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from enondoiel :
Love the template! Great to have you back! And you've got a whole Bridget Jones thing going on... Nice!
from bebe-france :
i'm glad u to come in france; BIENVENUE!! may sounds crazy but the only thing i know about Versailles is from Louis XIV, the castle etc. but anyway it's near Paris that's fine (i know a bit Paris...even if me i'm from the south of france) if u got any question about french people (beware of them, especially french men lol) just ask me, and if u want, when u'll be there i could call u by phone... could be funny dear i guess lol anyway take care!!
from serpentwitch :
heh. love your diary girl <3 and take care of yourself.
from life-o-rama :
I don't think that Sylvie is well-known in Germany since nudity is not such a big issue here - it's everywhere - in commercials as well as in movies or video clips. There is little censorship (compared to all the blurring in the US & UK) but her pictures are great - always reminded me of Helmut Newton. The art is outstanding but their pictures are not really shocking...
from sunnflower :
I applaud all your goals with your writing and studies and I feel confident you will succeed with them because much of success is the decision to simply start.
from meleelee :
Hi, thanks for inviting me to your diary ring... I would love to join but it doesn't seem to be working.
from voidmoonbeam :
Hola annieangel, I love to read your diary, but I don't think I would fit too well into your "Bohemian Ring" I don't drink wine (mostly rum), I'm not exactly a fan of Hemingway, and the only foreign language I speak (sorta) is Mexican style Spanish. Not exactly classic renaissance. I have been to Europe twice, but that was to a Baltic island to visit family (and a few days in Stockholm).
from life-o-rama :
It's so great to have people (Americans) like you on diaryland. Of course we (people from Europe) know that not all Americans favor Bush but it's great every now and then to read it...
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from flexigirl :
Please don't listen to anyone who criticizes the way you look. It sees that you have been content with yourself and finally out of the "darkness", and if you are happy with yourself then that's what really counts. Your recent entry compelled me to leave a note, because it bothers me to see a person so affected by criticisms from others. Don't allow other people to have that power over you. Tell them to go screw themselves and to be miserable elsewhere, not bring their grief to you. Great diary. Best wishes...
from banshee-rose :
well since i have a weakness for french...even if i cant speak it I shall join your ring as soon as I have time. :) Thanks for inviting me too.
from xcorruptionx :
Pas de problème. J'adore le fait que j'ai trouver quelqu'un qui parle le francais et qui le voit comme un langue d'amoure. :D <3<3
from banshee-rose :
Great site.
from pura-vida :
Hey there, I'd heard that Radio was based on a true story, I'm just not satisfied with emotionally manipulative/schmaltzy movies. I'm sure that the real Radio's experience is moving but I got tired of movies like this halfway through Forrest Gump. So instead of watching the movie, I'll read about Radio. :)
from enondoiel :
Oh, the period... The monthly fairytale, no? God I fucking hate my period. But what's even worse, PMS. I transform into a monster. Trust me. A pissed-off monster. Enjoy your period, eat lots of chocolate (perks you up.. at least it does that for me!), and eat red/orange fruit/vegetables. Does lots of good. Or so I've heard. Cheers!
from bebe-france :
don't worry for me please my dear!! u know i'll do the scanner next thursday so I'll see!!! anyway thanks a lot!! Of course I know Colette she's so famous there, but unfortunately for the moment I've never read her, I hope I'll soon and follow ur nice advices!!!! take care of you!!
from avalonia :
Welcome to the Wilde diaryring! Thankyou for joining :))
from enondoiel :
I love kitchy Americana!!! The Fats-reproduction sounds great!
from bebe-france :
hi from france!! I tried to write back ur email but dont know why "voila" (my mailbox) don't let me send emails, i only can read them.... so about screen shot, it's easy to make one: 1. go to the page that took ur interest 2. on your keyboard, put your finger one "print screen" (lol i guess must be written something like that in english cause in mine it's in french "imprimer écran"!!) it's just after the "F12" 3. then open "paint" (for example) and make "ctrl and V" (at same time) 4. that's it you got your screen shot hum... don't know if I was clear in my explanations, but i tried lol about my dad, you know it's always been like that, but he's my father don't want to do something bad to him, and in some months i'll probably live there, so i'll be free. hey in your "66" u wrote u met Mohammed Ali, it's my father idol, really, he's a hero (my father used to be a boxer when he was young but then he get problems with laws and polices ect...)lol in your 66 there so many things which i could relate a bit lol for example: "37. I dated a married man who had children. And he was an illegal immigrant" lol mine was legal but very old.... (yes i know that despite of my age i'm not inocent since long time lol that's life) lol i don't remember what i really wanted to told you in fact (bit crazy right now....;o))anyway thanks for "working" about my best of, it's soooo nice from you!!!! take care of you!!
from serpentwitch :
OH MY GOD! I am addicted to your diary *love* I am glad you like Marilyn Monroe(she is my idol) and my condolences for your loss, about Erin. Good luck with your "new" you. Your layout is beautiful ;)
from diaryreviews :
Hey. Your review is up at DiaryReviews. You also qualify for the 80's diaryring if you'd like to join it. I tried to sign your guestbook, but I don't think it worked correctly. 10/04/2003
from enondoiel :
Hey! Thanks for the note and for adding me to your favorites! (I've returned the favor, your diary is great and you've got a great sense of humour). About the German party: Go! Go! Shoo! It sounds like a good idea, and even though I don't know how much you weigh or anything, I can tell you this much: They'll love you! When offered free booze, Germans could care less how you look. You're in, baby! Have fun!
from angellivia :
angellivia isn't locked (or shouldn't be... let me know if you're having trouble getting in. also isn't locked, but is. If it's livlove you want the password for then leave a message in my guestbook or something and I'll give it to you. Liv xx
from bebe-france :
yes i know, anyway i'll see what happen with him later, that's life... yep guys are crazy, but me too i gues!!!
from bebe-france :
thanks!! u're definitely great, did u know that my dear???!!! anyway take care of you and keep writing cause i love reading u !!
from bluecharis :
Ohoh, good luck with waxing your private parts! I'd never do _that_ in a million years... brrr... :-)) Love, Charis
from liebstar :
Hey girl! I haven't been around lately, except for updating my journal with the notepad-copy-paste-to-dland thing =) So, how're doing? Love, Lieb
from samedi :
What's the saying - "just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" ?? Mais parents sont très étrange comme ça. I tried to sign your guestmap today, but it wouldn't let me post anything ... I'll try again later, though. Tchao!
from princessa007 :
Thanks for the note! :-)
from samedi :
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Erin! I've never known anyone whose died, and I certainly don't know if there's anything I can say to make things better for you -- mais si je peux me rendre utile, dites-le-moi!!
from bluecharis :
Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for your note and for adding me to your buddy list. Wow, you must be going through tough times right now! I wish you lots of strength and send you good thoughts. Take care, love, Charis :-)) PS: I think, something's wrong with your template, it looks all out of place on my screen :-(
from liebstar :
Hey, thanks for the note. My template is from pixelscript, because I had no time and means for a homemade layout =) I'm gonna read your diary, see you soon!
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island and welcome to the Paris Diaryring! I have been reading all the Harry Potter books this summer and am finally in the 5th book.

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