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Shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings...

Everything in my life of late has been 'out of left field.' I never thought I'd be doing this and this and that...

My favorite diaries:

nacwolin    profile - diary
comments:  My wonderful American friend!
marlen816    profile - diary
comments:  She's fun, feisty and fabulous
cleanstart    profile - diary
comments:  Her entries are always friendly and inspiring
paigexr    profile - diary
comments:  Such a sweet spirit
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  Gifted writer.
brile    profile - diary
comments:  Inspirational mother...and she's pregnant again!
sheepdip    profile - diary
comments:  A London girl; honest, real and with a heart for God
godsong    profile - diary
comments:  Passionate, godly and just a dear person!
sonshinegirl    profile - diary
comments:  I so relate to other teachers' diaries...
redshoegirl    profile - diary
comments:  Courageous, strong and lovely.
janie12975    profile - diary
comments:  Experiencing the wonders of a new life
pooh67    profile - diary
comments:  Sparkly, funny and back in the U.S.
hsing-mom    profile - diary
comments:  She loves Pride and Prejudice. What more is there to say?
danddteacher    profile - diary
comments:  Exuberant, full of life and finding her way.
marn    profile - diary
comments:  She makes the coffee come out of my nose.
mitfordgal    profile - diary
comments:  Hardly ever see her anymore..
nuntobe    profile - diary
comments:  Where'd she go?!
alicesbaby    profile - diary
comments:  Delightful, sweet, enthusiatic mother.
being-katie    profile - diary
brdwaybebe    profile - diary
woodswaif    profile - diary
amedee    profile - diary
opalanne    profile - diary
starlight42    profile - diary
comments:  About to be married! Very exciting.
mildchild    profile - diary
robinlee    profile - diary
pjammies    profile - diary
yvette18    profile - diary
supermom3604    profile - diary
chubbychic    profile - diary
harri3tspy    profile - diary
weetabix    profile - diary
h2ophobic    profile - diary
arthursmummy    profile - diary
becahh    profile - diary
comments:  Another wonderful Mitford buddy.
rachel1001    profile - diary
comments:  The List is becoming completed.

My favorite music:

comments:  Love this worship music. Changing the way we worship around the world.
comments:  Newly discovered, awesome worship!
comments:  One of my favourite bands from way back.
Cafe del Mar
comments:  The funky sounds will forever remind me of that cafe in Cambodia
comments:  Kind of into this at the moment. Lazy Sunday afternoons.

My favorite movies:

The Princess Bride
comments:  LOVE this film! Must have seen it 20 times.
True Lies
comments:  Seen this one heaps, always laugh!
Shakespeare in Love
comments:  Love the language, the humour, the poetry.

My favorite authors:

Jan Karon
comments:  A truly inspiring author, to be read over and over.
CS Lewis
comments:  How many times have I read the Narnia series?
Oswald Chambers
comments:  A daily encouragement, challenge and exhortation. Powerful stuff.
Tim Winton
comments:  A gifted Western Australian author. Just wish he'd be a bit less crude!
Cindy Jacobs
comments:  Her writing has impacted my walk with God tremendously.

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