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from dontremember :
i just realized you left me a note on my diary ages ago. how awesome. i enjoy your writing and thinking and breathing.
from devian :
wow - a chick that lists "hustler white" as one of their favorite movies? that rocks, kimya! have you seen raspberry reich, by bruce labruce? ~devian
from starproof89 :
i love the song, "i like giants." and i loveeeeeeeeeeeee good women singer/song writers who are able to inspire young females. haha honestly, thank you so much.
from lastbrunette :
i've been listening to "chemistry" over and over all day today. your voice reminds of my sister's. you are incredible.
from for-you-only :
that entry was crazy! oh my god. bad doll. bad.
from ida-strasser :
I recently discovered your songs and i love them.just wanted to tell you.
from vocalfern :
you are pretty and have a pretty voice. i like your song about clementines. come read me sometime. <3 bee
from westyrex :
I'm a big fan of your big brain and voice. Cool to see you on here. Love, Westy
from is-life :
Dang I like your music. It makes me want to learn how to play the guitar and actually play the songs that I write and I think no one else will like
from katezehner :
Your wonderful!@%%# Listening to your music made me want to play the guitar and write songs.
from ashesraven :
where did you find punky colour, all i can ever get is manic panic and thats not worth a damn
from pollymagoo :
That was both hilarious and terrifying. By the way, in my diary I wrote that I celebrated St Kimya's day instead of St Valentine's day, because of the Go Love Yourself T-shirts, and someone in Turkey found it by Googling 'St Kimya'. How odd.
from godmoney :
i love u... u r my hero, i mean that.
from godmoney :
gosh, skyler's beautiful.
from death-bloomz :
That song on one of your diary entries about BK holiday is weird...Made me laugh though, thanx for brightening up a really sucky evening. CyAz -|- Death-BloomZ -|-
from pollymagoo :
I'm so glad for you.
from reganesque :
i love kimya dawson all day and all night long!
from ruba :
me and ren hess will hook you up kimya, we'll hook you the fuck up
from godmoney :
aaa! i LOVE the moldy peaches! i love the moldy peaches! and how AMAZING is Kurt Vonnegut? i didn't kno u were an FLB girl--aw, i LOVE u!
from stephabee :
Your music makes my heart happy. I hope one day you can come and play a show in saskatoon!
from angel-storms :
hey kimya, i'm just another one of your fans! i couldn't help but bug you, so i just thought i'd leave a note to tell you that i love your music!<3
from lonelytomato :
Hello Kimya Dawson. I saw you on Halloween, at the Old Town School. I was the cat with red hair. You made me the most fabulous shirt, and I adore it too much. You're simply amazitasticrad. Thanks.
from muffindisco :
*big hug*
from vidapacifica :
I am so sorry for your sadness. I hope you can make it back home very soon.
from ray-jay :
duuuudddde, i'm not even kidding anymore. i challenged you to that wrestling match like, a month ago... what's your damage? are you a chicken or something? shiiit. alright, meet me behind the circle k on... tuesday, after school.
from majormatt :
Hey. It's all good. I think you misunderstood me a little. You wanting to make music with your friends doesn't make me suspicious. It makes me feel great! Especially since I am one of them. I was talking about people who constantly publicly praise people all the time. Like I was about to do for you. (Starts to sound kind of fake to me after a while and I didn't want to come across that way. That's all.). Cool?:) take care...and please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about anything I say or you'd like to talk more about it. Thanks again. mmm
from majormatt :
Hey Kimya. Sometimes when there's too much love I get suspicious and to be honest a little bit bored. And I wouldn't go so far as to say that a lot of the reasons for that don't have to do with my own twisted perceptions of the world. But I'm working on it. And I just wanted to make the point that I genuinely enjoyed being a part of your record and I wasn't trying to just kiss ass or expect anything more in return. The tracks sounded great and my hat goes off to you for having the courage to let your music grow from a production standpoint while still keeping in touch with your roots by having so many guests from the NYCAF community. Thanks again. Can't wait to hear the final mixes. Hope your tour(s?) go well and thanks for the phat tip! Love MMM
from tonypohlman :
hey i stumbled accross you're diary which is totally cool because i like the moldy peaches. keep up the good work, and who needs a record label anyway?
from beatlesgyrl :
Who needs a CD from a fancy shmancy record label? Burn me your songs -- I'd rather buy them from the source, anyway. ;-)
from bluelace :
hehe your awesome, yeah.
from bluelace :
Hi, I'm Katie I'm 11, and I think your very cool. And I enjoy your music and stuff, okay then, bye!
from ray-jay :
my name is ray-jay, and my wrestling name is the rage. i'm challenging you to a wrestling match. don't pussy out!
from always-crazy :
i, too, ride the greyhound bus. i ride it everywhere. [i saw adam green last night with the libertines in toronto, and after the show he signed my collarbone so i gave him a kiss. he is adorable! i just want to put him in my pocket and feed him pork rinds. he must be such an interesting person to be friends with. i also love your diary, everything you write seems so earnest.] xo didi
from oh--dear--me :
fucking Eh. I Love You. Come and stay at my house. much love, caty.xXx.
from renhess :
so kimya, what happend was funny, so im gunna share it with you. i was in class one day, and this kid zak comes up to me and starts going on and on about how he was at this show and he kept thinking of how he thought i should be there cuz the music he was hearing sounded like something id enjoy a much lot. so when he got home, he quickly downloaded the music he had heard at the show, and burnt it onto a cd. he brought in that cd at the time he was telling me about it. i anxiously put his headphones on so i could hear what it was, then after a few seconds, i was like, "no shit! you saw kimya dawson!" and he was so surprised that i already knew about your music. it was such a funny coincidence! then i kinda felt sad because he got to see you and i didnt even know you were gunna be playin. but anyways, thats my story, and im glad i got it out. your real good and i listen to your tunes often. im adding you to my fav diary list, hope you dont mind. xoxo -Ren
from abitgone :
hello miss kimya dawson. a friend of mine gave me your cd "my cute fiend.." the other day. all i can say is why havent i heard music like this before? it blew me away. i actually joined diaryland so i could write you this message. i went out and bought some moldy peaches stuff. its good but im really in love with these solo songs. where and how can i get more? please send me some information. -julie cohen [email protected] 64 Charlesgate East Apt. 75 Boston, MA 02215 also i make films and if you ever wanted a music video out of any of these songs i'd love to be involved in making it.
from ms-belle :
hey there. i really love your work in the moldy peaches, and hope to hear alot of your individual music sometime soon. very soon...if they would hurry up and order it quickly... anyway, i think you are adorable and without sounding like a heart touched fan, an inspiration for females to get out there and just play and appreciate music. thanks for being yourself, and encouraging me to do the same. Bella
from ashesraven :
don't say it never stops you can't let yourself believe that because when you atart to think maybe you should. just remember you loved each other
from pollymagoo :
yay kimya welcome to London. Don't feel weird, we're looking forward to seeing you tonight.
from manukenkun :
hey see you in Bristol hair a go go... from a ladyfest lady...
from bipolargirl :
have fun in paris!!! i love how you post the pics of your kids. it's so cool. bon voyage!
from roarbot :
kimya! if you're going to be shopping for a dodge/plymouth/chrysler minivan.. get something '94 or newer if at all possible. everyone i know who has had a '93 or earlier has had to replace the transmission by the time they got to 70,000 miles! my boss has one that has 153,000 miles and he has had to replace the transmission 3 times already. can you believe it? i suppose i can.
from glammore :
Kimya, I just have to say that you look soooo pretty with your new haircut.
from white-lies :
oh my god, those pictures ARE adorable... the little boy holding the sign of "I [heart] the Moldy Peaches" is really cute and funny at the same time... in fact, i believe i'm a little frightened.
from lifeasarerun :
those pictures are the cutest thing ever!
from kathakate :
Hello!!! Wow..this is so cool..i absolutly adore the moldy peaches!! i watched you guys at reading festival last year and the year before, and my friends and i all think your amazing :) its our summer music! in 2001 i watched bright eyes after wards and i was at the barrier in the carling tent and you were stood right next to me :) i thought that was cool *blushes* i dont know how this site works but if u can get in touch with me that'd be cool? Kate xx
from glammore :
hi kimya. little darlins' is one of my favorite movies. i have a huge crush on kristy mcnichol. when she was young she used to be on this t.v. show about this family, the mom had a really sweet face, and since i played sick a lot i got to see it quite often. i can't remember the title. anyway, there's this really horrible adolescent matt dillon movie called liar's moon or something.oh, it's so cheesy!
from ashesraven :
what little girl never wanted her own v.w bus
from pollymagoo :
get the van, get the van, was just walking by one of those on the street the other day thinking how cool it would be to have it, and maybe make little curtains for it and get all serious about it and beep my horn when i saw other people in the same kind of van and wave. i love the bit about the race of man, too.
from redexplosion :
If you don't buy that van, I'll cry every day for the rest of my life. Serious.
from bigshot :
Hello Kimya Dawson. I enjoy your diary as much as your music. I just got around to updating my profile, so added you as a favorite, if you don't mind. So getting to the ulterior motive of it all, would you sing a song on my album?
from mazeofmirors :
Nice pictures! And Delilah fucking rocks and you do too. OH and that thing with the toilet? It's happened to me before. I know how ya feel. I couldn't go to your show in Boston, but hopefully I'll catch it the next time you come. Anway, have fun <3
from ashesraven :
just wanted to say i hope life is good
from surrealgrrl :
Saw your show tonight at the Cat's Cradle w/the Butchies...You were really awesome. I hadn't heard your music b4 tonight, but it actually gave me chills...If only I'd had more money on me, I'd of bought a cd or something. Hmm...I will soon though- no doubt about that.
from bipolargirl :
very nice interview on anti-folk!!!
from ashesraven :
hope things work out with the car's...saw adam play tonight he really made my day he's a sweet and such good night
from lorkitty :
hey there. i left a longer message in your guestbook. i do hope you read it. rock on. *lor*
from gotmewrong :
not to sound too cliche, but i just wanted to say that i really enjoy your music and i like your poofy hair :)
from ashesraven :
I have decided to let other people run my life so pick one and leave me a note saying which 1,writing and literature at bmcc 2, photography at laguardia 3, computer graphics and publishing at NYC tech 4,running around the city with a big box of chalk pretending to be a princess
from sprhrgrl :
KIMYA! First the Johns and then the Butchies, and Bed Bed Bed. . . How bloody exciting is all this?! Oy.
from todayiamfree :
hey, just wanted to say hi and thanks for listing me on your favourites. I just got the recent "unreleased cutz and live jamz" MP album and like it very much. it makes me smile. I hope you come to the UK soon to gig. take care x x
from dweezil :
dearest kimyadawson, i <3 you. my weekend was, in a way, very kimyacentric as you stayed and played with my friends in boston and slept on my memorial couch. lovingly, gena
from emokarmie :
sure, you can send me something. :)
from socliche :
hi kimya. i tried to leave a note in your guestbook but the server wouldnt respond. i just wanted to say that the world needs more people like you. your music is one of the few things that cheers me up. :)
from bluecinema :
i am so your friend. you don't even have to ask! (upstate girls must stick together.)
from bluecinema :
you have a lovely voice. the future is dare.
from pets-n-me :
you inspire me to no end.
from ashesraven :
awh Hun I'm a favorite (did you notice you spelled it wrong) maybe one day I'll be someone's favorite in real life and they'll drink my bath water or something odd and start stalking me and I'll have to get a restraining order and they'll hunt me down and k......OK maybe I don't want to be some ones real life favorite I don't know what's wrong with me what's the point of this note....oh yea I'm bored
from popscene :
dude, thank you for existing! (and making the ring)
from shutupmom :
do you even realize how beautiful you are?
from ashesraven :
I hope you made them pancakes in the morning. Just because they didn't know about it doesn't mean they shouldn't get the full deal
from ashesraven :
it's nine o'clock and raining hard. i hope you found some one to go with safe.
from silleehed :
you are like, so cool. and famous enough that i've heard you sing and you don't know what i sound like. uh. i didn't mean for that to sound so creepy...heheh. i'm going to buy a t-shirt to celebrate spring. yay! spring! t-shirt! i'm not a creep! xoxoxo
from silleehed :
haha! i found a famous person! xoxoxo
from bipolargirl :
my email was overloaded for a little while yesterday, was wondering if you still wanted to send me an address. i'd still like to send it to him -- it sounds like all of you guys need a teddy bear - you can also try this email - [email protected]
from bipolargirl :
aak - it's me again. it say delivery won't be for like 5 days. will skyler be home by then? you can email me you address if you'd like [email protected]
from bipolargirl :
there's a cute bear online i can order -- do you know the zip code? or, i can send it to your place.
from beatlesgyrl :
Re: Kirstie Alley as Mary-Kate and Ashley's adoptive parent -- Anyone else playing the evil woman who took away my chirpy teenage entrepreneurs just wouldn't work. Or would it? Crap. Now I'm scared I made the wrong casting call. ;-)
from bipolargirl :
man, just hang in there. best wishes for you, skyler, mom, your family and friends. your whole world is in orbit right now,, just hold on.
from lawn :
i was thinking about telling u this cuz i thought it was a bit funny and then i came to yr message page and someone else just told u they had a dream about u too. weird. anyways mines better, it was that u wanted to do an old denim jacket trade, and that i was gonna have yr old one with the paintings on and you were gonna have my old one, and i was stressing cuz mine wasnt as cool and feeling guilty cuz i wanted to stick more stuff on it now before i gave it to u but how dishonest that is cuz its not from the time. then i woke up and remembered i'd given it away to a charity shop last summer and felt awful for arranging to trade soemthing i didnt have. then i remembered it was a dream. it was cuz i listened to sometimes i'm mean on the train last night cuz i wanted to hear the birds singling on trump style, i forgot that i hadnt listened to it since bfore christmas and it made me sad, cuz i was sad then too.
from automanic :
Hello Ms. Dawson! I feel the need to tell you this for some weird reason. But last night I had this dream and I was in this record store and I spent the whole time searching through all these records and the record store people were trying to help me find some records and finally at the end of the dream I picked up your records and bought them. yes. I sound weird sorry. I'm going to enter your lonliest person contest and hopefully win cos I am quite lonely and it's about time that my loneliness pays off. -meghan.
from jezolina :
I saw your article in Bust Magazine. I am really happy about the things you said. I think that support may be the greatest thing humans have to offer eachother. It can make the biggest difference.
from bipolargirl :
so glad you are having a good time. very sorry to hear about your old friend.
from inherprime :
i was watching MTV's battle of the sexes a few days ago and i saw ruthie (famed for her alcoholic insanity on real world hawaii) wearing a moldy peaches shirt. i almost flew outta my chair. just thought youd like to know if you didnt already :)
from seanandjacob :
Oh hello. I'd just like you to know that your diary made me neither sad nor angry. Visit us if your in town. I'll leave the hose on for you.
from ninjastars :
i hope you don't mind me adding you to my favorites.
from ashesraven :
i just read your diary and it made me sad and happy and angry all at once me and gypsy(hlao-roo) were sitting in alt today and forsome reason or othe started to call bush by the very fiting name dicktato he is ameracas first presadent whith a mind that works less then a potato i'm not gonna march tomarow but as soon as the snow clears up i'm atacking the park with as much chalk as i can find. i had a ton of shit i wanted to say but your notes isn't the best place. i hope you and your big boy unicorn had a great v-day
from agentlevoice :
Hi, I just wanted to say that I think it's cool that youa re marching for peace tomorrow. I will be doing the same here in London. I sent an e-mail to all my friends trying to get them to do it to. Its in my diary somewhere. I just hope it makes a difference.
from jayerocks :
Poor Michael... I still love him. I can't halp it. PYT is my favorite song. (sometimes)
from caligirl27 :
did you get the email you silly silly goose?
from ashesraven :
so i was reading your diary and i looked back a couple of days to where you have that thing that says" if you feel as sick as i do click here" being the person i am i did . i have to say i was horrified and bemused, but it made me giggle uncontrolably and i started coughing and giggling . it was the most fun i've had all day so thanks tons.
from donestefan :
you know, at this moment i realized what an ass i was for not responding to you in some way. you wrote me a nice note around christmas time telling me that you liked to read my journal (and you don't even know me). like the bad (BAD!) monkey i am, i was happy to accept it but i gave no gratitude. so at this moment (moments after the previously mentioned moment) i shower gratitude and friendly thoughts down upon your head. oh...and what are you're thoughts on my hair? should i continue to let it grow? is it a mad chick magnet like some people tell me? does it make me look like a clown? should i dye it a darker color (to replace the bleaching that was done a few weeks ago)? should i shave it all off? (yes, i do realize you have no idea what my hair looks like...that's why i find that whole line of questioning funny)
from angryquail :
I just found your diary and I love it! I'm going to add you as soon as I get some buddy list problems straightened out. I'll admit, at first I was all "Ooh, Moldy Peaches!" but now I know that more than are a sensitive and beautiful person. Hope you start feeling better soon. The groundhog said there's more winter. :-(
from jekylandhyde :
Dah, it was my fault really. I just expect people to read my mind! Always disapoints me when no-one does. Heh.
from jekylandhyde :
about me joining a ring. Seems silly now. Just wanted to be nice.
from jekylandhyde :
that's fine :-)
from insomniac84 :
You really rock my tube socks off, I hope to be just like you when I grow up. Feel better. xo. julia
from agentlevoice :
Hi, it's been ages since I left a note here. I just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better. I saw you play late last year at the Spitz, the ant-folk tour meets the Strange Fruit Festival thing. I know I had e-mailed you before, but I was too shy to say hello. It was a great night!
from jayerocks :
I'm terribly jaelous of you. your in a band, and you get to tour, and meet cute boys :o)
from linus-lin :
hello kimya, i just saw your latest picture and yes, that�s how i feel as well. i just signed up for this page to say hello and maybe i�ll try writing an own diary myself. until now i never really tried it. i�m wrting from berlin and i must say i really, really liked the show at the bastard with toby and jeffrey. hope to see you here again but maybe i�ll be coming to new york this year, which would be an even better place to see the moldy peaches. bye-bye
from ashesraven :
I find the idea of being seen by the person on stage creepy; so I always try to sit in the very back on the comfy seats, but by the time we got there it was already crowded and the people were well on their way past drunk.
from ashesraven :
the music was great, it was all the people that made me feel sick
from melii :
hey kimya, i saw you play last year in toronto, the moldy peaches are hot.
from ashesraven :
from ashesraven :
i'm not crazy and i hope i dont come off that way sorry
from jamesrivera :
Thank you for leaving the note to me, I really like input from people, like comments on my diary and daily happenings. Hopefully I can start more work on my cd, but it'll be a whore to record it. Catch ya on the flipside.
from jayerocks :
your password is ramirez
from jayerocks :
you solo, girl... i was happy to see it. yeah, fox rox. go to and find fox rox. it's a pretty cool show. every thursday it is on. your album was on the "random" list :)
from gnometits :
:) my pleasure. check out it's funny.
from jayerocks :
oh my! i just saw your album on tv! it was real cool, and they had a sample of your music, too. i don't know where you live, but i'm from san diego, and there is this show called fox rox, and it's about local and underground music, and they had you on it. i thought you might be excited. i was... well, toodles...
from caligirl27 :
thanks Kimya. I appriciate it very much. I guess I shall send you the questions via email pretty darn soon. I like the word "via". via via via.... sorry.... anyways! thanks again. :)
from caligirl27 :
username: fuzzy password: bunny original, huh?
from ashesraven :
as often as i leave a note for you on here i dont see why not...see you tomarrow
from ashesraven :
its nice to know someone else feels it something in the air other then this god forsaken cold
from wittlewetard :
Thanks Kimya... Much appreciated.
from ashesraven :
shit hit the fan,had to miss the show, hope it went well.
from paper--heart :
you rock. period. *kisses*
from stoneager :
hey kimya, when are us pale brits due for some new moldy peach action?
from ineedyouso :
[another fan note] god you're amazing. what more can i say?
from bipolargirl :
i remember a while back you wrote something about someone close to you taking meds for emotional circumstances? i think i'm right. you were asking if anyone had some objective knowledge of the med, instead of the brand-name's site. i go to to resource any of my meds. hope it helps
from ashesraven :
im going crazy i've had to miss the last 3 shows at sidewalk i wantd to see and now i've got to work on sunday, i'm supposed to do 9 hours(1to 10) but maybe i can get out early. this really fucking sucks
from ninjastars :
heya! do you want a code for a live journal? diayland is nice, but livejournal is easy a cute. just wondering, if you want it leave a not for me or something...oh...and i love the moldy peaches!
from bipolargirl :
i wish i was in nyc this weekend. it would be so great to stay with my friend (lives on delancey / ludlow area) and see one of your shows. the knitting factory is cool too. been there once. your bags and your new website are great. the next time i get around to updating my site i will add your link. the moldy peaches link is already there.
from jayerocks :
yes! your rad.
from jayerocks :
dude.. hook me up with adam :) yummm
from muffindisco :
When my parents sold my childhood home I was very sad. (big monkey hug)
from arajane :
the ent gave me zyrtec, which sucked, so i will probably never take that again. she also gave me some clarinex pills, and astelin to spray up my nose. i'm kind of wary of the pills now, but i might give the astelin a try. i've been taking flonse and allegra for a while now, and while they're not horrible, there are still days when i'm super sniffly. i've also been going to acupunture for a while for my allergies, but i haven't had any long term benefits. i usually just feel better for a few weeks, and then the symptoms come back. aren't allergies the worst?
from spazzoid :
I forgot, I love your artwork. Im trying to do some kind of art thing myself. Just trying to find what suits me best right now. Are those tote bags your paintings are on?
from spazzoid :
I think you're such an inspiration. I admire a woman who can get on stage and sing and make music. And great music at that. Keep doing what your doing!
from arajane :
i wish i knew where larry jackson was, but i don't. we had our 10 year high school reunion this summer, but he wasn't there (and i don't blame him, it sucked). and alas, i don't know where to get rickets records anymore. i don't think i ever had anything other than a tape i recorded from someone else, and that is now lost forever.
from trinnytrin :
you were the first person to leave me a note and it meant alot to me. ive listened to talking ernest like 6 times today. Ooh make that 7 i'm listening now. Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee! sorry to hear about your parents selling the house. life can be real painful sometimes...hang in there kimya i'm routing for you! --Kerri/Trinity
from megamoog :
you are welcome. i think your totebags are pretty fancy. i like them. and i like your music. keep it up. <3!!!
from facetothesky :
pleasepleaseplease come to philly!
from hipsterkid :
I am your biggest fan. You are my number one idol. Come to Vancouver and make my life a happy happy happy life.
from ashesraven :
You don't know me. I spend about twice a week in sidewalk, because im mentally incapable of being anywhere other then Ave. a. I pretty much live in alt or the park. I've had tons of big boy unicorns. They like to dance around it makes my head all swirly and happy, then they stab me in the back with there horns, but I don't mind. I've moved on to elf boys they hurt less�.. Diabetic?
from bipolargirl :
i went to the page to vote for amber. but it looked like tere were only 12 girls left for the calendar. is the voting all over? or did i miss something on the site. i'm a big proponent for natural beauty and god-given boobies. may she make everyone DROOL!!!!! and happy new year, too. i'll be rockin at the beachland ballroom tonight - the bassholes, new bomb turks and the dirt bombs, tat is if my grandma doesn't get worse - she's sick today. fun fact: i am related to Robert Burns , the natonal poet of scotland who wrote "auld Langs Sye" or how ever you spell it. rock on, and i think you should at least offer your totes to d-land people. i bet they would buy 'em. i know i'd like one, but i'd like to wait for my feb. check --- my jan. one needs to cover my x-mas expenses - he he
from hlao-roo :
i just wanted to say the show at side walk was great. you are awesome.
from ashesraven :
Was at the show the other night. I really enjoyed myself. (You always mess up when you play that song where you talk about Danny's' accident.) Even though I was shit tired I stayed for every one and was glad you were making people go on (Toby looked kinda sad when he played) the point of this note was to tell you I hope you ate some of that cake sugar isn't something to hide from Bye bye
from arajane :
yay! you know the rickets! i graduated from high school with larry jackson. he was so fucking cool.
from muppethead :
yes! the song gonzo sings in the muppet movie is called "i'm going to go back there someday", and it always made me cry, even as a little kid. i'm about to turn 26 and it still makes me cry, unbelievable. that song will be plaed at my funeral! it's beautiful. i'm glad someone besides me understands. my friends all think it's nuts.
from uncas :
Hey, I'm a big fan. I love your new solo album. Anyhoo, I was looking at the moldy peaches offical site and there was something in there about you guys being satanic. That was just a joke, right? I'm not a priest or nothing, but satanism makes me nervous. I don't think Yeshua would dig me spending my money on devil rock. Sorry I have to have everything spelled out for me, but if you could respond that would be great. uncas
from muffindisco :
merry xmas :D
from bipolargirl :
thanks for the encouragement. congrats on your 4 years!!!! i feel a little better now that i have my shopping done. thanks. you do rock
from crapstein :
yeah... you thanked me, but honestly the pleasure is all mine. Love those pictures...Welcome home.
from chocotart :
welcome home! can't wait to hear the tour stories...and skyler is about the cutest thing since candy coated pretzels with sprinkles!
from bipolargirl :
can't wait to hear about the tour!!!!!! i was working on some stuff last night while listening to your cds. i love your music, your lyrics, everything. i taped a few tunes like Anthrax and Beer for my brother. he loves it.
from missghost :
I like your music and your style-- you're a superfoxx mosdef. I don't like to talk about bands or music, but D2 Boyfriend makes me almost as happy as getting properly laid.
from jackie-peach :
i think your diary is super-neat. that's right I said super-neat. that is all.
from pollymoog :
K is for kimyadawson whose, as happenstance would have it, diary I have randomly come across. It's the little surprises.
from muffindisco :
You know what's super tasty? Dried mango. Holy crap, really, it's the best ever. OH MAN! If you ever play songs in toronto, I'll throw some on stage for you.
from dgfn1 :
hey kimya,i'm a big fan.hey-i just thought you may enjoy my diary of complaints and incoherence. check it out. -dave
from inutero :
Happy Birthday, Kimya!
from phar-away :
No thank you for leaving me a note dahling! ta ta and *muah*
from unluckyme :
I get the pleasure of reviewing Adam's solo CD for the music catalog at the college radio station. Y'know, seeing which songs were radio friendly and everything, and I'm looking forward to it. I wish I got to review your CD, too. Grrr. Anyway, I hope you're doing great, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
from crapstein :
hey no guys fucking rock...are you going to be in the mid west anytime soon?
from shamsi9 :
hey this is shamsi, adam's friend from the old days. we used to talk on the email. thwarted attempts at a slumber party, remember? anyway. i saw you at mercury summer before last and i was hammered but i said something to you. you seemed not to remember me...i think you rock and i am very psyched about your success. you are so yourself. not enough women like you in the spotlight. you inspire me in my attempts to "clean it up." i have quit drinking. weed and cigarettes are next, God help me! rock on!
from warmglow :
hey kimya we got adam's record at the shop last week, but not yours... when is it coming out? has it already? i loved your new stuff on the rough trade anti-folk sampler though. mr brian piltin and the prewar yardsale rocked my proverbial casbah as well. keep it real. -andrew
from bipolargirl :
your stuff rocks. thanks for sending me the stuff! it's great. i'm still absorbing it now, so i will give you amore words on it later.
from grungegod666 :
seesh girl how many notes/favorite diary being listed as do you want? true i have just contributed to one of those such things but this is to protest to anyone else who wants to sign it and so in the end reducing the numbers one would hope. love and smooo xoxox
from whitesmartie :
hey kimya, every1 seems to think im pretty crazy coz i love the moldy peaches and im only 12, but i dont understand why they find it so weird. i dont see anything wrong with it and even if there was it wouldnt stop my luving the moldy peaches. Their music is the happiest sweetest music! i own some zebra striped converse. They didnt have pink, glow in the dark laces originally but i got some from another place. I luv them but im going to grow out of them soon,:-( bye bye! luv mez
from bipolargirl :
thanks very much, i came home today, and i am glad i'm home. i gotta get a new doc and new meds. so i should be ok. thanks for your concern. i really do think you rock. i can't wait to read your book. like i said, i'm glad i'm home, the crisis center didn't have internet access, or would let my kitty Maya to come with me - lol. i am touched. thanks very much. loved your central park pics, too
from iwas :
Nope. You hadn't asked me before. And if you're serious here it is. Kim salvato 8931 Rockhurst Dr. Houston TX 77080. I post my address all over the internet because I'm fearless, or stupid.
from cockheadjoe :
I want to be you... Except for that whole "having a vagina" thing. Not that I don't like vaginas, it's just that having one on my body would suck, I mean I'd have to go through all the trouble of being a lesbian and all that stuff. But, you seem so... genuine. So, to recap, thats you+your truthfulness-your vagina=enlightened me.
from bipolargirl :
congrats on quitting smoking and drinking - your multiple years of clean time is inspiring
from briyaakoup :
ROCK N ROLL! You have the sexiest hair i've ever seen. Please tell me how??? i'm from new zealand. we dont get much excitement down here.
from bipolargirl :
you are so very cool!!! i am honored that i'm on your fave list. very ironic, i used to be the door chick at the beachland ballroom in cleveland. keep rockin!!!!!
from inherprime :
kimya, i actually found a picture of some glow in the dark with pink fat laces zebra striped converse....without pink laces though:( enjoy:D ~alima~
from loveburns :
hi kimya, I'm Jackie formerly known as Luvthatjay. I had to change my diary name cos I was getting stalked but I just wanted you to know, you're still one of my favorites. come visit me sometime. -MissJackie
from gnometits :
'the coz' is going to be speaking at my school in november... i think he should be flooded with questions about pudding pops... those delicious sticks of frozen goodness.
from stoneager :
hey kimya, last year at reading festival i saw the band play and you were great. after the show i apprehended you in the crowd and felt your hair. i love you for making the music that affects me so much, etc. kisses, matt
from roarbot :
dear kimya, i don't know where to get a copy of your solo release, and i would like to get one. i like your diary, it makes me smile. sincerely, jason.
from annfrank2000 :
I saw you play in Detroit in january or something. We ran into Adam after and there was an awkward silence and I was like hey good show but I can't think of anything cool to talk about or ask you. He said "What do people talk about anyway" and my friend alex was like...."Talk about Movies?" more silence "yeah I guess I'll see you guys later" he said. i thought it was pretty funny.
from lofipunk75 :
thanks fer turnin me on to this site, contra cheats rule, you have a beautiful voice, you're a wonderful person... "i don't see what anyone can see in anyone else, but you." -love, me
from wittlewetard :
Hey Kimya- here's a mediocre note with a bigger messege- I hope you feel ten shades better sooner.
from carryingon :
thanks for the note, and the music.
from xdescendingx :
I like your diary.
from inkmonkey :
yeah dude rock on
from warmglow :
i do like your diary, thanks for bringing it to my attention. i guess you must've have liked mine or you wouldn't have left me a note... or maybe you just grabbed 50 random names and noted them all... oh well. anyways, i bought your album and i like it very much. you should get the flaming lips' new one, if you havent already.
from hottash :
kimya dawson left me a note! ooh la la! thats so rad! i wanted to say thanks! i la-hove the moldy peaches and to see that the one and only kimya dawson left a note for me makes me swoon like a 19 year old girl at a ben kweller concert!!! your entries are awesome, very non-dipshitty. you rock kimya xoxox
from sweetemogirl :
you left a note for me, so ive decided to leave a note for you. of course i like you're diary.....maybe you'll like mine too. although it IS a bunch of mindless teenage rambling, see if it at least makes you laugh. =)
from agentlevoice :
Hi, it's me again. I guess I'm not a very interesting person to write to. I just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to seeing the moldy peaches again at reading festival this year, and i think i heard you were doing a show in london on the thursday before, i think my boyfriend is going - hope it all goes well!
from likeacherry :
Whoever the major asshole was who mentioned that you sounded like a "dipshit" is shit-for-brains themselves, and OBVIOUSLY they have yet to find my diary. I'm the only dipshit-sounding person there ever was. <3 Christine
from starryeyed- :
my mom buys my underwear too :) I did like your diary, thanks. I also like your band a lot... <3 Lindz
from denimdonna :
You don't sound like a dipshit.
from shamon :
'tis a fun diary. If you know Scott Baio, hook me up!!! wa wa wa!
from iamnifty :
i did quite enjoy your diary. <3
from thecars :
i think you're right about your diary. also your hair looks like mine when i wake up sometimes. today i went underwear shopping with my mother. it was rrrrradical. -kiran.
from mrsjamesdean :
hello kimya. you're welcome for adding your diary to my favorites.. i enjoy reading it :)
from fu-fu :
You're right. I did like your diary. And Sanford and Son is awesome. And so are the Moldy Peaches. I haven't got your solo yet but I've been looking.
from kimyadawson :
i recorded my album in my bed under the covers so my parents wouldn't hear me. busted.
from indiepixel :
haha, dude you are hilarious. I got my computer back today and I made fairy wings! Dude, that Might Be Giants/Moldy Peaches/ other person i forgot ops show is going to be WICKED! I wish I could go *sigh* No one good ever comes to Canada in groups.
from anx :
Hey missy, my best gal-pal in the whole world bought me yer cee-dee for my birthday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You sound like you're just waking up or else you're recording the whole thing under the covers of your bed really quietly so your parents don't hear; it's intimate and sweet and adorable and thanks for making it.
from heoncewrote :
wow... I am thrilled to get to communicate with you. The Moldy Peaches are spectacular, I have been listening to them often since I got your cd. Come to Omaha!
from kasia-rod :
No I dont live there. It was weird why I was asking, I needed something, but I got it now. Thanks anyway :)
from smellyleeza :
Hi Kimya, I'm very much looking foward to getting your solo album. I love the Moldy Peaches and I'm going to see you guys in concert tomorrow (this Thursday, the 15th). You're diary is great, as you are. -Smelly Aliza
from bloodynun87 :
The Moldy peaches are so elite. hehe that's neat that ya' have a diary here, my friend eapzy told me about it. i don't update my diary here anymore, i have one at aka elite as fuck place to have a journal. lol. just wanted to say that moldy peaches is my fav band. Kate
from kasia-rod :
do you know anyone from katonah?
from topaz6 :
Hi Kimya, I really enjoy reading your diary. Coincidentally, I heard of Love for the first time this year and I loved the song I heard of theirs. So when I heard they were coming to my city I really wanted to go see them, since I had never heard of the band I figured they were unknown and tickets would be cheap. But it turns out Love has been around for quite awhile and I couldnt afford the ticket price. Unfortunately noone got to see Arthur Lee and Love perform here because they wouldnt let him through the border (I live in Canada) because of that gun incident and his jail time and so they consider him a "danger". Jeez! It would be cool if all the musicians who cant get across the border do a big huge concert right on the border, just like Paul Robeson did.
from alimabean :
kimya dawson you are not, your new name is *plays fanfare* Oswaldo Dockray. you asked for obsurd, you got it. well it could have been worse. enjoy my dear Oswaldo:)oh, and my new name is Von Kraskouskas...hmmmm
from i-d-i-o-t :
hey...i was bondage-babe, you noted me there, but this is where i am now. anyhoo, i <3 the moldy peaches muchly, and whether you're the real deal or some really wierd impersonator, i thought i'd note u neway. lzl xx
from kicknpunk13 :
I just editted my profile and put new comments next to my favorites; check out the one I wrote for you.
from lusciouslux :
I dunno if you were serious about the pudding pops but to contact the "pudding pops reverence society" email to: [email protected] or [email protected] by the way, you didn't answer my question about your book... :( love, lux
from gidgetgrrl :
Is this really Kimya? Hmm, I should check out your diary before just pouncing on you with inquiries. Oh man, I've been in serious Moldy Peaches withdrawal for the past few weeks because I lost the CD and I was about to buy a new one--then, hurrah, I found it inside an annoymous case. I also instantly recognized your screams on Ben Kweller's Sha Sha. Well, maybe not SO instantly. ME: Is that the girl from Moldy Peaches? Is it?!?! (Frantically looks through leaf jacket)
from indiepixel :
dude, you are too cool. I'm so glad someone got you the afl costume cause I wanted to buy it for you, but it was rather impossible. YAy!
from alimabean :
thanks so much for pimping my site in your diary. i expect that hit counter to go bananas...or not...HA!! was nice talking to you:) im gonna see about actually releasing my movie, so you can see the D2 Boyfriend/breakdance scene.
from march-hare :
welcome to the back to the future diaryring and thanks so much for joining!
from pools-of-red :
text links are easy, you just type the usual link code <a href=""> and inside the "" you put the url address just like linking how you linked your guestbook. only after that > thing you type whatever text you want linked instead of the a picture code- be it one word, a sentence, or a discourse on the spanish inquisition. after your have typed what you want linked you make the nifty end flag </a> and all is right in the world, unless you do it wrong. ...did that make sense? if not is a terribly helpfull place.
from moomoomoo :
yay. bought your solo album this weekend. it's beautiful, as are you. and yay to this diary. woo! :)
from unluckyme :
Kimya - you couldn't rock harder if you tried. It''s just impossible for you to rock any harder than you already do. Is this a good thing? You bet it is. Hopefully I'll see you solor or you guys (I'm a fan, indeed) sometime soon. If you're ever in the Lancaster PA-ish area, I'll definitely be there, (due to college location reasons. I'm normally a NJ girl, woo!) I'll keep on reading and being a fan, shamelessly, of everything you do.
from anx :
Hiya Kimya - I've been looking all over for your solo treat because I LUUUV the title of it, but I can't find it anywhere up in the wrecka stow. Do you have some kind of I would also like a coffee mug with the album cover art and an action figure. AN ACTION FIGURE!!! Anyway, I am glad Samba pointed your diary out to me cuz I had a hoot with your survey and I really hope you have a darn fine day.
from sambadelic :
Hi Kimya. Thanks for the note.
from red-pixie :
Hey!! Wow it is really you! I thought at first it was someone having a laugh, but I read your profile and some of your diary, and yip I am pretty convinced!! (And if you are a pulling the wool over my eyes, you are doing a damn good job!!) Yeah, I really like the Peaches, you guys rock and have totally original style!! I am really pleased you contacted me, you're playing at Reading Festival this year arent you?? Hey, Im soo gonna be there!! Never seen you play live, I wanted to see the gig you played in Brighton a few months ago, but I couldnt get a ticket, which was pants :( Note me back soon please, it would be really good to hear from you. Also, just like everyone else on Dland, I am a sad, depressive teenager, and you said if anyone needed to vent, they could to you, well, can I??! Wow, you do realise you're gonna be like Queen Counsellor on this site now! My email addy is [email protected], if you have a spare moment feel free to email me too:) Hope to hear from you again soon, love Tracey xxx
from glamgothgurl :
Oh yea, I forgot to add, my diary name is : Ashley and the p.w's: ashley. Written just like that, and easy enuf to remember *yay*
from glamgothgurl :
Hey! Wow, this is too awesome, I'm leaving a note for the oh-so-fab Kimya! Hell yea, this rocks! Anywho, I'm a sad lil chick with an on-line diary (obviously), yea, I have no life. Anywho, thanks for keeping all the millions of your fans (me being one! woo!) updated on your life. I love the peaches, but haven't been able to find your solo albums, so when I get money, I'll buy it on-line *yay*. Pick me for a pen-pal! Oh puh-leeeze, I'm not half as annoying as you'd think, hehe. Plus all my friends would be beyond jealous, ha! Anyways, my addy's [email protected] hope to hear from ya soon! -ash-
from shutupmom :
from pools-of-red :
it aint no thang.
from kicknpunk13 :
Hey!!!! I want a cape like yours...send it to me...check out my latest entry; I may not be as bad as I seem...(well, yes, I am...)
from indiepixel :
Dude, this is too cool! Haha, anyhow, I would love if you would drop me a line being the sad pathetic person I am at [email protected]. But what would be way cooler if my e-zine Vool could get an interview, now that would rocka. Working on the first issue was we speak.
from lyncher :
If you were serious about that guardian angel/pen-pal thing (as I'm hoping you are) my address is [email protected] Also...what is your third album?? I've only heard of Knock knock(...), and I'm sorry(...), I was just wondering...
from nadja-gipsy :
hey. hoping you were serious about the pen pal/guardian angel thing. i could use someone to vent to right about now. [email protected]
from alimabean :
oh woe is me, let me vent. i lied, im quite happy, but maybe getting your input on some stuff will do me good. my email is [email protected]. hope to talk to you sometime.
from crepeguru :
Thanks for leaving me a note and reassuring me I'm "not alone." I know that... I know that... but it's nice to be reassured. Thanks.
from kandypoptart :
hmmm. hopefully by the 22nd i should have enough money to buy a ticket, i cant wait! whos supporting?
from agentlevoice :
Hi, thank-you so much for leaving a message for me. I hadn't so much as looked at my diary in months, so it was a really nice suprise. Is that really you, or has it all gone a bit 'Perfect Blue'? Anyway, I know you probably have about a million people saying the same, but if you don't have enough people to write to already, then I'd love it if you'd e-mail me on [email protected] . You guys were the best thing at Reading Festival last year!
from donestefan :
you know, i'm not a sad teenager, but penpals are always good. [email protected]
from mrsjamesdean :
hello, i saw that you added a note to my diary, so i decided to return the favor :) i really enjoyed your diary, maybe we could chat sometime, my email is [email protected] if you ever want to talk. thanks, Angela
from yoohoo2004 :
[email protected] life sucks and i need someone to vent to.
from gnometits :
ben kweller is awesome. can i be in your favorite diary doodle? shameless plug... sorry.
from alimabean :
of course i added you as a favorite,you are THE coolest in the eyes of alima:)where would i be without little bunny foo foo...i'd rather not think about it...
from urine :
from gnometits :
i heard that you like to keep it real. are you for real from the moldy peaches? holy s batman!!! how did you find my diary? i do like your diary. i'll have to check out the solo stuff yo. rok on!!!
from kimyadawson :
i made a survey (blushing).
from lusciouslux :
Oh my god,I'm such a moron! I need one entry to make an ass outta myself! But I really didn't see the resemblance, only sometimes it seemed like it could be you in the picture...sorry. Good luck to you :) PS: Awww, thanks for calling me your friend. I'm still ashamed though! bye
from rathakitty :
hehe no prob, you are in theeee shit...and i am currently a moldy peaches spokes grrrl. hehehehe
from lusciouslux :
Hi...just a question: Who is that little girl on the album cover of "My cute fiend sweet princess" and "I'm sorry that sometimes i'm mean"? Love, Lux
from breakingthru :
Are you REALLY Kimya Dawson; if not it's not right to use her name, man...I saw the Moldy Peaches in Dallas at the Gypsy Tea Room in, like February with my friends. One, Chase grabbed the set list and he got it signed by the members and we smoked a joint with the drummer and guitarist...Kimya signed as Kimmy-poo or something; either way, whether you are Kimya or not, I have a diary at that I'm pretty proud of; I have alot of music essays; it'd be interesting if who-the-hell-this-is wrote back...
from deadawake :
thanks for the note. i love the sha sha album. what songs did you sing? any fun experiences with bk?
from kandypoptart :
well hello. you left a note in my diary (which i had totally forgotten about, which is why theres only 1 entry, duh) so i thought id drop by and say thanks! and without sounding like a gushing fan/groupie type, i just want to say that you inspire me so so much. i saw you live in london in june, you were all fantastic, and you drew a bunny in my friend joes sketchbook, and i came away from the gig with such a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach, like being in love for the first time, you know when you get butterflies and feel really sick, but like a good sick...well yeah, thats how you made me feel, thank you! you came so close to making me cry...dammit i feel dumb now. please come to london again soon, please please please!
from milquetoast :
You have many admirers. The best way to do this whole diary design thing is through email so we can talk about what you'd like. You can email me at [email protected], and we will discuss how to smuggle the sweet black tar heroin across the border [wink]. Thank you!
from sallyangst :
you are so awesome. i know every single word to every single song and i cant wait for your solo cd to be in my cd player. my good friend ryan coyle might like you almost as much as i do. you should listen to his band. theyre good and im putting them on tv because im a talent scout and now i want to put you guys on the show too. if you could please visit my diary, that would be an honor. i mean you are so awesome. you make me feel happy like juice boxes. stay cool and beautiful. -kendra
from likeacherry :
Gah, lucky duck!!
from likeacherry :
I'm sorry, YOU are in the Moldy Peaches??!!?? :-0 *shocked expression* -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OH my friggin', GOD! (please ever so excuse me, I am one retarded excitable chick.) Honestly, I'm one of the sadder people who has not heard any of your music yet, BUT, I will *soon* now get ready to find your stuff to download! I've only heard humorous and kooky stuff 'bout the Peaches :} I mean this is simply very much exciting to me. How big of a Big-Al fanatic are you? :p Thank you much by the way for joining up in my ahammond ring, there are only the three proud of us now, go us!!! I love his old music quite a lot. Albert has got to be one grinning proud son. :) I really can not control myself, I'm afraid I must shyly ask- If you do ever see Albert Jr. around again, just if you remember could you please say to him I just said hi? Hi *back*, as a matter of fact, my pal Rob met him in Glasgow when the band was there in March, she mentioned him to me and he said hello to me all the way over there, because I was only stuck back over here in NC. :) So just, yeah I'm the most annoying, heh. Shutting Up Now, love you Kimya! -xoxoxoxo, christine
from popnoir :
I saw the Moldy Peaches open for the Strokes in Montreal. You stood right behind me during the Strokes and you pushed this really drunk guy around who kept jumping on people. Here is a long over due: THANK YOU. All I want to do is ride bikes with you.
from donestefan :
"'Did you ever hear the famous story about breakfast on the day Mother and Father were leaving for Sweden to accept the Nobel Prize? It ws in The Saturday Evening Post one time. Mother cooked a big breakfast. And then, when she cleared off the table, she found a quarter and a dime and three pennies by Father's coffee cup. He'd tipped her.'"--KV
from ryanyeah :
hey, thanks for leaving me a note thing. probably you sent them to all of the people on here that like the moldy peaches or something, but i still feel special. if you ever heard my bands cd that i gave to adam, sorry cause its not that good, we got better since then. i hope he gave you the barbie valentine that i made for you. - ryan coyle
from luvthatjay :
-hi kimya, what an honar that you joined my jcasablancas diaryring. i'm a huge fan of yours. i saw the moldy peaches play here in new orleans last october. i saw you playing pool before the show but was not drunk enough to go and talk to you. eh. i don't even know why i'm writing this, don't read my diary, i'm a psycho. (you can if you want) -MissJackieO
from milquetoast :
Yo! I'm excited that you have a diary. Big fan and all that jazz. I wrote an entry about your moldy peaches not too long ago, if you'd like to read it: Also, if you want anyone to make your diary purty and fun, I'd be glad to. You can look at most of the diaries on the "doj" diaryring and see if you dig what I do. Eh, no more sycophancy. Have fun and be cool!
from hlao-roo :
Hey, i just wanted to say that i think you're band is really fun and cool. i also saw you play solo at side walk a few months ago, i really like what you do.
from alimabean :
your juicer brings tears to my eyes *cries* im so happy for you! wanna make me a smoothie?
from rathakitty :
yer my hero, i luff yew! hehe.. never stop. ever ever ever. :)
from girlthepunk :
oh (p.s.) i live in port angeles, but mostly, i would say i'm still a pt kid as you put it. yep. port angeles isn't that great. why do i live here?
from girlthepunk :
no, probably not..i'm a bit of a recluse.
from peth :
Welcome to the Harold and Maude ring. The claw is my master. I am a maid of honor, and I am scared.I got the happy couple a cookie press kit. I have heard your Moldy Peaches, and you are much much jolly fun.
from lekayta :
i hope the juicerator does you good. online diaries aren't so bad, now are they? ..
from e-nymph :
Thanks for leaving me a note. actually a net friend in texas introduced me to your music as the b-side of a bootleg river fenix band tape (the band he had before he died, not the one with his name)...somehow your band was the perfect fit. :) i'd love to check out your solo stuff. let me know where i can find it.
from boyhateslife :
i -was- going to -not- leave one of these universally pokeable post-it notes... but CURSE my obsessions! curse them curse them curse them!
from myatari :
hello. i was wondering if you could put me on your list of favorite diaries. i know you don't know me, but whatever. cheyla

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