The Promiscuity Plans

"You've Never Seen a Diary Like This´┐Ż"

A while ago, there was a new trend loose on the planet...A completely different kind of internet with a unique cola flavor. Absolutely clear, wonderfully refreshing, it was everything you wanted...and nothing you'd expect, but now it's gone.

Jacob speak:

These marks - rounded shapes, straight lines, and combinations of the two. We believed we could use them to communicate, and sometimes we did.

Curl up beside the darkened hearth in our vacant lobby and read the ghost.

Sean Say:

I enjoyed running around with my arms open in a completely wreckless manner. And objecting to anything anybody has ever said at all times of night and without due warning. I was wicked and severe. Haunted by guilt and obsessed with myself. I traversed the human condition with just the right amount of sincere feeling. Broken dream: Every evening I ate the awning evenly.

My favorite diaries:

Seanandjacob profile - diary
comments: An experiment between two independantly wealthy schools of thought, to build a corporate giant from the ground up. Abandoned after completion.
Zorroglasses profile - diary
comments: glibbery comentary from the most commentating filanderer around. A real downer.
blankwave profile - diary
comments: entertains with dizzying tales of NYC life, and a very tastefull background.
latinosexgod profile - diary
comments: witty. always, and in all ways. sad to hear about the destruction of his hitchhikers guide. its the first tragedy of the new year. (i suspect terrorism).
justcircles profile - diary
comments: our foremost internet backer, providing us with both moral and monetary support. a very cool girl.
Duk profile - diary
comments: An integral part of the triple alliance to save the electronic world from internet dictatorships.
WeaRingout profile - diary
comments: only the coolest pirate around, walk that plank!
alcholbuffet profile - diary
comments: Impossibly drunk and coherent. diary smells faintly of scotch. cheers.
niknak7652 profile - diary
comments: A non-existant content diary.
Seannyboy profile - diary
comments: alternate Sean wants to kick peoples ass and I respect that.
groban83 profile - diary
comments: We like to recognize our addicts.
aqua-luna profile - diary
comments: understands bliss and curse of unemployment. but doesn't everyone?
CosmicSloths profile - diary
comments: side project (polok......1337>:meaning-(less))
aDam462 profile - diary
comments: Not as cool as Johnny Depp; walk that plank!
La-Mit profile - diary
comments: Arr... another pirate. What can I say? I'm a sucker for fake ocean going accents.
moss-lids profile - diary
comments: Fellow art lover/do-er. Pleasant eccentricities. Habitual car wrecker.

My favorite music:

They Might Be Giants
comments: Exquisite dead guy rotating in his display case, Exquisite dead guy I swear I saw his mouth move
Hurricane Itself
comments: The Sean and Jacob rap duo. "Who are you? I'm the lord. I'll strike you down, I'll be your friend. (repeat)"

My favorite movies:

Naked Dream Cake
comments: Tango, under the sea.
Days of survival (sitting quietly in the shade)
comments: a promising project in progress. p.

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: one hoopy frood.

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