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My favorite diaries:

kitchenwitch    profile - diary
trancejen    profile - diary
dangerspouse    profile - diary
comments:  "HOLY JACKRABBITS DANGERBOY!! Is DangerSpouse dead!? !@#@!$!#@ Tune in next time... to find out the truth. (or you know... whenever he decides to grace us with his superb wit again.)
tigerlily21    profile - diary
kiosh    profile - diary
vividdreamer    profile - diary
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  Extraordinary talent, between the wit, and the art, I'm a fan for life.
thedailyWTF    profile - diary
comments:  "roll each other in 10W-40 and play X-Rated Beached Whale Tanker Spill" this is fucking classic.
ochweidnit    profile - diary
comments:  I peed in it!!! hahahahahaha (laughing maniacally!!)
juddhole    profile - diary
comments:  About the only person that has ever called me a 'goobus'.. what is that anyways?
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  "For one moment everything in life felt like it was just as it should be... It was so beautiful..."
lifeasme66    profile - diary
reynedecoupe    profile - diary
comments:  For the record, I knew what your username meant, and didn't have to look it up.
buppie    profile - diary
girlsbad    profile - diary
yentl22    profile - diary
bebelua    profile - diary
bigpimpinmba    profile - diary
mixedup    profile - diary
dusk-bunny    profile - diary
theswordsman    profile - diary
summersands    profile - diary
fallen9angel    profile - diary
nicim    profile - diary
rue25    profile - diary
claritynew    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Van Halen
comments:  Classic
comments:  Always a favorite of mine
comments:  Hauntingly beautiful... it reflects my soul
New Radicals
comments:  Sometimes listening to the lyrics I have to stop and say WTF?

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Ann McCaffrey
comments:  My absolute fave
Laurell K Hamilton
comments:  absolute entertainment for someone looking to escape reality
Ann Rice

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