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Divorced now and life is resuming, I am rebuilding myself and my life and doing well. Stay tuned for more changes. I really need to spend more time with the basic diary bones and add a bunch of friends, sorry I have been lazy.

My favorite diaries:

Stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  My sister from another mother, now deceased. RIP my sister.
Wordwhore    profile - diary
comments:  A good friend, almost a SFAM, we share commonalities in our marriages and think alike many times.
Jimbos Taxi    profile - diary
comments:  A brother in arms...
lust-    profile - diary
comments:  Sensual and struggling like all of us
Catsoul    profile - diary
comments:  Started reading because of the name, now I am hooked
VxXen    profile - diary
comments:  She's bad-ass, but she could be my stepdaughter
Dangerspouse    profile - diary
comments:  A brother in the kitchen and...
gr8legs    profile - diary
comments:  Spiritual and fun. A thinker
Jarofporter    profile - diary
aryssa90    profile - diary
Fishnets666    profile - diary
comments:  The one from way back, who inspired me to start my own diary
Space1    profile - diary
comments:  Space1
gr8chick    profile - diary
comments:  One grrrr8t chick... A pal Hey, share more recipes with me, would you?
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  My personal warrior and sometime medical advisor...
sexonatable    profile - diary
comments:  Back to writing
Nerddette    profile - diary
comments:  Reminds me of a friend. A good one and I miss her.
Space2    profile - diary
comments:  Space2
nicim    profile - diary
comments:  Fucking awesome. What I have read took me back, way back...
Krugerpak007    profile - diary
comments:  Kathy is not the Kathy I dated. She is more of the Kathy I wanted!!!
Amalthea23    profile - diary
comments:  A good friend and advisor
GodTime    profile - diary
comments:  She's on a spiritual journey. No update since 2011
janetplnetoc    profile - diary
comments:  Last updated in 2009
juli-anne    profile - diary
blindessence    profile - diary
after-    profile - diary
Chillier    profile - diary
icyjewel    profile - diary
vibinghigh    profile - diary
smedindy    profile - diary
comments:  Our resident music expert
enigma1111    profile - diary
comments:  Another fine lover of women
Sxy38inga    profile - diary
comments:  She left and I wish her well with her life and marriage struggles!
somstar    profile - diary
coldandgray    profile - diary
Pocket-Pool    profile - diary
hadassah    profile - diary
Wordwhore    profile - diary
journalmine    profile - diary
comments:  I am trying to remember...
Ponfarr    profile - diary
somewhat-ok    profile - diary
comments:  One person I care about (her welfare), don't personally know and
Sashasecrets    profile - diary
comments:  Sexy...
lasweetthing    profile - diary
comments:  Change is coming for her...
Sensualistic    profile - diary
Michellemort    profile - diary
comments:  Stumbled on the diary and want to
gr8legs    profile - diary
comments:  Spiritual...
glorycloud    profile - diary
comments:  New Jersey
Nutmegger    profile - diary
comments:  Yeah!
Jimbostaxi    profile - diary
comments:  Lives near where I used to live!
Lust-    profile - diary
PeggyPenny    profile - diary
x-centricity    profile - diary
comments:  Gives me a nudge from time to time!, we've read each other for a long time.
Chickpea981    profile - diary
comments:  A pretty girl with a dynomite mind & damn cool diary!!! Gifted me my T&W template
hexychick    profile - diary
Pinkbowshoe    profile - diary
comments:  Who can resist a pink bow???
dvacowgirl    profile - diary
comments:  Divas are great!, Red headed red necks are even greater...
dvacowgirl    profile - diary
comments:  A bad ass red haired red neck. I now visit her on Twitter
hexychick    profile - diary
comments:  hard to describe. I care for her and she kicks my ass over stuff... but still, I love her
torchstar    profile - diary
comments:  A bright shimmering light... and a hell of an artist
srch4balance    profile - diary
comments:  Someone a bit closer to my age with marriage struggles too

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