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from dummbunny :
Hey there.
from dummbunny :
Just wanted to say "hi!" I kinda checked out for a while. Thank you for the note. You sound like you're doing better. I truly hope that you are. I have stalker issues so I'm trying to figure out a way to get you password :)
from dummbunny :
I am thankful for having had very good mental health care professionals, it took a long ass time to find them. I'm sorry that you're going through this. The most poignant thing one ever said to me was that "you can't quantify another person's suffering." That was a turning point for me. I'm not saying my life got better right then and there, but hey that was ten years ago and I'm still here and not for any lack of trying. Diagnosed with bipolar at 13, PTSD and anxiety disorder at 28, 30 something year old anorexic. Gained 80 pounds on anti-depressants, finally took it off. Somehow my life is now under control and I am for the first time in a very long time doing well. I'm glad that you are trying to get the help you need and I am so sorry that you are surrounded by inept jackasses who can't or won't or don't know how to give it to you. I'm not going to say some stupid shit like "hang in there." But I will say you're going through some tough shit and you're doing a good job wading through it, at least from what I'm reading.
from cdstacks :
start with 4, then there is one 0 short of double-0 7 (last year was 07, and that is just the orlando florida area code, but random connections are just where the babbling starts)... you could be surprised, or surprise someone else... hope your life ius a better place today and even if it is not, the 325 exchange might be interesting... breaking it down (specifically, i mean), 1 is the loneliest number, so what happens to 4?... u r what u 8... the code here, is something that will do what bill collectors do if you do it 2, so now you know... i have felt the way your words feel and forgot that it was my choice in many ways, so maybe i'm just here to remind you, if you want to be reminded... remember when the music came from wooden boxes strung with silver wire... and change something now... push the buttons, just for laughs, or seriously even... your call :)
from dummbunny :
I'm not listening, but I'm still reading. For whatever it's worth...
from dummbunny :
I, also, moved yesterday on August 3rd. Right out of the place last year where I experienced the same sort of weirdness you just encountered. Roommates who filled up both the freezer and frig before I moved in and did so for month so I never had so much as a single ice cube for a year, then went to take a bath and found out that someone (not me) brushes their teeth in the shower. Nothing like not having a place to put your soap, because well a toothbrush and a tube of Crest is sitting in the soapdish. Oh, that was the good, almost forgiveable part. Well, I just wanted to say "hi" and that I feel your pain.
from candora :
girl, be a fool for yourself, not for someone else - and may you understand the difference.
from fruitbat20 :
insanity trots along in the muddy ditches. but it doesn't mind sleeping there.
from showyourtits :
Your Diaryland e-mail address is rejecting all e-mails, and I just wrote you one I'd really like to send. At the risk of betraying my carefully detached facade, after reading your entry tonight, I am worried about you. I've been reading you, soaring and crashing with you, for a long time now. You are a rare person. I don't want you to die. I know you may not have been totally serious. E-mail me anyway at: [email protected].
from agentsil :
a random click and i was on your diary =] you have really shitty experiences with Christians the worst kind are the ones that try to find out if you are also by asking questions like "so i went to mass yesterday... how did it go at your church?" sneaky devils. ehhh... anyways you entertained me well high five to you ma'am. ~sil
from elliestuff :
I like your layout..fits you perfectly. Sorry about your friend.
from raven72d :
Intriguing entries.
from escotth :
Heyas! I saw you online via the new site format. Just wanted to say hello, give you some encouragement and tell you to keep your chin up! Good Luck! Scott
from dogsolitude :
I just love the way you write. You rock, yes you do.
from dogsolitude :
Your journey in the country touched me. I wish I could have been there to hold you. Or at least just sit next to you.
from choose-life :
update more, we will read.
from fuzzmom :
I wish I knew what to say. I'm very sorry that you're feeling this way.
from lalalily :
you've been tagged, check out my page for details
from after- :
I hate how things play out sometimes... okay, most times.
from somstar :
I'm not farmiliar with him but now I want to be!
from coldandgray :
Ug, sorry about he mid-term!
from teachin-usa :
It sounds like you need to cry. Whats wrong with these counselors!
from teachin-usa :
What? Is Sasha Cohen into Kaballah?
from purplebanana :
Good luck finding normal guys. I seem to find myself surrounded by people with actual mental illness, and the drama is like living in a tornado. Sigh sigh triple sigh.
from pissymystic :
*hug* Because it sounds like you could use one.
from somstar :
Melissa DOESNT sleep around? lol jk :) And I've never seen the engligh patient, and now I don't want to lol.
from somstar :
Oh wow, good job impressing the people, what's your secret? lol. I need a better job...
from coldandgray :
from coldandgray :
Don't sweat the sexy stuff! You're great.
from poolagirl :
Thanks for adding me, bunnysuit3. I llok forward to reading your stuff!
from teachin-usa :
You mean pulling away the whole time or when they, erm I mean *he*, is pulling out? Thanks for adding me bunnysuit.
from coldandgray :
I never heard that about pulling away...
from gumphood :
Merry Bunny Suit
from coldandgray :
Hello? A xmas note to you, bunny.
from bunnysuit3 :
Somebody leave me a freakin' note already. I know you're out there, I have a stats tracker. The bunny needs love. :(
from bunnysuit3 :
This shit is boring. Not your best work. Just sayin'.

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