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chicknamedal: rants & rambles

likes: computers, cross sums, fractals, reading, kids, cats, dogs, dragonflies, sarcastic humor, sleeping, my sister, my 2 best friends for the past 20 years, stupid movies, beer, cartoons, anime

dislikes:lack of funds, sneezing for 15+ minutes straight, whining, lying, waking up late, having to rush around, kids who play in the walkway and get mad when you inform them that is not an acceptable place, rudeness, the general lack of consideration people have for each other in this world -- the little things count, people!

Yeah, I'm a control freak. I admit it. And I am the Queen Bitch. Oh, and I know the difference between "nice" and "polite". As long as one is polite, one need not be nice. I am usually polite and not usually nice. Unless I'm in the mood. Or if I like you. Or if it's in my best interest.



My favorite diaries:

porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  hysterical. sarcastic. the kind of guy I like to hang with.
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catpewk    profile - diary
comments:  Sarcasm, wit, a love for his family. What else do you need?
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comments:  Acerbic. Hysterically so.
goewin    profile - diary
comments:  Gone. Finito. Hope she's still alive...
chailife    profile - diary
comments:  Were my school librarians this great in their real lives?
mommylap    profile - diary
comments:  Another soap opera life, never dull.
pennyjar    profile - diary
comments:  A kindred spirit. a woman after my own heart. I love her writing!
inkdragon    profile - diary
comments:  A strong woman.
floyd-man    profile - diary
comments:  A very interesting young man with humor and style. "I think perfection is all around us, it is just our expectations that get in the way of us seeing it."
son-shade    profile - diary
comments:  I haven't gotta clue what to say...but I HAVE to read this dude!
diaryquotes    profile - diary
comments:  A must read.
myexodus    profile - diary
comments:  So very glad to see the new edition. Woohoo! A kindred kooky bitch...
polly-esther    profile - diary
comments:  A true journalist. Check out her articles re: child hookers.
grimm0826    profile - diary
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im2evil4u    profile - diary
comments:  The "Axe". I just love this woman.
virgielove    profile - diary
dinosaurorgy    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ozzy Osbourne
Most '80's Music
comments:  Like, totally! The New Wavier, the better.

My favorite movies:

Better Off Dead
comments:  John Cusack. The 80's. "I want my $2.00!" 'Nuff said.
Pirates of the Carribean
comments:  Johnny Depp as a rogue, scoundrel and good man. Mmmhmmm! Swashbuckling action film with relatively in depth plot (for a brain twinky movie) and humor. Love the humor. Love movies that are pure entertainment. Pure unadulterated fun.

My favorite authors:

Piers Anthony
Douglas Adams
comments:  I need more.

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