...and you will know me by the stream of rantings...

Wanna see how many times I can type the word "persnickety?" No? Okay.

My favorite diaries:

potebrigitte profile - diary
comments: brigitte's diary templates!
aprilbapryll profile - diary
comments: my bestest best friend. not quite as scary as me.
ancasta profile - diary
comments: we're supposed to eventually write a Harry Potter fanfic together!
coltpixy profile - diary
comments: "Life is not perfect, it's messy and we all make mistakes. But if you can learn from those mistakes and be *honest* about making them then you can have a healthy happy life."
weetabix profile - diary
comments: "...what if an "asshole" was a unit of measurement? Like "How much vanilla goes into this frosting, Marge?" "Oh, about two assholes."
curiosekwe profile - diary
comments: I like her perspective on life.
suckasspoems profile - diary
comments: they're actually okay sometimes....no, really!
shizzo profile - diary
comments: off to stargazers.net, but she might be back!
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: "Today - the first strike has been made against the enemy. I have replaced all of my pens with Hello Kitty gel pens in a variety of cutesy colors."
heidiann profile - diary
comments: "The slippage occurred with one leg in and one leg out�causing me to land on my grrrly parts. Did you hear me? I landed on my grrrly parts! On a metal track!"
boymonkey profile - diary
comments: "i like people with gentlemanly southern accents. when i crawled into a hole under a rug in a rich old woman's kitchen floor (while her 90 year old husband was eating a bowl of grapenuts), she exclaimed 'oh, jim, you're a hero!'
opolopo profile - diary
comments: she writes pretty good poetry!
unclebob profile - diary
comments: "Y'see ... there's certain rules of conduct to be followed during a church service. And one of the biggies is DON'T F-ING MACK OUT ON EACH OTHER WHILE THE PREACHER'S TRYING TO SPEAK."
boogityx2 profile - diary
comments: "However, tonight I failed to get my head licked by a cat for a half hour, so I figure my repetitive meals are naught but sheer coincidence."
iamcreative profile - diary
comments: he's creative.
dizboy profile - diary
comments: "This morning, I found myself in the shower, 8am, soaped up, steaming hot water cascading over my body�Ok, hi Harlequin Romance Novel...Anyway, I was tired, slightly hung over, and shaving...There, that�s not as sexy."
service-dog profile - diary
comments: We'll miss you, Axel.
naridu profile - diary
comments: "Puss-in-boots the neighbourhood cat, has dumped us... Instead he has taken a liking to our neighbour unit...When I walk past I'll say hello and receive a small, dignified "mreow", in response."
htmlclinic profile - diary
comments: a super-cool site that offers Q&A on HTML.
californican profile - diary
comments: "You may seem that is rude, but telemarketers have the ultimate power. We can end and begin a call just as easily as you can, if not easier. We're not asses to you directly."
non-descript profile - diary
comments: he makes me sad and lonely in a wonderful way. "I am 27 years old and winsome for what was. There is a good deal wrong with the picture."
spanklin profile - diary
comments: "In no way do I want my ball sack to unzip and empty it's contents down my thighs."
tiendasexo profile - diary
comments: "me: "Ohh, my apologies. I didn't understand the seriousness of your problem. What I recommend is you seek the advice of your doctor or a sex therapist, instead of asking an unknown clerk in an adult toy store."
motherlode profile - diary
comments: "...and instead of their usual flakey weirdass Japanese girl-pop, they've got Back In Black by AC/DC playing. No shit...it was all I could do to refrain from letting out with a full Brian Johnson homage screech for the other customers."
ghanima profile - diary
comments: Oh, but it's so pretty.
upworlder profile - diary
comments: "When I just went to dictionary.com to check my spelling on scrumptious, I accidentally typed in "rumptious". Turns out it's not a word, but don't you think it should be? Maybe a synonym for bootylicious."
izzardgrrrl profile - diary
comments: "We get lost, end up in some Old West ghost town and the one person that we see can't help us cos he's a firking mime!"
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: "I was amused by this: sulky bulky boys with metal in their faces and big stompy boots run out of the room like squealy girls if they come in and ask what you're talking about and you say, 'Our periods.'

My favorite music:

Type O Negative
comments: "On muddy ground/I'm lying drunk on her grave/Where I must wait/Until she wakes"
Cherry Poppin Daddies
comments: "She was a woman of mystery/But what she wanted, I could not see/A three-year trip on the dragon/Till the clinic had to get me clean"
comments: "What was it like to see/The face of your own stability/Suddenly look away/Leaving you with the dead and hopeless?"
The Used
comments: "Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all"
The Blue Hawaiians

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings
comments: Besides the obvious draw of Orlando Bloom, the scenery of these films just takes my breath away.
Death to Smoochy
comments: Robin Williams says "Ow! My Balls!"
Spirited Away
comments: The most gorgeous Anime I've ever had the pleasure of viewing.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Insomnia, Carrie, Dreamcatcher, The Regulators, Desperation, 'Salem's Lot, Tommyknockers, Everything's Eventual, The Dark Tower Series, The Stand, The Shining, It, The Eyes of the Dragon, Nighmares and Dreamscapes, and lots more
Ed Greenwood
comments: The Elminster Series
R. A. Salvatore
comments: Drizzt D'Urden is my favorite drow elf. He signed a book for me! Mr. Salvatore, not Drizzt.
Desmond Morris
comments: The Human Sexes
Brian Jacques
comments: The Redwall Series

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