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oscar wilde once said, "all of us are in the gutter. but some of us are looking up at the sky." i'd like to think of myself as one of those people with the luckier view.

the skinny on me: a student (hopefully perpetually), city lover, beach dweller, quite musically obsessed. loves: U2, matt nathanson, coldplay, cold beer, good books. lord of the rings, matt damon, good conversation, london.

hates: the constant fear that life is one big cosmic joke, big conglomerations of highways, ignorance, cough syrup, cheaters, hopelessness and gimmicks (though i am ocassionally as susceptible as anyone else to all of those things).

My favorite diaries:

spikyhead profile - diary
comments: "it seems like there is lots of POTENTIAL and MAGIC in this city; i just have to find it." {i love ocean.}
popcore profile - diary
comments: everything feels great when you're on the beach.
quoted profile - diary
eloi profile - diary
comments: "I want to rule the world. I am hearby announcing my candidacy, should someday there be an election..."
alicewonders profile - diary
xparrynightx profile - diary
xander profile - diary
comments: me, him, and the brooklyn bridge :)
u2october profile - diary
comments: "it was bleak, dismal and full of rain today. but for me, it was the sun shining brighter than ever."
evolver profile - diary
comments: I love the sunrise. I love the stars.
billabong79 profile - diary
foreverlad profile - diary
comments: "...but what about the original purpose of the Castle? Was it created orignally for the sake of defense, as a show of wealth and power, what?" {mike thinks too much. this is why i love him.}
tandia profile - diary
superclrk1 profile - diary
comments: we have so much in common. and he's a matt nathanson fan too!
automouse profile - diary
comments: makes me want to cry he's so good. and he's from brooklyn! :)
ninepoems profile - diary
comments: is ewan her soulmate or mine? i love her page anyway...
coffeeadikt profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I feel like a character out of a Greek myth or something. Like fate has willed me to only be able to do what is unexpected of me... This could be a major problem if someone expects me to save their neck or expects me to live."
trickykid profile - diary
comments: "I've decided that my thesis is going to be hard. And I don't like that concept very much. Maybe I'll quit. But probably not, since I am a whore for achievement and laurels. "
meggie816 profile - diary
comments: "We�ll grab the stars and stick them in our pockets. " sounds like a great idea to me.
lullypop profile - diary
epiphany profile - diary
sorethroat profile - diary
comments: "go god go. you get off your ass and do something good, for once."
mnnicegirl profile - diary
comments: troublesome boys and hockey... two of our mutual favorites.
angelicagirl profile - diary
comments: "Ever since I graduated from high school, my priorities have taken an interesting turn for the airheaded."
aboywho profile - diary
comments: "maybe there are happy endings. or just really good beginnings." i want someone to love me like this.
xactlywhoiam profile - diary
comments: "this is a case where it would be nice to be a guy, because none of them care or obsess about things like this, they're just like "Hey man, wanna live together next year?" "Sure." "Ok." Amen sister! Amen!
aloka profile - diary
comments: "I was suddenly aware that I was an amputated arm in a shark tank." this is one of my fav diaries- we have a lot in common!!!
graybeal profile - diary
pezdispenser profile - diary
comments: it's all about the little things.
ineednoname profile - diary
comments: i am a layout whore.
deedlit999 profile - diary
banana3159 profile - diary
comments: "Wouldn�t it be nice to feel neutral about something? To just not care either way? I am exhausted by my own opinions and beliefs."
inarticulate profile - diary
soulepiphany profile - diary
comments: "And here you come with these brand new implications and insinuations.Well, kiss my ass." the beauty of diaryland, finding friends who always know what you mean.
planitclare profile - diary
comments: "What are "active ingredients"? And what makes them so active?"
alternamommy profile - diary
comments: i love my mom; and i love this mom's journal-- it's honest and smart.
liquidiamond profile - diary
comments: her entry on the joshua tree was amazing. great taste in music, rock on.
jelybeanie32 profile - diary
bulmachan profile - diary
comments: a klutz who loves ewan... sounds a lot like me hehe
ask-obiwan profile - diary
comments: the name says it all.
rubyfuss profile - diary
comments: "And while, as you may already know, I�m not big on convention, I must say this is not proper behavior for a Monday night."
rainforme profile - diary
comments: brilliant.
joyfulgirl21 profile - diary
comments: she rocks.
perfxcked profile - diary
comments: "pretty girls make me want to crawl into my bed and hide under the covers, alone and just cry over what they are and i'll never be. "
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: brewed to perfection. funny stuff.
dietcokegirl profile - diary
comments: "The greatest tragedy of my life sometimes I think is that I've lived it."
implosive profile - diary
comments: "we are too young and drunk to stay in these boxes without spilling over."
londncalling profile - diary
comments: "when you don't appreciate cookies properly you automatically fall into the "probably not cool" category even if you seemed perfect before..."
open-book profile - diary
comments: "i set sweeping goals for myself and if things are not perfect right away i give up. which is probably the best way to never get anything accomplished, ever." yep. exactly.
starlet-21 profile - diary
comments: "what i wouldn't give to have last year back."
lyricalalala profile - diary
comments: away message heaven, and more importantly, the reminder of the power of lyrical genius.
bsmtapt profile - diary
comments: it didn't make sense anymore to be so substantially attached for such insubstantial reasons. people should at least have to earn the right to break your heart. *still my favorite on d-land.
goldenball profile - diary
comments: "it struck me that most perfect moments are flawed"
circleline profile - diary
comments: i've been meaning to add her, but procrastinated. i know she'll understand.
missblackie profile - diary
comments: "My brain just won't stop sometimes."
london-times profile - diary
comments: a cool girl's stories from the coolest place in the world!
milkshook profile - diary
comments: "or was it healthy for me to separate a crush from the realities of my everyday life?" this boy can *write* and we live for matty hugs.
karaokekatey profile - diary
comments: "fuck five year plans. i can't even get a five minute plan."
parlance profile - diary
comments: "I'm confessing to this anticlimactic tendency we have."
thetoxicsoul profile - diary
comments: "See, I don't think that I'm that good, it's just that everyone else sucks, and so I rock in comparison. No false modesty in there at all." reminded me why i love to write.
wildlotus3 profile - diary
comments: "here's to... the girls who are just too cool to be considered girlfriend material." amen. this made me so happy.
smokinkudzu profile - diary
comments: well-written, at times hilarious, always insightful.

My favorite music:

comments: the greatest band of all time, responsible for the greatest night of my life, 10/30/01.
damien rice
comments: "why'd you fill my sorrows with the words you borrowed from the only place you know? why'd you sing alleluia if it means nothing to you? why'd you sing with me at all?"
howie day
comments: "i still see a flash from the time i opened my eyes too wide." counting crows, jack johnson, van morrison, stephen kellogg and the sixers, the cure, gavin degraw, josh ritter, jeff buckley, the killers, tom petty, the eagles...
comments: "cos my head just aches when i think of the things that i shouldn't have done."
matt nathanson
comments: "i took your words like you said i should, and look at what good it's done me." matt really is the most fantastic person on earth, and if you listen to him i will give you a cookie.

My favorite movies:

good will hunting
comments: "well, you found me."
lord of the rings
comments: "what does your heart tell you?"
moulin rouge
comments: "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to just to love and to be loved in return."
when harry met sally
comments: "you make it impossible for me to hate you!"
almost famous
comments: "the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool."

My favorite authors:

edith wharton
comments: everyone go read the house of mirth. now.
james joyce
comments: a revelation.
jedediah purdy
comments: for common things: irony, trust, and commitment in america today. insightful, refreshing.
milan kundera
comments: the unbearable lightness of being.
comments: "thus conscience makes cowards of us all"

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