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from herdarlinsin :
I remember you so well. tropical mist is just a memory, if you even remember it. Hence to all that fails, pick yourself up and try harder. I have and I did. I'd like to add you to my buddy list. (if that's alright by you?)
from beagle47 :
why can't you? 'cause. that's it. 'cause. hope all is...well...with you. peacers.
from poisndflwr :
I hope you feel better ^.^
from sweet-malice :
be and do good in school!! ;)
from beagle47 :
oh, it was you. i knew someone needed it. ;) go. do. now. (laughing).
from kinda-boring :
hey, lauren from papercut here, just wondering fi you're gonna do any reviews any time soon coz i seem to be the only one who does any.
from beagle47 :
thanks, 'k'. i thought you stopped reading eons ago...
from poisndflwr :
You locked your diary :'(
from velvet-heart :
Happy New Years love. May this new year bring you more happiness than your last and may you have a greater learning of more things to come. Much love, Huggles
from poisndflwr :
The link to your cast page is weird. I hate it when people ask me what's wrong too. :-)
from velvet-heart :
Password is in my profile .... n new sn for aim is chrissi553
from velvet-heart :
rdhdjllybn lol (shh)
from velvet-heart :
from velvet-heart :
YAY!!! woo0t! I added you to my aol too. Ok? I've been wanting to talk to you forever! 8 months is long enough don't yah think? *wink*
from velvet-heart :
This is Chrissy from Tropicalmist. Do you remember me? You gave me a review a long time ago and I was looking at my tropicalmist profile list and I wanted to know if it was okay if I addded you to my new diary (??) I hope you're doing well.. and I dont think that boy deserves to be Joseph either .. lil' Pig. :P
from papercutview :
hey! Please read the news page in the site [] regarding the site... if you wanna add anything to the news or update you may.. xoxo ♥ dulce
from revurswanted :
Would you like to become a reviewer? Well, come check our new site out and maybe we can find you a review site to review for.
from ransgirl15 :
incase that you talk to me on AIM.. my new screenname is: heartcorexpunx
from poisndflwr :
hi! hold on! try to be a bit more optimistic and look at your life and compare it to those who are more serious and unfortunate. that worked for me :P Sorry if this is bad advice
from girlreview :
You scored a 95 or above on your review, and if you have the time to review 4-5 diaries a week then girl review would love to have you. Come by and read the reviewers rules, the scoring sheet, and the review for us page and see if you would like to be a reviewer. If you would, just follow the instructions on the review for us page. I look forward to hearing from you. ~Dani *If you've recieved this before, just ignore it.*
from freakymandy :
hey, if you still wanna read my diary.. uhh, the pass word is moggy and 10000. MMm.. frailmaskara is dead, so.. yeah.
from papercutview :
kelly- check out the site, important new update. e-mail me, i need to talk to you.
from l-a-i :
awwwww...... you've got finding nemo!!! i lovvvvvv them! fish are friends NOT FOOD! :) um, i just dropped by to say thank you for the review you've done on me on papercut reviews. :) you gave me perfect score! but hehehehe im not complaining!! :) thanx again! -antsy-lai ( ps: um, im the one with the girl kissing the frog layout... :)
from wammer316 :
Hey joyceanner's friend, and i wanna say nice site...umm...finding nemo so totally rox dude...:)
from ransgirl15 :
hey sweets! Thank you soooooooooooooo {so} much for helping me out with Papercut. I appreciate it a lot! ::hugs:: ♥x♥x♥x Dulce
from reviewaroo :
i changed your score on reviewaroo because you replied to promtly about the broken link! :D Britta
from superlora :
from reviewaroo :
your review is up! enjoy! Britta
from ravynespeaks :
Thanks for joining my oceanworship diary ring :)
from diaryreviews :
Your review is up at Diary Reviews!
from mslovejoy :
Hey good stuff, yr review is up. And I'll be back to check on you (uh-oh! :)
from tanked :
yeah i still want the review. my diary is on a quasi hiatus right now, but its still updated. thanks
from beagle47 :
thank you so much. she was a great spirit. your note would have given her a smile. peace.
from silvergal-22 :
hey! I was the previous owner of xoxoreviews. I'm wondering if you could change the e-mail address of the guestbook and notes settings. It's going to flood my e-mail. If not, why don't you just leave me ur e-mail[the one u use to e-mail me with] and i'll help you change it. Thanks!
from poisndflwr :
thanks for adding me to your favorites... I don't think I know who you are :P I have bad memory too
from compendious :
Hey Kelly, your review at Compendious is up. (
from ransgirl15 :
hey sweets! I'm wondering if you're going to do what i asked (hint: check ur g-book), I need to know 'cuz im leaving tomorrow, and if i can't find sum1 i'll have 2 put papercut on hiatus. ;/ hope to hear from ya soon, ♥ Dulce PS. Nice diary
from aquakek :
This is cool.
from xox-sara-xox :
Hey!! cute site!! cum see myn...I jus made it n its kinda gay but OWELL i really dont think u care if its gay!! ~LOL~ cya!
from fairydust34 :
:D i dont know big words, how dare you use them towards me..AHH GRR....are you a purple munki? *evil look*....:D...2+2= 5..hehe i a blue munki...
from tropicalmist :
Being yourself is all that matters. People reveal their emotions in so many different ways. You do a fine job. Don't worry and if you think you're a hypocrite then so am I. I do reviews as well. So just to boost my blas´┐Ż ego I will request for a review from you. Take care peachy. You're a fine writer. Huggles.
from tropicalmist :
Quizzes are fun lol They will take over diaryland some day. *Run! Run! Here comes Quiz!!* lol I'm such a nerd- I must go now and do an update- how damn depressing is that?
from mis-focus :
Awe, you're too sweet! Thanks for the note :) Getting reviewed isn't something I've really thought of because I think my diary is pretty boring! Thanks for the suggestion though! :P
from squirrelx :
Thank you for your note. Fact is, I'm almost always 'twitter-pated' or discombulated, or an amalgam of the two. Best, Xtine
from candy-clouds :
Lol... your mad, but it does look fun! :D
from tropicalmist :
Thank you for adding me to your list of favorites. Now I must return the favor. ::huggles::
from todream :
Thanks! I just started this diary after having another one for...I don't know. More than a year. So its kind of weird getting used to a new one, I don't know why. Anyways I love your diary too, and your layout, and I think I might add you as a favorite too!
from napsaregood :
Hey thanks for leaving me a note. Yeah, the person that did my layout made my text a little smaller than I would like, but an easy way to fix it is to go to View on the toolbar, go down to text size and change it to a bigger size. At least that's what I've done for some of my friend's diaries.
from mangofarmer :
*survey, that is. Yes, I can spell. Really. Heh.
from mangofarmer :
Moi? Influence the life of the very cool aquakek? *blushes* I think your sruvey answers are the best I've seen so far. :-D
from megin-says :
Thanks for adding me as a favorite. My name is spelled Megin (not Megan) though, you may want to fix that on your favorites list so you can get to my diary instead of that fun Diaryland error page. Unless you dig the error page - it does have a certain allure... :p Anyway I'm off to read your diary now.
from joyceanner :
thanks for adding me to your faves....hey sign my guestmap! i have to change my layout now...(someone had the same..she might say i copied her)
from littleocean :
Hello! i'm so glad that you added me favorite! yey! well i just wanted to say thank you! and i hope you are gonna keep checking my ordinary life!!!!!!!!!!
from beagle47 :
thank you for adding me as a favorite. hey, your template is one of the best i've seen. fun! be well. peace. (and i really mean that).
from glitteriesky :
awesome! ;) its the girl who's your age. Anyways, yeah. so yeah. ;)
from amigamaster :
P.S. I made a typo in my 1st note below: meant "adding" not "assing". Hey where is your guestbook on your diaryland site? Did I miss it? Have a great day!
from amigamaster :
Hi sweetie *smile* Thanks for signing my guestbook and assing me to your favs. Hey I think you're really cool! Enjoy your poem. Plus you like Pink like me the ole granny does. But then again, I'm cool too. lol *HUGS*
from aquakek :
How come I have to leave myself a note? Does no one like me? Well... I sorta haven't told anyone about my diary, so i guess I can't be too mad.

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