ass one. your new school will be just as great. good luck there! and i am so very sorry about your dad.
from reddirtgirl :
A Secret Service Team! That is so cute I could just spit. Where were you when I was seven, Miss Apple Pie? I'm really sorry about your dad, but I'm sure your being there means a lot to him.
from trishy79 :
hey, do you mind my asking where you live that there are actually job opportunities for teachers? ive been sending resumes all over MA and NH ot no avail. no one can afford to hire anyone, in fact they are laying people off and closing schools. just interested in where i might actually get a real job.
from yvette18 :
yeah I'm ready for the summer too. I hope it wont be too boring. I want to have some fun!
from mamaness :
I live south! Texas. It's supposed to warm up again, I think. I hope so because I was all ready to pull out all of the boys shorts and put up their winter clothes.
from emeraldtiger :
hey there--i just found your diary today through another buddy. i think i'm going to start reading you from the beginning. your diary is super cute! so i'm going to link to you as a favorite and enjoy catching up on your writing!
from jason75 :
is weird cos I too am reigning Mr teenie weenie Bikini
from jason75 :
nothing could be as bad as the papercuts on jackass.. man I felt that! I dont think you have added me! you dont show up
from jason75 :
I think you need to sue your students or run some classes on corks and where to place them... your tag board hates me
from cynedra :
My nephew who is now 9 1/2 swears to this day that there was a lepruchan in his classroom several years ago. He and his classmates even claim to have seen it. Hopefully, your students will remember it as well as he does.
from yvette18 :
thank you for signing my guestbook. Oh Duaine is this guy I Have been talking to for four months. I met him on the internet. He's cool. He's older than me but I dont care. He is 25 and I'm 20
from seamonsta :
Wow, crazy. I am beginning to think diaryland is one big incestuous community! Do people make innuendos all the time revolving around your username? I am curious. Keep writing- it's hootilicious and today's was boobilicious. Gotta say no to bud though.
from agoatnamedaz :
I think it's funny how much thought you put into a muppet. I really couldn't tell you if he's a puppet or some guy in a costume. I would have told you neither when I was 7. Maybe you shouldn't find out. You'd never be able to look at him the same way.
from amishboy :
Thought I would drop you a line here. Your diary is a hoot! So - you don't like cottage cheese huh? You know, my dad is a cottage cheese farmer...

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