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I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease when I was 14. It's a highly curable form of cancer, a lymphoma. In 1999 I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and voila! no more cancer.

I thought I was cured, that it was never to return.

Then, five years later...

It came back to haunt me.

I found out I had a relapse of Hodgkin's the same month that I turned 21. I was expecting my shots to come in a glass...not a syringe.

Now to kill the demon I am undergoing an extremely severe but effective protocol, that includes high dose chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

The absolutely horrible thing about cancer is it's blindness. Cancer did not see how my family loves me too much to lose me. Cancer did not see that my friends had plans for us. Cancer couldn't see that I was too busy with work and school to stop for it. Cancer couldn't see that I was losing my first real boyfriend, (and fellow cancer survivor) - that I was emotionally un-nerved from that. And of course, Cancer couldn't see my long, beautiful strawberry-blone hair...too pretty to lose. Or see that my hair was my signature.

"yes this is Jess, you know, the redhead?"

And everyone knew...

My journal starts at the beginning of my journey and will bring you to now: Jess, 21 - young and surviving cancer. again.

I intend to let the diary play out like a story book. You might want to start from the beginning and work forward, if you're really interested. :)

My favorite diaries:

essaywriter profile - diary
comments: she's got a witty edge on everyday occurances

My favorite music:

comments: Devine genious, painful exposure, insecure identification. <3Pinkerton
Dashboard Confessional
comments: More sad music
Rilo Kiley
comments: A peppy happy intelligent indie band
Green Day
comments: Amazing new album!
The Verve Pipe
comments: oldie but goodie.

My favorite movies:

comments: a porn star involved in a set of drug murders?
comments: only western I've liked to date
Gone in 60 Seconds
comments: I'm naming my first dog Memphis. Just too cool :)
Donnie Darko
comments: I used to like bunnies...
Pirates of the Carribean
comments: Just because...Johnny depp and eyeliner is hot

My favorite authors:

Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Intelligent but not offensive sarcasm. :)
Pamela Ribon
comments: Why Girls are Weird. By far the funniest book Ive ever read. Smart chic humor :)
Curtis Sittenfeld
comments: Can craft one heck of a character
Judith Krantz
comments: borderline smut, but a guilty pleasure :)
comments: well why not?

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