I'm totally starting over! Sort of.

My friend Lynn once said, "Bitterness makes for bad pies. You'd make a good pie. Sweet and savory on the outside with a spicy filling."

My favorite diaries:

amysloss profile - diary
comments: An engaging diary which is not merely a catalog of weight loss, but both delightfully analytical and anecdotal.
caleb profile - diary
comments: How often do you get to hear the wisdom of one who has lived 91 years on this planet?
copic profile - diary
comments: Rants, but told with gentle humor. Installments, I am looking forward to the next one.
curiosekwe profile - diary
comments: A queer girl who went to Senegal and came back married. Active, fiercely caring, deciding what her life means. A lot more interesting than I make it sound.
hsiutime profile - diary
comments: "That's our City Hall," he said...What was it for? She couldn't be serious. My mind raced for explanations. Maybe L.A. doesn't have a city hall. Maybe Donna is an anarchist.
might profile - diary
comments: I wish someone would write me postcards like these. Love, Claire
mousepoet profile - diary
comments: I can feel the pages bending in my hands.
nitram profile - diary
comments: Even her entries from when she was fourteen interest and delight. She says she doesn't care if she ever uses words correctly, and yet constructs her prose with gusto.
snarftastiko profile - diary
comments: The boy has a style all his own, and a compassionate and senstive way of telling his story.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Duh.
trixxx profile - diary
comments: Words like a Moebius strip.
unordinary-1 profile - diary
comments: So much spunk it bursts off every page.
wateryone profile - diary
comments: She's a skilled diarist and correspondent, describing what is for most of us an idyll.
wonderchai profile - diary
comments: For now, we'll just say she's too cute. (In a gutsy way, of course.) Amazing and strong and quite beautiful, a life I love to lean towards.

My favorite music:

Patti Smith
comments: And all that punk stuff that you found in high school and later on found to be truly classic.
Cat Power
comments: And slowcore-type Bright Eyes Annie Hayden Low Vincent Gallo Julie Doiron type music, possibly my fave, definitely my most trendy love. I guess I'll add IDM - but please, no Aphex Twin (normally). It's all Solvent Squarepusher Pele Plaid.
Kate Bush
comments: The down of a peach says mmh, yes. Do I look for those millionaires like a Machiavellian girl would when I could wear a sunset?
Janis Joplin
comments: And Jimi et al. This might sound weird but since I am trying to group my music by the way it makes me feel, I'd have to place Elvis Costello, Steeleye Span, Taj Mahal here. Because they make me feel happy and warm and fuzzy and loved and content.
comments: Truly a partnership of Foreigner and Hall & Oates. You gotta love songs with piano+lyrics like exclamation points. I'm also capitulating into hip-hop and enjoying it. I was born in 1983 so anything from 1995 to about 1998 sounds like heaven to me.

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Ursula K. Le Guin
comments: Writing anthropological science fiction would be like my most beautilful ultimate utopia. In that never existing sense. :-(
T.S. Eliot
comments: "Because I do not hope to turn again / Consequently I rejoice, / Having to construct something / Upon which to rejoice"
Connie Willis
comments: She either writes about the Southwest or England. She knows PLOT, can write humorously, and writes GOOD SCIENCE FICTION. One of those must-read authors, quite fun and lovely. This is not a sufficent comment so I'll find a line to quote.
Gail Godwin
comments: For The Odd Woman.
Robert Olmstead
comments: For Stay Here with Me.

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