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I got a little something for everyone here. Single mom talk, a cast that includes a (recovering) crack-addict ex and his wacky Russian wife..ennui, pop culture name it. I am the mother of 3, parent to 2 since I gave up a baby for adoption April of 2003. I started this diary schtick to remember what it was like to talk with others. I think I've got the hang of it again.

My favorite diaries:

plopphizz profile - diary
comments: One minute was enough, Ploppy said, a person had to work hard for it, but a minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection. No one will ever make you turn your head the way that he will.
saru-san profile - diary
comments: I love saru's diary only second to hanging out with saru in other diarys' comment sections. Which is a lie. Right now, I love sarusan's diary more than ANYTHING. Why aren't you reading it RIGHT NOW?
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: The mother most likely to hide a gun in her box of Kaboom cereal
media1001 profile - diary
comments: Inspiration ploppy be thy name..this is my favorite diary to read right now.
serapay profile - diary
comments: She's creative with the words and the pictures, but it doesn't turn into comic books. She's my everything in the absence of plopphizz
chicknamedal profile - diary
bonypony profile - diary
comments: He's my tastemaker. I feel like he's a long lost cousin that I never met before. A perfect afternoon would be getting to go through his records.
hubbabub profile - diary
comments: A well packaged woman so quietly amazing that I'm sure she doesn't realize the ramifications. But she'd laugh at "ramification" like a double entendre, and she also laughs in the face of consequen
beautifulwoe profile - diary
comments: light itself is sometimes described as beautiful, woe to be the neglected....
onewetleg profile - diary
comments: OWL has heart, wit, and strength. She is also random, and funny and exactly who I wish lived next door. And she's a GREAT photographer.
themark profile - diary
comments: I am smitten. Which isn't a good enough plug.
ursamajor profile - diary
comments: totally inspiring and funny. She calls the dad from "Grounded for Life" her TV boyfriend and what could be cooler than that?
rdhdprincess profile - diary
comments: Who could be nicer, warmer, more generous or sexy than the Redheaded Princess? Who could be a better shopping buddy? Ella Bella will be the luckiest baby in the woooorld.
captvfirefly profile - diary
comments: Oh somehow she's fargahar, hubbabub, and the princess all mixed together. I am definitely nominating her for the titsy brigade. In a perfect world she could be a bridesmaid at my wedding someday- in a great dress though..
im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: She's very wry. You must all know I respond to matter-of-fact hilarity. Staten Island rocks!
trancejen profile - diary
comments: I don't believe that the majority of web geeks are kids. The majority of web geeks are bored stay-at-home moms.
juddhole profile - diary
comments: He started off being the loud guy in the back row, and then he found love and it's insta-daddyman.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: There are no words to describe the allure that is weetabix
dinosaurorgy profile - diary
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: i would invite kitten to every party I might ever have. I don't know that she'd attend, but it's the thought that counts...
smartypants profile - diary
comments: I worried that I somehow did not fit some imagined role of "mother," and then (slowly) I began to think Oh Fuck It and that maybe I could invent the role as I played the game. Which I am doing. With some degree of success.
westyrex profile - diary
comments: We giggle, yet nothing is very funny when your legs unravel.
heelandlass profile - diary
comments: She dreamt of me!
iustitia profile - diary
comments: I read her all the time, and can't believe I am just adding her (better comment to come)
sullivan40 profile - diary
comments: I am perfectly willing to act politically from my gut and look here for the intellectual backup (and links to the articles proving it) for my actions. Plus he has a healthy respect for Husker Du
trousersnake profile - diary
comments: He's all but perfect really. Cool cars, sideburns, waffle house stories and an affection for Fitzgerald. The living in CA is the only flaw really.
hairburner profile - diary
comments: I've been such a lazy ass just reading her from another of my favorites..keeping her secret or something. DUH.
fargahar profile - diary
comments: I can't even imagine a diaryland without fargahar. Composer of my theme song "The Mommylap Rap" -kickassssss...
meine-kleine profile - diary
comments: adorable. plus she called me "a wonderful and loved diaryland personality" in alphabetical order.
reynedecoupe profile - diary
comments: plucky much?
legalbeagle profile - diary
comments: My oldest coolest friend. In highschool we'd write notes (scriptlike) featuring our exploits with famous people we don't actually know, and some we did. Her diary is as fun to read as they were. Maybe since she's finished with "law s
sheisdancing profile - diary
comments: haplyfugly. What else can I say?
mom-on-roof profile - diary
comments: She's diaryland's best. Plain and simple. And she does so without all that messy "trying"
devian profile - diary
comments: I don't know how my boy dropped off my list, but I must have my devian!!
smedindy profile - diary
comments: Smed, was there life before smedindy? He's the Dave Barry of diaryland, and is a music totalarian. Which I made up I think.
akkelly profile - diary
comments: She took me boating. Boating!
quoted profile - diary
discothekid profile - diary
comments: Right after I read disco's diary for the first time ever "Trash" by the New York Dolls started.... "how do you call your loverboy?" He's gone, not forgotten
beulahbondo profile - diary
comments: she did for me what I apparently do for others, made me love her forever after posting a single comment
dandydandy profile - diary
comments: I feel like she's a most specialist club member that's smart enough to read both coffee grind AND plopphizz. Y'know, like I am.
sixelasauce: profile - diary
comments: New find. Mommy to many cutie girls!!
cariboutwo profile - diary
comments: I totally love her name!
woeknowsbest profile - diary
comments: Do I love anyone better than woe, I don't think so,it's a love that does grow
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: Who could be cooler? I am at a loss..
artgnome profile - diary
nprmommy profile - diary
mopeycritic profile - diary
comments: my tastemaker
coffeegrind profile - diary
irreverent1 profile - diary
irisheyes70 profile - diary
comments: One of her sons is called Xander- and she has a Marilyn template!
galaxy profile - diary
comments: just in case she ever emerges
pennyjar profile - diary
comments: she made a suweet joke about my Syrocco cocks, and so I love her.
missdahling profile - diary
comments: I'm still exploring her archives...

My favorite music:

the twitty/stevens connection
comments: entirely fictional, yet perfect pop. I think that everything was written by Mark Mothersbaugh because he did the music for the wrap show of Even Stevens. Regardless The Twitty/Stevens Connection are the perfect band.
comments: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot actually made my depression worse, but it was worth listening to it anyway. Jeff Tweedy is spying on my heart.
Phantom Planet
comments: The Guest was filled with songs about depression that were upbeat and happy sounding. Phantom Planet is a cure for what ails me. Drummer Jason Schwartman channels (and looks) like Keith Moon onstage. They are total cutieboys but in a good way.
Rodgers & Hart
comments: Okay- they are not a band, but they wrote so many genius songs they must be noted. Larry Hart was a sad, wistful, wickedly funny drunken man. Richard Rodgers? Well he lived two lives- one as the role model in his partnership with Hart, and he was t

My favorite movies:

As The World Turns
comments: they don't have a spot for TV soaps you've watched your whole life. Learn a lesson in story tag. Learn the difference between character-driven stories and plot-driven stories. Learn to love Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney.
comments: "you're so money and you don't even know it" -Jon Favreau is my dream walking.
Office Space
comments: Damn it feels good to be a ganster.
Grace of My Heart
comments: Such a great movie about a girl who wanted to sing and write songs.
The Mexican
comments: This movie gets to the core of the meaning of being in a relationship. The guys' answer is the right one this time.

My favorite authors:

Kaye Gibbons
comments: Great stories about daughters reflecting on life with their mothers. (or in some cases without their mothers). Charms for the Easy Life and Sights Unseen are my faves.
Willa Cather
comments: Talk about survival. The Song of the Lark - great insight into what it takes to be a true artist. My Antonia and O' Pioneers- bleak can be beautiful.
Edith Wharton
comments: She really understands what romantic is. It's deprivation and sacrifice. The Age of Innocence.
Louis Sachar
comments: Holes. "You and your family will be cursed for always and eternity." Everything ties together to my cosmic satisfaction with the best pacing I've ever seen. Genuis. "If only, if only the woodpecker cries/the bark on the tree was as
Jennifer Weiner
comments: After I read Little Earthquakes I had to let her steal Fanny Flagg's place.

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