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from vampyrate :
never eat the little children...they know all your secrets...THAT NOISE IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!....*eats jello*
from izzardgrrrl :
Thanks for the lovely notes. you are too kind!
from izzardgrrrl :
no but, I'm her favorite gal, apparently *grin*
from izzardgrrrl :
*hee hee* kitty *hee hee* argh! it scratched my apple! p.s.-- where'd you get the monkey? I must have a monkey!
from upworlder :
"The bee bit my bottom. Now my bottom's big."
from coltpixy :
**HUGS** Thank you sweetie for the comment, and yeah some people are just bitches. It does her a lot of good to know that people like you and FM send their support. (I tried to leave this in your guestbook, but it was acting wonky)
from upworlder :
I guess Marrow and Spike have powers that are sort of similar... but not really. Marrow has only ever appeared in the X-Men books a few years ago and now she's in the new Weapon X series hunting down Sabertooth.
from myhorizons :
Thank you for joing my diaryring findbalance :)
from boogityx2 :
I just found the Kevin Smith DVD at Future Shop, which is a Canadian arm of Best Buy. When I was in the US around Christmastime, I saw them all over the place. As far as I know, it wasn't a limited-time thing, so it should be fairly easy to find. Maybe someplace can order it for you?
from sunnflower :
Hi just dropped in off on of the diaryrings and wanted to tell you that your diary is just very cool - the colors and the zebras are very clever by the way.
from opolopo :
Hey thanks! :)
from coltpixy :
and I can't spell this morning ... ring name. duh.
from coltpixy :
Re: the html question, just add a <center> raing name </center> tag to each ring line. That should work for ya! E me if it doesn't.
from chubbychic :
I tried to leave this msg. on your tag-board, but it wasn't workin :(. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed checking out your diary. You have a great writing style that keeps things interesting. I love it!
from jen69 :
omg. that is officially the coolest thing i have ever seen. you can translate your page. damn that is cool....erm...yeh hi.
from coltpixy :
Hey you ... thanks for the newest comments. No and I are very close, and it is really nice. And I'm sure you and favorite_monkey will have a great life together. The fact that you do so much together and love to spend time together really helps in the long run. Oh and the Friday Five comes from the friday five website,
from bensgirl420 :
clicked on the banner glad i your diary. I don't feel so out of place now ...thanx,lisa
from flyinby :
i'm interested! very nice layout, by the way. i clicked on a banner to get here, and i'm glad i did.
from z0tl :
on beyond zebra!

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