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from flimsay11 :
so last night. im watching jeopardy with my friends. and the final question had something to do with that book 'the jungle' so i'm all "i know. i know! I KNOW!!! it's UPTOWN SINCLAIR!!!" hahahaha. my friends were like where the hell did you get 'uptown' from? idk. just thought id share.
from karmacops :
from doghigh :
Oh yes...I saw your friend, Mike Albo, at the HOWL festival...he was a gas...LOVED the whole J-Lo cell phone fact I continually walk around saying "Yeah, yeah" in my best assistant/thug voice, to the annoyance of all those around me.
from mister-ed :
thought i'd better represent the "the smiths make we want to fucking vomit piss" side of the argument, in the interests of political balance. the songs they play make my ears suicidal.
from aemokidcries :
the smiths kick ass. you should check out death cab for cutie`s remake of ``this charming man`` it`s quite good.
from astro-vamps :
the smiths rock. you rock. your diary rocks. i rock. *dances*
from jessie02 :
Elvis Costello is in the rock n roll hall of fame?? Awe, that makes me happy:) AC/DC deserves it as well..... I love your diary!
from ourhours :
your diary is grade A and i just thought i'd let you know. also, morrisey is one of my fave's because they made something from nothing - and i'm also damn jealous that you have a successful rock band, but you props!
from sunnflower :
David Sedaris is hysterical and so are you. I love your chicken clock story because I believe in buying silly clocks as well. Good choice.
from jessie02 :
I say you grill the clock and feed it to your dog...or someone else's dog (that part doesnt really matter so much as the actual grilling of the chicken...see where I am going w/ this?) Oh heavens, I quit. But as always, wonderful entry!
from feio :
I think Morrissey is the man too. Uptown Sinclair? Must check this band out.
from arianstar :
you are funny ,, if i smile when i read that --is what i classify as funny..not some.."ohmigod a boy called me diary"..real funny shit ..
from iseemonsters :
dude, i have met brad rice before. he's out of the ballpark cool. and tall. i'm determined to become a member of the pinkhearts one day. so where did you go on this train???
from geekinitup :
Let's be best friends.
from evangeliona :
hehehehe, you make me laugh quite a bit, thanx, I enjoy your diary!
from jstorey :
Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha.
from christa02 :
i read your entry on listening to other ppl's convos on cell phones-hilarious! where DO you get your sense of humor? :) take care and happy writing....
from iseemonsters :
um, can i have your babies? please? dude, which brad from the pinkhearts do you know?? P. or rice? and i worship my minnesotan bands. paul westerburg is my hero + 7. umm...that's all. wait, no it's not. i love uptown sinclair. now that's all. peace.
from anticrew :
whaddya mean you couldn't "sleep" for 2 days after watching Last Exit...Dude, I fucking read that Selby book and my mind is totally toxic because of him.
from aemokidcries :
i think i might have clicked on one of your banners at one point.. but i quite enjoy reading your diary.. it`s very much on the amusing/funny side.. i checked out your band as well.. you`ve got some good stuff..
from testify :
Hey, happy new thing!
from dura-luxe :
I clicked on your banner.
from ursaminor2 :
Just bouncing around diaryland, checked ya out. Thought I would say hey from one fellow singer/musician to another..its like the fellowship of the ring ....but not...we gotta stick together.
from yourstar-14 :
Ted Danson bloody rocks, as do banannas.
from leggyblond :
i like the idea of remembering phone numbers and all that, but watch it you! you've got to take care to not use too many exclamation marks. if it wasn't for all the people in the world who don't use any, you'd be causing a world shortage. in other news... (i like that bit. and you always say it in every diary, thats cool.) [go have a look at my diary then won't you!] the smiths rock, at the minute my favourite smiths song is nowhere fast. and there is a light that never goes out. and handsome devil. and girl afraid. and hand in glove. and please please please let me get what i want. and unloveable.
from headmess :
I read this book a long time ago...can't recall the title or anything like that but it really tripped me out...Your cell phone problem brought it all back for me...the main character started noticing that people were ignoring him from time to kept getting worse. His parents kept forgetting him and suddenly he couldnt pick things up, he couldnt eat things, nothing because he was becoming...not there...KWIM? Soon wound up living in a void where he met two other people that lived in this void..and they had to search for objects that existed only in that void to in order to this orange...weird, HUH? He just disappeared, like he ceased to have EVER existed...that would suck
from crapstein :
Yeah... That's what momma needed
from bananahamok :
i'm half mexican and i was really offended by your last entry...just kidding :) i chuckled, a lot. i've only read that one but it was funny...que the joy.
from caithalia :
i ordered a tshirt/CD package a million billion years ago from your site. where's my schtuff?!? i like peas.
from twitchygeek :
i'm too sleepy to be articulate. thanks for making me giggle. i'll be back for more.
from asteroidbelt :
1/4 canadian? please explain.
from ferjitsu :
Your diary is fantabulous and also Dave is a very rock name though Davo is more mullet and also the name of my dog who i found coming home from the pub one night. ok i can't leave an epic note because i have never met your bread before aren't you lucky. ok it is late goodnight.
from anx :
Your diary is fantastic - interesting reading. Not that I understand any of it. Heh...
from dropthebomb :
You live in Cleveland, eh? I'm about an hour away from you (Canton).
from deathcake :
dude, june=mercury lounge=i'm so THERE!!!! can't-wait-ily, deathie
from niccaliciouz :
Hmph. Kool.
from oneder412 :
you are the best rock star
from deathcake :
bite me. also, there is a weekly boobie thread on and, in closing, biiiite meeee!
from sad-disease :
I can tell that you have the makings for d-land popularity. Fuck you.
from lisamac :
i didn't know what to write, but now i totally do...hey there! welcome to the old97sfans diaryring. are you a, b or c? i know those were pretty rigid assumptions, but i'm a little of all of the above, except for the over 30 part. and i'm only a wannabe music snob. too bad i never make it out to ohio b/c i bet your band fucking rocks. i will be sure and hug someone and grab their ass today. xoxo, lisa
from steviek :
hey there--welcome to the wilco diaryring! btw--ohio rocks. (my fiance is from dayton).

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