and now for something completely different

two words: fuh. reak.

My favorite diaries:

ortugatay profile - diary
comments: oh, mollface
maggimus profile - diary
comments: oh, magface
wonderbrando profile - diary
comments: they call him brando. well, me too.
sunoftheskye profile - diary
comments: don't blame me. i'm just his dealer.
mizugama profile - diary
comments: deniiise i miss you!
hymielee profile - diary
comments: hym... there are no words
g-ecko profile - diary
comments: taking a stand for brittanys EVERYWHERE
mirm profile - diary
comments: luff. so much luff.
lesthanjill profile - diary
comments: very much on the same page
belong profile - diary
comments: the *good* kind of poetry
ripplingwave profile - diary
comments: nicoooole... so much more than my middle name
katwalk profile - diary
comments: she carries a lighting wrench on her keychain.... i don't
brianbf1986 profile - diary
comments: will not call him bubba...always brian, as it should be
briemous profile - diary
comments: ::pride:: *i* came up with that
megaboogurl profile - diary
comments: guilty of housing squatters
brokenwords- profile - diary
comments: the red-ripe dripping words on stark white... i quite approve
losttovarich profile - diary
comments: his full name: damnyoujasonkleponis
sunkissed313 profile - diary
comments: lauren! i FOUND you!
dramageek04 profile - diary
comments: babe, you're my soul
harlequin530 profile - diary
comments: stiiiiiiiiinaaa...
girlreview profile - diary
comments: i achieved a new level of dorkdom. that's okay i like it here.
mpudifoot profile - diary
comments: one of the Original Three and fellow -fest operator
yo-bitch profile - diary
comments: i like it it's neet. and i forgot to add her sooner. forgive me.

My favorite music:

Flogging Molly
comments: a hole in that rock, like the one in my soul
Jimmy Eat World
comments: sign up it's a picket line or parade
Modest Mouse
comments: and we were laughing at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground
Rilo Kiley
comments: rob says you love love love, then you die
60s and 70s rock
comments: just in general

My favorite movies:

The Rules of Attraction
comments: greatest movie of all time. no really.
The Little Mermaid
comments: i would watch it every day if i could.
The Boondock Saints
comments: do i really have to explain myself for this one? no. i don't think i do.
Fight Club
comments: another one i don't need to explain. kickass. amazing directing. amazing writing. etcetera.
comments: they rarely go wrong

My favorite authors:

Jack Kerouac
comments: god i love this man
Bret Easton Ellis
comments: oh, disillusionment. how you plague me.
Terry Pratchett
comments: social commentary through dwarves and wizards. as it should be done.
Jonathan Lethem
comments: the most accurate portrayal of tourette's i have ever come across. i love you.
Everything Else that's Good
comments: ::reads back of shampoo bottle:: hmm, isobutylparaben. nice.

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