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from darkbeans :
leave me an email address so i can let u know when i update trip blog! : )
from icyjewel :
Hi Dawn, just wanted to let you know that this is my new place. :)
from rhidundantx2 :
Sheesh. Hiding the email addy from the stupid people like me? Fine, I will post public. I never comment on your journal...I think its too complicated figuring out the complex window thingy with avatars on the left...but today you had me cracking up. I swerve to avoid leaves...and everytime I pass a trash bag on the road. a big part of me wants to stop and make sure there arent a litter of kittens or a baby inside. I have issues... Anyway, being almost neighbors and all I love reading about the "rednecks" and local stuff...wanna meet at Slinky's and play laser tag? Hehe. Anyway, you rock. Thats the point of this. Thanks for letting me lurk everyday for months. See ya~
from darkbeans :
i'm happy you like pics. : )
from xraygurl :
Ahh..the first lyric is easy. "Never There" by of my faves!
from webmiztris :
lol - that is funny. :) I fix it. ;)
from bigpimpinmba :
Hey... Jumped over here from Rhi. I was reading your 100 list and it said, "65. My have an IQ of 131." I don't mean to be poking too much fun, but I find that too damn funny to leave uncommented on!
from xraygurl :
Love the hair!!! You sexy siren!!!
from vickithecute :
Hey, I just had to lock my diary (temporarily, I hope) bcs a coworker of mine got access to it. It's still open to all dlanders though...the user name is vicki and the password is cute
from xraygurl :
Love the face transformation!!!
from xraygurl :
I wanna see someone die on Survivor,too!!! Does that make us evil? I don't understand that show at all.
from completeliar :
i just love icecream chocolate whip cream strawberry pie
from mrgrey :
"Funny how you don't see NON-Bible bangers pushing their beliefs on anyone." I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes after reading that. Thanks, I needed a good laugh. I take it that you are now going to remove the "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry" button off your web page.
from chicksreview :
your review is up! sorry about the wait.
from dukkha-tanha :
I stumbled upon your blog through UB's comments--so glad I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my faves--stop by mine, I think you might enjoy my refreshing views! =)
from ensie :
Are you going comment free on your new layout? I like it, by the way. :)
from goddesskiki :
Hi! I came across your site through Julie's blog. It's one of the best blogs I've seen. Thanks for the entertainment, I'll definitely be back!
from pipersplace :
Thanks for adding me as a favorite. I've been reading yours too and like what I see. I'll have to add you to my favorites.
from pipersplace :
Hey, girl. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the entry (no pun intended).
from swingerdiary :
Hey there.... is the link to read my bday present entry. :-)
from violetwoman :
Hi Dawn, thanks for your response re: the Halloween outfit. Age is a state of mind, tis true. I, too, won two Halloween contests several years ago, both times with my g/f-dressed as dominatrixes one year and the other time as two sexy space aliens. Those were the days. However, my g/f has moved away and I have no-one to dance with any more-so sad. Add to that a SLIGHT weight gain....sigh. Say, you'd have liked my party dresses. You'd fit into them no problem, you slim girly you. I did see pics of you and your mom--looks like you two have such fun together and she does look great. Make sure you post pics of you in that crazy harem outfit!
from ensie :
I noticed someone new added me to their favorites and hey--it's you! I checked out your blog and I'm heading to my profile to add you to my favorites, too. Love your Family Planning story. I hate dealing with stupid people on a daily basis. I find I have less and less tolerance for them.
from pizzelle :
Hey, WHAT'S UP. I loved your most recent entry (fat chicks) and I appreciated it. I am not "skinny" by any stretch of the imagination, but I've always hated it when women who are overweight call thin girls "anorexic" or "size -5" and "skeletons". It's not politically correct to mention the fat of a fat person's fatness, but it's totally P.C. to make fun of people who...take care of their bodies? I'm confused. It's one of my favorite double standards, thank you for mentioning it!

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