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The Diaryland Performing Arts Centre presents to you the mumblings and musings of one confused college girl and her sometimes very bizarre misadventures. Featuring: the usual gang and the inevitable mention of Eddie Izzard, whom still stands in awe, despite the lack of orangeosity... and clothes on his body.

Oh yeah, and I still sometimes I say things about monkeys. *eek eek*

My favorite diaries:

upworlder profile - diary
comments: she introduced me to the glory of diaryland. some of the rest of these folks were added with reason. others were just sort of randomly selected cos they happened to amuse me at one time or another. enjoy.
wilberteets profile - diary
squirrelx profile - diary
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black-lotus profile - diary
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zephir316 profile - diary
comments: my best friend, Ginger!
arcady profile - diary
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tia-marie profile - diary
kungfukitten profile - diary
kayrayne29 profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I've loved them for over half my life!
David Bowie
comments: I've loved him since I was 7 years old!
Led Zeppelin
comments: I just love them.
comments: Brad got me into them. I didn't think I'd like them but now I'm hooked.
Roger Taylor
comments: he played drums for Queen. I really enjoy his solo work. I also really like the side band he had, The Cross, as well as the solo work of Queen's guitarist, Brian May. good stuff.

My favorite movies:

comments: more 80s flicks 2 love: The Princess Bride, The Last Unicorn, The Neverending Story, Dune, The Witches of Eastwick, Beetlejuice
Revengers Tragedy
comments: methinks it be tied with The Cat's Meow. other films with my favorite guy/gal: Circus *giggles*, Shadow of the Vampire, Mystery Men, All the Queen's Men, Velvet Goldmine, The Criminal, The Avengers, The Secret Agent
Big Fish
comments: other weepy films I love: What Dreams May Come, Steel Magnolias, Mr. Holland's Opus, With Honors, Sophie's Choice, Sweet November
comments: laugh myself smart/stupid: *insert anything Monty Python/Kevin Smith/Adam Sandler/Southpark/Mel Brooks here*
a few others, old and new
comments: Hellboy is definitely a new fave. so is Mean Girls. I just got Sorority Boys on dvd not long ago *grin*. still love: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Highlander 1&3, the Prophecy Trilogy, Pink Floyd: The Wall, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: I just started reading this guy and he is GOOD. and quite sexy, too. :-)
Stephen King
comments: always awesome
Robert Frost
comments: fave poet... besides Byron and Poe, of course. Poe's stories are awesome, too.
Brady Allen
comments: my teacher, my mentor and up and coming author
comments: I still need to finish the Divine Comedy...

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