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The Next Part

Took losing everything to realize I didn't want it anyway. Today what I have can never be lost and is exactly what I want.

My favorite diaries:

TOO MANY    profile - diary
comments:  there's a bunch I read now and I'm too lazy to add them all in. If you're not here, know I adore you anyhow.
life-my-way    profile - diary
comments:  genetic freak chickens, worm ranching, brilliant turns of phrase...delicious!
anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  is it possible to be a mom and not lose one's mind?
batten    profile - diary
comments:  gotta love a chick who rows her own boat
jenne1017    profile - diary
comments:  yum
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  mother of the Sparkle Queen and a damned gutsy broad herself.
devilsdealer    profile - diary
comments:  goes to the bone yet keeps the heart
thatgrrrl    profile - diary
comments:  another JC gem
cosmicrayola    profile - diary
comments:  taste the rainbow
vividdreamer    profile - diary
comments:   vivid writing too
h2odragon    profile - diary
comments:  fire and water....steamy!
killsbury    profile - diary
comments:  new digs for the goddess of articulation
crowbelle    profile - diary
comments:  another additoon that took me too long
bettyalready    profile - diary
comments:  followed her banner in and never wanted to leave
red-wine    profile - diary
comments:  my cyber adopted daughter
bathtubmary    profile - diary
comments:   red's life in 3-part harmony
groupie94    profile - diary
comments:  if MY mom had been 1/10th as cool or as kind as Lana, I'd be a whole different (and better) person.
zen-grae    profile - diary
comments:  another birdie woman, I'm glad to be part of her flock
debsiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  deb manages to see and appreciate the little things while moving at warp speed.
justmouse    profile - diary
comments:  what IS it with these wonderful Canadians? We Yanks need to take notes.
bastion    profile - diary
comments:  THE coolest dude in D-land. No lie.
anabels    profile - diary
comments:  took too long to add her! Shame on me.
biensoul    profile - diary
comments:  never had a teacher this cool, never never never
outfoxed    profile - diary
comments:  man with words! yay!
yamaa    profile - diary
comments:  I think we might be the same person
chailife    profile - diary
comments:  one of the saints on Earth-a librarian
greenwitch    profile - diary
comments:  well...duh!
skibigsky    profile - diary
comments:  we share so many folks, why not each other?
thecrankyone    profile - diary
comments:  because who doesn't need some cranky?
prolifique    profile - diary
comments:   the chameleon
bluecharis    profile - diary
comments:  priceless
mare-ingenii    profile - diary
comments:  how could I not love someone with such wonderful taste in shoes?
awittykitty    profile - diary
comments:  the name is self-explanitory, sillies
joiedv    profile - diary
comments:  another wise and witty mom spanning the generations like me
yaketyyak    profile - diary
comments:  Another poor victim of the Diary-X Disaster. Delighted she's here now though.
gopheroo    profile - diary
comments:  damn honest writing
poolagirl    profile - diary
comments:  kindness, piracy and giggles in equal measures
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  do I have to say anything?
suzannadanna    profile - diary
comments:  because there can't ever be enough gorgeous neurotic women around here
my5cents    profile - diary
comments:  giggle-rific
kungfukitten    profile - diary
mutantdragon    profile - diary
singledadguy    profile - diary
comments:  duh, rather self-explanatory.
hilthethrill    profile - diary
chaosdaily    profile - diary
dharmabum    profile - diary
edbighead    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  Sweet, evocative love songs without the gag factor.
comments:  Axl Rose is a miserable human being with the voice of a whiskey angel
comments:  Bad Moon Rising- the best driving song in the universe!
comments:  These guys are a friggin' hoot!
Aretha Franklin
comments:  When you get to Heaven you'll discover that the voice of God is Aretha. (I knew this already)

My favorite movies:

The Wizard of Oz
comments:  Seen it 68 times and haven't tired of it yet!
Shirley Valentine
comments:  How can one resist a woman who talks to walls?
The Lost Boys
comments:  cool ass teenage vampires! ahhhh bliss...Kiefer, if you're in the neighborhood c'mon by.
An American Werewolf in London
comments:  advice from a dead friend in a Piccadilly porn theatre, you need more?
Private Benjamin
comments:  'I don't want to be in the army! I want to wear sandals! I want to go to lunch!'

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments:  How empty my life would have been without him!
Christopher Moore
comments:  demons, cargo cults, stoners- leaves Douglas Adams in the shade
comments:  The undiscovered mistress of the homefront.
Start with...
comments:  The Library of Congress and build from there, total book junkie...okay???

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