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from the-moo :
hello?? xxx
from the-moo :
where did you go? :-( xxx
from the-moo :
from coldandgray :
I am glad you are doing this diary.
from oceans-depth :
I think you and your writing is just lovely. You are strong and brave I admire that. Best wishes xoxo Deja
from cactus-blood :
I love your diary already. It's lovely
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Dusk is a lovely time of day. I am sorry about your recurrence. I am a cancer survivor myself and I just want to say that I think the idea of keeping a diary about all of this is a great concept.
from candoor :
bravo and best luck, stay strong and beauiful :)
from zuzus-petals :
Well, I have to say I didn't care much for Gone in 60 seconds and I'll never understand why folks like it... But I have to say Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp's sexiest role - I hope they do a sequel. I take it you've already started this round of chemo. Is it over for now or are you still in the midst of it? -Zuzu
from peytonsplace :
I like dusk as well. When I'm outside at that time, I always think, "this is what night looks like in the movies." Strange, but true.
from caligirl :
YOU are a beautiful writer with a stroy to tell. I am adding you to my favorites and look forward to reading more of you.
from mjraven87 :
If you'd like a password then you can email me if you want. The email address is on my profile
from essaywriter :
Thanks for the add! Glad you enjoy my stories. cheers
from the-moo :
your banner drew me in and I've decided I'll stay *hugs* (if that's ok) xxx
from donut-one :
Lol...your notes were so confusing. But once I figured out what was going on, it was all very funny! ^_^. Thank you for that.
from ladyvaduva :
dusk is a beautiful time of day.. I do have to agree.. your writing is absolutely wonderful.. you paint an awesome picture with your words... I hope you never stop.. wherever you get your strength from never let go of it... I'll definetly be stopping by to read on...
from id-laugh :
I love the way you write. My grandfather just died from cancer, he knew he had it too, but he refused to tell the family. He refused to go into the hospital when he fell. He died exactly 90 days later. You do still have time to enjoy things, and to tell the people you love how you feel. I wish I had your strength.
from donut-one :
I have to agree with you on the time of day...I love it because that means the hardest part of the day is over, but you still have time left to enjoy what's left. I'm very sorry to hear you have cancer, I wish you the best with that. Have a wonderul weekend ^_^. <3/Dottie
from herskin :
from mjraven87 :
I just saw your banner and I thought I'd tell you that I love the poetic way in which you write, it is lovely. I know there are only two entries but I like your diary already :)

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