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Sarah Slean - Lucky Me

Science wears a new suit

To his coffee toast and eggs

But he has to skip the stairs now

Because of two broken legs

Whine whine I cannot climb

Everytime's the same

I'd be more inclined to help him

If he could remember my name

And he was sad and he was sorry

Let it all out what are you running for?

This is your chance are you ready?

I'm taking my seat o Lucky Me

Fate can't fill the dance hall

'Cause her powers have declined

But at the beauty pageant

She will always take first prize

Light light Easter white

Roll in the dirt

When it comes time for kneeling

She'll say "You go first"

And he was sad and he was sorry

Well let it all out what are you running for?

This is your chance o be ready

I'm taking my seat o Lucky Me

Da da diya . . .

The wisemen try to tell me

I just should've called the grave

But the game is for the adults

And I don't know how to play

O o where will I go?

Toss me out to sea

What the jar's all out of candy

Don't come blaming me

And he was sad and he was sorry

Well it it all out what are you running for?

This is your chance are you ready?

Tell the whole world we're waiting . . .

I'm taking my seat o o!

O you're sad and you're sorry

Well let it all out what are you running for?

This is your chance are you ready?

I'm taking my seat o Lucky Me

La la la la . . .

My favorite diaries:

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comments: ur layout rawks.. I love ur writing style
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comments: even tho its locked I know from ur livejournal that what u write is amazing mwanda.. foiliage!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO sorry I'll stop..
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comments: "If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow" and a wonderous love of cowboys!
audios-babe profile - diary
comments: my partner in crime in the crafty-shack.. she's amazing.. I love her to pieces..the random randomness of her makes me piddle
raisedblinds profile - diary
comments: it makes my heart smile...

My favorite music:

social code
comments: the memories, high holy days, the salades, knee deep in grass, bowling for soup, yellowcard, eve6, blackie and the rodeo kings,everlast, lit, everclear, the ataris, drive by punch, milencolin, blink 182, good charlotte,wednesday night heroes,
The Vines
comments: the hives, the strokes, the rapture,The Caesars (Caesars palace), franz ferdinand, pilate, rooney, melee, ccr,philospher kings, trgically hip, wheezer, dandy warhols, powderfinger,miles davis, dizzy gilespie, st germaine, buddha bar mixes, verve remixes,
linkin park
comments: chevelle, thornley, big wreck, seether, billy talent, alexisonfire, tonic, the rasmus, rob zombie, the transplants, rancid, hoobastank, lost prophets, afi, scratching post, GNR, INXS, Extreme, Queen, fuel, metallica, hidell
comments: The Stereophonics, the charlatans, cold play, ruby horse, badly drawn boy, the kinks, the clash, supergrass, greenday, hawksley workman, incubus, radiohead, nirvana, phil collins, see spot run
biff naked
comments: neko case,Pj Harvey, norah jones, chantal creviazuk, ella fitzgerald, sarah slean, the halo friendlies, the donnas, sarah harmer, lauryn hill, garbage, engima, nelly furtado,evanescence,texas, telepopmusik, shirley bassey, tori amos, marin ord, no doubt,

My favorite movies:

Lock, stock and two smokin barrels
comments: if the milk turns out to be sour.. I ain't the type of pussy to drink it.. know what I mean? (lol!! RORY BREAKER!)
comments: who stole the jelly from your donut?
fight club
comments: holy cow.. I totally know what it feels like to be schizo lol!!
Mean machine
comments: 23 ways to subtly knock the opponents to the ground.. remember to never skip the numbers.. lol!
comments: J'aime cet film parceque c'est tres drole, et amusant! (I like this film becuz its funny and amusing)

My favorite authors:

Stylish Kyle
comments: remember to always press your panties.. and be on the lookout for stylish kyle, for he will never take an unpressed pantie nor a handkerchief!

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