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i am 22. i identify as a queer female, though i disagree with what female means to most people. you think gender is fluid (maybe), well so is sex. i like learning, being hard on myself, food, giving love, doing the right thing, physical relationships, spiritual relationships, music, dancing, biking, getting excited, change, and a lot of other shit. i follow my interpretation of the eightfold path.

My favorite diaries:

angryquail profile - diary
comments: stuff and such and rings and things
arcanologist profile - diary
comments: bloody read the site for yourself and think of your own comment
bicyclelove profile - diary
comments: where did you go?
blackmartha profile - diary
comments: apparently she's too honest? that i dunno, but her entries kept enough interest i wanna check in time and again.
fairyzebra profile - diary
femmecracker profile - diary
comments: a girl on her way to college reacting to our fucked society.
heidiann profile - diary
comments: she knows what wheatpasting is and she thinks. thinking is good.
izzardgrrrl profile - diary
comments: well, she listed me so i checked out her diary and decided id like to see more.
jason75 profile - diary
comments: amusing tone, tho i dont agree with a lot of what he says.
killerfemme profile - diary
comments: someone who seems relatable that actually updates their diary fairly frequently
lizardspace profile - diary
comments: a funny sarcastic lady whos life is way the fuck different from mine
robotheart profile - diary
comments: i hate the layout, but like the content.
smoog profile - diary
comments: a 30 year old living life without parts of her brain, and the corpus collosum largely severed. (she had a brain tumor removed 10 years ago)
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: 1 of every 3 banners i feel compelled to click on end up being hers.
poppyfish profile - diary
comments: i had everything all alphabetized. but im a lazy fuck so this is just going to sit here out of order until i get motivated again in like 5 months to delete the diaries i never read and alph those i do or might.
the-nicoli profile - diary
comments: in a lot of ways she reminds me of me at 16

My favorite music:

comments: i wish she was my grandmother. plus she's a goddess.
comments: other: de la soul, atmosphere, mary j blige, ja rule, jurassic 5, nelly, digable planets, public enemy, tupac, beastie boys, some eminem, etc
bob marley & the wailers
comments: other: heptones, youssou ndour, zouk, mbalax, viviane, t. mapfumo, ismael lo, samite, louis armstrong, cheikh lo, etc.
comments: other: delta 9, dj alkoholic, cruxshadows, sisters of mercy, vnv nation, etc.
comments: i like music that is the fuck can i list them all?

My favorite movies:

sling blade
comments: the most satisfying movie i have ever seen. exactly everything that you would want to happen, does.
ma vie en rose
comments: french film about a little "boy" who identifies as a female and how the town and family deals with co
comments: a classic
but i'm a cheerleader
comments: a totally shallow and funny-ass film about a high-school aged dyke sent to straight camp
comments: easily the most disturbing film i have ever seen

My favorite authors:

assata shakur
comments: read her autobiography, its sociopolitically informative, well-written, and never boring or dry
zoe valdez
comments: read "dear first love," its a translation of a cuban author about a girl growing up in cuba, working for free in the fields like all the kids did in the summer, loving two people one male one female..its good!
michelle tea
comments: read "the passionate mistakes and intricate corruption of one girl in america"
stephen king
comments: i dont read him anymore but i read almost every book as a kid
leslie feinburg
comments: read "stone butch blues" its a classic in queer literature

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