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from chii-angel :
ya same here. um i'm just new so my diary's sucky.. hehe.. can you be my buddy?
from o-twinkle-o :
*hugs tightly.*
from crimsonqueen :
Its fun not acting your age.
from twinker-bell :
i like the quote in your profile, did it come from something or is it original?
from o-twinkle-o :
i love your template .. linked to you from your beautiful banner. sandman inspired .. ?
from bridy :
hey thanx.. wat did u mean by the bright-eyes quotes?
from bridy :
i really like ur stuff... i found ur diary off one of thoes banner thingos... nice work!
from aleesha713 :
from tangloser :
aleesha, you're so goth. we were meant to be together. *begins to cut wrists*
from tangloser :
hey dudes. whats ^!
from broken-place :
thats a really good poem. well done!
from broken-place :
i lurve that. Its good.
from un-thoughts :
the site is up and running now...the theme is "things we shouldn�t think"...its for confessions, or just general things that you have struggled with or's a public diary...anyone can post. everything is kept anonymous.
from lore129 :
hey, cool diary. I joined your diaryring (the dreamers one).
from broken-place :
your diary fucking kicks a$$ and you write good stuffs, adding you to my faves.
from unimark :
we have the same birthday.
from kidney-head :
how come you only named ONE decent band? (deftones) and y the mudvayne ring, mudvayne kinda suck, wel more than kinda. No offense or anything, just though i would pass comment, as i am very bored
from tangloser :
happy birthday aleesha. do me.
from icontrolyou :
I love you enough to leave you notes.. Even if you are desperate enough to be my friend. Have a wonderful break and a wonderful holiday.. And you ARE coming down to chill in the apartment!
from icontrolyou :
well said :)
from aleesha713 :
suprise suprise no notes for mee! =(
from diaryreviews :
Your review was posted ! Here: Thanks for submitting ! Don't forget to join our 80+ ring !
from aleesha713 :
no one loves mee enough to leave mee notes.... =(
from aleesha713 :

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