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Join me on the road to a Physics/Japanese double major! Read about my various obsessions, from heavy metal to ancient greek tragedy (not as distantly related as you might think). Rant back at me in my Guestbook Of Doom!

My favorite diaries:

smidgeroo profile - diary
comments: Sie hates repeatedly bad spelling! Go hir!

My favorite music:

Blind Guardian
comments: You don't know joy until you've heard Fiddler on the Green and Path of Glory.
Sonata Arctica
comments: You must get their new album!
comments: Once, I had a dream, and this is it.
comments: A tribute to my opera fetish
Virgin Steele
comments: I'll put it this way: Atreus = metal opera based on Greek Tragedy. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
comments: I couldn't fit Tolkein on my list of authors, so...Gotta get my other gods in somehow.
Star Wars
comments: You never truly appreciate something until you go out with a fanboy...
Indiana Jones
comments: All things Jones are good. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery kick ass in the third one too...
The Godfather
comments: Soundtrack, gore, amazing plot. Just...only watch the third one if you're able to ignore Sophia Coppola
Rurouni Kenshin
comments: What? I had to plug my Anime obsession in here somewhere...

My favorite authors:

Roger Zelazny
comments: The Chronicles of Amber: Read all ten and then come talk to me.
Steven Brust
comments: Vlad Taltos is soooo cool...Read them all! And read the Phoenix Guards and the Five Hundred Years After and...yeah. Anything by Brust.
William Shakespeare
comments: The Bard of Avon...words can't describe...
Alexandre Dumas
comments: All is good. Extremely good. I recommend reading the Musketteers books, eating a three Musketteer, and then reading the Phoneix Guards books. *nod*
Thomas Harlan
comments: His Oath of Empire series is really good. You should check it out. While listening to the House of Atreus (see Virgin Steele)

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