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from kelsi :
from skibigsky :
That sucks on the house - but I'm sure you'll find another one that you like even more. And as for the sickness, you have my deepest sympathy (this sucks!).
from kelsi :
No man, I love YOU.
from kelsi :
That was a lovely update.
from adianoeta :
ohhh new layout. or has it just been that long since i've looked at your dland diary?!
from anenigma :
She is so beautiful!
from akkelly :
My God is she just the cutest little thing!!! :)
from kelsi :
Thank you for the typing all those songs out!!
from bunny828 :
What a cute doggies! I hope she/he is good for you.
from moviegrrl :
ok, so slap me around the head and call me a kipper - I'd completely forgotten that I was the one hosting your images, and also can't believe it's been so long since I read your page. (bad bad bad moviegrrl) I'm sure I've got all your stuff on my hard drive somewhere (my website crashed majorly) and I should be able to find somewhere else to host it if you want to be back to "normal". let me know honey, and apologies again. Sas
from lostplatypus :
LOVE your 7/24/04 entry. Your honesty IS perfection.
from moviegrrl :
done! and dusted!!!! hope you like it - any problems give me a shout! kisses...
from moviegrrl :
grr - SMGB crappy again, so I'll drop your note here - pass me your password and I'll do all the necessary rejigging of tempalte and pages!
from moviegrrl :
Now if you'd added me to your faves *before* Uncle Warren died, I wouldn't be cursing the DL community for not letting me know sooner!!! Anyhow, thanks for the vote of confidence, and I shall be trawling through your archives forthwith. Oh and *very * cute babe!
from busybean :
Hey thanks for leaving me a message! Now I have more than 1 reader! ha ha. I would love to get some html help to make my diary look at least a little better! email me at [email protected] thanks.
from tigerlady :
Hi, this is "Roninscribe" with a new ID. What's up? Anyway, I'm doing a daily journal now, and it's not as weird as my first one. I also changed my e-mail (changed my life, actually). But, anyway, I'm gonna try to catch up with your journal to see what you've written since you moved away from Uncle Frig. L8R! : )
from skibigsky :
Thanks for filling out my survey. BTW, I love reading your diary!
from elberry :
Hi crazylady---dropped by....thanks

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