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from orgami :
from the rubble and the gilded wings of seeking a name evokes the roll of verbs noun syllables and sates something of intrigue a riff a laugh poem fed graffitti i am old and derelict and wintering in new spirit winds but this name unusual in wee dawn hours tumbles in my thouhts like a talismen like a ravens smooth wing a beat in the beginning an ovid world stretched forth into NOW from HERE i tire need rest this is all so new fresh from my Lori green eye muse whence days i shall return scarred in fresh teachings from battles with the anima where a fire draws the chill of frost and a moon slakes a restless thirst away away away
from cdghost :
i really enjoyed your words
from fairyprowess :
hey what a nice template you have there did you design it yourself it is really catching to the eye and your set-up is very nice well just stopping by with my opinion leave me a note. Later.
from alixia :
alixia isnt my real name but u have a unique name there
from yenta :
is Alixia your real first name? Cause mine is Sandra, short for Alixandra, and I have never met anyone else who spells it the same was as me
from killed :
LOL! so cool! i nvr knew u cld "lve notes"!!! ya.. and thanks fer yer notey, nah u kno i am hopeless with html or, uh generally hopeless in anything, i didn't draw it or even put it there, elaine did it fer me :| and jamie is jamie chan ya i finely caught up wit her.. hmm u've been writing less frequently but i guess it must be the xams... study hard and good luck , miss ya!!!
from myhappiness :
a queen sized bed! lucky, I got this little thing Mom probably got at Salvation Army. I hate it. I can't wait to get a whole bed to myself someday, but then like you gets lonely... peace out
from stone-clover :
hi jamie. this is elaine. elaine low not chang. which i think u would guess. cheers!
from greyskies :
yup, this is medha. things have gone well, and will be, hopefully. yrself?
from rainpuddle :
i liked your writing, and want to letyou know that if you lead an intersting life according to the chinnesea its a curse, seems there are people who can't really deal with themselves, i hope the best for you, and at random interval tell joe i said hi as i will be away for some time in the near future, keep your face to the sunshine and good luck in all your pursuites
from tjinn :
Nope, think u've got the wrong number. Dun even know wat MGS.
from greyskies :
yeah. hm. I came by this place just recently? can't remember if I left a trail.
from quivive :
Heyz nice to know that you do drop by once in a while. Actually I was in class of 2001. Hehz...Graduate liao...
from jester :
hey... thanx for the note u left me, although i think the 25th dec piece was crappy... too bad i can't get to read urs... anyway, happy new year... yeah cheers...
from alithiel :
Thanks for the sweet note:)
from twoblindeyes :
Bitch, If you want to know what hell is like then visit my journal. I hope you suffocate to death in your sleep as you dream about demons like me tormenting you every second of your life. Satan will consume your soul like it never existed to begin with. Signed, 666.
from eatage :
I'm so disappointed. You have a nice layout, and I was really impressed by the sketch of the girl. Unfortunately, your writing sucks and your life is uninteresting.

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