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My favorite diaries:

perceptions profile - diary
comments: "people who know me best maintain that i'm lazy, but the truth is that i just can't find many things worth doing."
shutupmom profile - diary
elevation profile - diary
comments: "look, i know this isn't really the most pleasant of all topics, but WHY do i get so much more attention from boys when i've got my period than any other time?"
eeelissa profile - diary
comments: "An older woman in her sixties is walking down the street with a young boy. As I pass them, I hear her ask him, 'So, are those drugs helping?'"
banana3159 profile - diary
comments: "It's funny-- I look back over this diary and I seem so messy and fucked up, but if you knew me in real life, I come across like I have all my shit figured out."
eeeeeeee profile - diary
comments: "So today I got into a fight with the wall."
not-a-finger profile - diary
comments: -return trumpeted, presumptively triumphant-
kimyadawson profile - diary
comments: Once the easter bunny sang to us and said, "I got doo doo's on my hand, and they weren't even mine."
bare-my-soul profile - diary
comments: dirty laundry.
dailydigest profile - diary
comments: a close personal friend of mine, just starting off.

My favorite music:

Poison Idea
The Baseball Furies
comments: the REAL Baseball Furies, not those imposters from Buffalo
Sheer Terror

My favorite movies:

Wes Anderson
David Fincher
The Coens
Terry Gilliam
Woody Allen

My favorite authors:

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