Coming to my senses...

My favorite diaries:

usb-port profile - diary
comments: attention is the only form of flattery.
over-rated profile - diary
comments: self-worth is a peculiar thing.
fuck--that profile - diary
comments: You have to choose to be happy. It's that simple.
forget--hope profile - diary
comments: i think the only thing keeping me in existence is the fact that i'm imploding and exploding at the same time.
secret-motel profile - diary
comments: Baby, I'm a sunset going down. Darling, I'm a sunset. Burning all alone.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: As a rule, I am highly suspicious of enthusiasm. Overly eager or fervent individuals fill me with distrust and unease. I find their near-manic chipperness vaguely threatening.
moonsocket profile - diary
comments: i wore my inside shoes out.
greenteacup profile - diary
comments: I want you to read me like a book so I won't have to tell you myself.
erases profile - diary
comments: ♪♪♫♫♪♫
fuck-- profile - diary
comments: Fuck harboring doubt.
avantbedroc profile - diary
comments: if only a giant had picked me up out of the maze and turned me 45degrees every day before i made my worst decisions
monkeybeast profile - diary
officehours profile - diary
thisisjohn profile - diary
loz-er profile - diary
notunique profile - diary
comments: Stop trying to keep track of what a relationship is and just have one.
opposure profile - diary
Poetinthesky profile - diary

My favorite music:

neko case
comments: bob dylan
modest mouse
comments: the decemberists
comments: radiohead
pearl jam
comments: smashing pumpkins
phillip glass
comments: beethoven

My favorite movies:

before sunset
comments: amelie
bridget jones' diary
comments: legally blonde
little big man
comments: lord of the rings
kill bill
comments: kung fu hustle
28 days later
comments: children of men

My favorite authors:

virginia woolf
chuck palahniuk
j.d. salinger
tom robbins
kurt vonnegut

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