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from liliput :
follow my link to find Loki. =D
from cdghost :
enjoyed reading your words
from greentealeaf :
thank you ma'am. i couldn't think of anything better!
from shadowbxr13 :
i'm glad you are writing again. and i unlocked my diary.
from wonderwall :
hey. i'm ok. just had to move, my sister found my diary. so let me know what your email is and ill pass the info along :)
from an6elo :
if it's any consolation, here's me wishing you a happy valentine's day... i hope your week gets better...
from blue-parade :
You're all password-y! How sad! Might I have a password?
from wonderwall :
hey, good luck in all you do, i hope you'll drop in from time to time and let me know all is well. and don't worry about the naysayers. *hugs*
from wonderwall :
nice new layout :)
from wonderwall :
hey thanks a lot for your note :) i really appreciate when people read my site, and especially when they take time to read through the whole thing, whoa! i like yours a lot as well. i actually go to school in worcester, not boston... but i am thinking of grad school at BC, tufts, or harvard (assuming i get into any of those places haha!) anyway, thanks for the comment. :)
from comment-anon :
I found your diary through sillers. Just thought I'd say hi :) -boo
from bi-n-proud :
Hi, found your diary through sillers and thought I'd drop by. Love the diary!
from brandone :
Hi, I was just going to write about a cd I bought that I fell instantly in love w/ called For Him and the Girls by Hawksley Workman. I noticed you like Amelie as well! Great movie! Write back soon Brandone
from raven72d :
Japanime girls are always fun... And you write such lovely entries...
from athenex :
No, ofcourse im not mad. I was just a bit suprised when i realized it. tnx by the way :) enjoy
from athenex :
ehm, i saw you listed me as a fave. Why? enjoy!

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