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being a grown-up is hard.

My favorite diaries:

virginmary    profile - diary
comments:  my hero who makes choices. i doublelove vm.
theshivers    profile - diary
comments:  i am her groupie. you are jealous. i love her to death.
oltremare    profile - diary
comments:  somehow, she is me. always i'm nodding my head when i'm reading her.
blueeyesblue    profile - diary
comments:  a fantastic writer, a genius, a great advice-giver.
polly-esther    profile - diary
comments:  rock-star journalist. looove her.
boynurse    profile - diary
comments:  we were best friends in another life.
bejaluna    profile - diary
comments:  who wouldn't love the conga?
reddirtgirl    profile - diary
comments:  instant likeability
gerkat    profile - diary
comments:  super-cool darling near and dear; wicked sassy
allmadhere    profile - diary
comments:  we're all mad.
soapboxdiner    profile - diary
comments:  listen up.
e-voice    profile - diary
comments:  super-smart stuff.
sixweasels    profile - diary
comments:  good dose of reality. real living.
ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  makes me laugh til my stomach hurts
soupstain    profile - diary
comments:  britspeak, when he shows up.
bluefrog    profile - diary
comments:  hold onto 16 as long as you can...
ikss    profile - diary
comments:  very compelling mind vomit.
myra-lee    profile - diary
comments:  how darling. makes me giggle regularly.
mrs-roboto    profile - diary
comments:  you can't resist her. i dare you to try. no, just go read.
brickpit    profile - diary
comments:  very funny.
dearedwin    profile - diary
comments:  even though i almost got lumped with republicans, i'm interested... ;)
doublew    profile - diary
comments:  the endearing, grumpy one.
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  she speaks for herself.
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  more more funny.
dharmaqueen    profile - diary
comments:  oh yeah. sign me up.
oldhippie    profile - diary
comments:  searching for that one thing...
cherrrybomb    profile - diary
comments:  sassy. we're starting a band. you're going to want us.
heidiann    profile - diary
comments:  searching for joy
heckafresh    profile - diary
comments:  funny, bush-ranting, smart. heckafresh is right.
cptninternet    profile - diary
comments:  oh so brilliant and funny. and real.
katress    profile - diary
comments:  kats unite.
rachelliz    profile - diary
comments:  i'm just getting to her
headinthesky    profile - diary
comments:  the mentoree...
ashnohand    profile - diary
comments:  my nashville know-it-all...
fallonme    profile - diary
comments:  sharing the love of berry buck mills and stipe
neko-carre    profile - diary
comments:  great clothes, top ramen diet. i so relate.
bathtubmary    profile - diary
comments:  she's got a secret. i have to find out what it is.
genghis-jon    profile - diary
comments:  laughiness
gingeryette    profile - diary
comments:  fiestiness
red-wine    profile - diary
comments:  a combo of sweet and spicy, with a lovely aftertaste
kayemess    profile - diary

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