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i am a member of the band "the moldy peaches". i just released a solo album and was told to make a website for my solo stuff. i thought an online diary would be more fun.

My favorite diaries:

myatari profile - diary
comments: "I don't know why all my songs deal with getting dumped. If only I could write a song as good as the theme song to Family Ties . sha la la la."
jrmluvr17 profile - diary
comments: "You don't realize you are boring because you attract other mindless people to you like mindless moths to a mindless flame. "
milquetoast profile - diary
comments: "Let me tell you how crazy I was about sewing: Sister led me to the bathroom, pointed at the toilet seat, and said, 'I think this is your doings.' There was a scrap piece of cloth on the toilet. 'I'm shitting fabric!'"
donestefan profile - diary
comments: "i picture all the women who buy this stuff blissfully smearing it all over their nails, never knowing that each bottle contains a generous helping of some perv's fun gunk."
popnoir profile - diary
comments: "Soon I will go out to help my friend get laid. That's what I'm here for: helping my friends get laid since 1995."
gnometits profile - diary
comments: " humans and dogs can't do it, but cows and horses can. they poo and pee all while walking. they just keep walking like nothing even happened. it's effortless."
unclebob profile - diary
comments: "Hey...that's just fine, bro. You just take the money you owe me and forget about it. Spend it on midget porn and gay hookers and DVD players, you fuck."
unluckyme profile - diary
comments: "Earlier today, Catherine mentioned Air Bud and then his untimely death. I feel so out of the know for not knowing this! Catherine and I both wish that we got to go to his funeral."
udders profile - diary
comments: "hey don't kiss people you'd rather be playing donkey kong with."
sallyangst profile - diary
comments: "so i turned sideways and made it look like i was picking my nose, but i really wasnt. i thought everyone would think it was funny, but everyone just thought it was gross."
jackie-peach profile - diary
comments: "we made hilarious jokes, took pictures and went on a mullet hunt, and to our suprise we only found one, and it was on a women."
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: "I hope my little Looney Tunes snowcone maker that my friend Stewart got me for Christmas last year can rip through latex as easily as it does ice."
dottionline profile - diary
comments: "and that's when you'd pretty much freak out and be like, 'man, erik estrada is hitting on me!!' and then you'd run away."
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: " i decided to call my boyfriend and tell him that "i think i'm ready for anal sex" after having eaten 3 burritos and er, 'disposing' of them yesterday in one lump sum."
whyihateyou profile - diary
comments: "So nine months later, my son, Bradley, was born breech, so you cut him out of my belly with one of the juggler's machetes and when you saw him you said, "Jesus, I'm gonna be rich!" "
miss-megan profile - diary
comments: " we don't speak for so long and each time you surprise me harder than the last. You will make a beautiful nurse."
mosaics profile - diary
comments: "The trouble starts when an artist who has roots in a subculture(s) is rewarded with mainstream attention it is seen as a disenchanting malfunction among their indie-elitist peers."
life-my-way profile - diary
comments: "These were the days when the mouse could eat my tampons, brush with my toothbrush, poop on my keyboard and open my snacks and I might not even care."
bipolargirl profile - diary
comments: "i am glad and proud of myself that i am experiencing this phase chemical free, although it really sucks. i want the happiness i had a few days ago and the week before i got sick, but i know i can get there again."
pearljamie profile - diary
comments: "Fabrice Morvan? Fabrice Morvan, people?...And what about poor Barry Williams? Is it me, or would this guy suck Rupert Murdoch's dick on FOX's "Celebrity Dick Sucking" if it meant pulling in a little extra dough"
muffindisco profile - diary
comments: "The quiet boy wore his thursday shirt and snickered at the airhead girls. I did not say hello because I'm all shy."
lukemcgarry profile - diary
comments: "have you ever heard the opossoms at night in your backyard? Cree- py! they sound like babies... night babies."
marumori profile - diary
comments: " KIMYA DAWSON IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! i had never seen a picture of her before and had pictued her with short hair and a black hoodie on."
inutero profile - diary
comments: "I watch my tape of musical performances often and I rewind to Rufus Wainwright singing "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" all the time."
crapstein profile - diary
comments: "Maybe someday I can drink with Marc Summers and Family Feud guy."
andrew profile - diary
comments: "Now, drizzle honey onto the top of the marshmallow and try not to think how the cherries look like nipples and how erotic this is, cause it totally isn't."
majormatt profile - diary
comments: "We all played cover songs for Kimya's birthday and I pussed out and did Tonight from Westside story. Toby did Voices Carry by Til Tuesday! A personal favorite of mine."
arajane profile - diary
comments: "uwajimaya, lunch rush with you is no fun, i ate too much rice"
wittlewetard profile - diary
comments: "Hauling her to the couch? No big deal. She ain't heavy, she's my family."
kid-id profile - diary
comments: "But enough bitching about bitching. I have things to do..."
wakkawakka profile - diary
comments: "so today i pointed out the guy i like to brit, and she was like, 'OH MY GOD! IT IS THE GAY KID!'"
spoonfull81 profile - diary
comments: "Well, I better go. I gotta go do girly things like paint my fingernails and shave my legs and polish my boobins tips for my photo shoot tomorrow, Chow."
bionicgurl profile - diary
comments: "Shit, Dan�s home and with company. I have to at least put my arm on and brush my hair."
loudlikefuck profile - diary
comments: "does anyone else get mad obsessive crushes with characters in books? and then cry because they are not real?"
ashesraven profile - diary
comments: "Ggrrrrr!! Elf boys yes! Unicorn boys maybe! Angel boys nononono god no not ever again!!!!!!"
todayiamfree profile - diary
comments: "you can either have your voice heard or stay silent. And I don�t want to stay silent."
shutupmom profile - diary

My favorite music:

barry bliss
toby goodshank
paleface and monkeybone
comments: email [email protected]
baby skins

My favorite movies:

santa sangre
toto le hero
the princess bride
hustler white

My favorite authors:

kurt vonnegut
francesca lia block
alice walker
dr. seuss
jk rowling

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