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from girl-genius :
wow i was tricked into thinking you updated. silly me.
from cindreviews :
Yay... your diary review is completed, courtesy of Andreia. Please read it, and rereviews will be given out upon request. Thank you very much!
from ashtraygurl :
Hey! I thought I was the only one with a secret tunnel and tape recorder a la "Ferris Bueller". Ah well, loved your diary.
from honstyzbrutl :
your review is done
from rednek-revew :
I'm confused- are you asking for a review??
from fan4 :
nice to see you too, I think.
from honstyzbrutl :
i have to say that those were interesting requests you made for a review. i'll have it done in a day or two.
from meganwaits :
fasinating stuff. thanks for taking me places I've never been before.
from groban83 :
You speak a tons of languages that is cool chat later on aim see ya.
from quoteusdear :
you left some odd note probably quite a long time ago. reply: yeah, no shit.
from fashionspazz :
Your diary is quite amusing and profound. I really enjoyed reading it! It makes my diary look like nothing. (by all means, take a look.) take care. :)
from picassomoon :
a very merry halloween to you as well :)
from hidden-depth :
um, hello. You signed my guestbook with interesting randomness, though sadly my brain isn't awake enough to do the same. But hello anyway...
from usuckreviews :
your review is up!
from justcircles :
that was not uncalled for in the slightest!
from quitears :
Even "soldiers" need to sleep... Would be called "delirium," but you might as well be afghanis. k thnx. Qui
from chocochipw :
i'm looking forward to it...are you the white rap duo that i envision?
from chocochipw :
every night you eat the awning evenly? keep pretending that you make sense, because you don't. it's easy to read through garbage.
from kerbang :
thanks for the note, I like the party planner story. keep it up.
from jacobusone :
I didn't know where else to "post" this. Hey guys I moved my diary to a new server. You liked it before you might still like it. If you'd be willing to link me somehow I'd do the same for you guys. Thanks. Write on crazy fools!
from dragonfly651 :
so im no longer #713...oh well...sorry to dissapoint you
from blankwave :
come on fuckers!! get with the program!!! update!!! fuck...
from seannyboy :
Dudes...what happened? I miss this diary more than I miss my left tes....oh shit., update please. -Sean
from justcircles :
please forgive me for the duplicity... nothing annoys me more than wasted words. fortunately you can delete the one you like least, just don't delete both, because I cannot endure an unsatisfied customer.
from puffyc :
Yo, I can answer the kickass samiches question...since I'm not really sure if Kate ever told you...but I was there eating the kickass samiches too sooooo...they were on a sub roll from the bakery at the grocery store and consisted of fine Boar's Head Deli meat and cheese. The meat was cajun style turkey breast (kinda spicaaaaaaaay) and and cheese was white american and my samich had mayonnaise, but Kate's didn't because she doesn't like mayonnaise. The end. Have a SNICE day (and I do mean SNICE)!
from starbaby12 :
Sean you asked my friend Natsowen to translate Elvish... you wanna know some ask we both fluently study it! ilye melamin donna ~broken angel~
from a-tasty-mint :
Hey, you guys have a nice page goin' on. Anyway, I think it was Sean who left me a note. . . yeah, I guess that means you went to my page, which sucks. Sorry about that. I didn't think anyone would actually go to it.
from saranwrap :
so it looks like camping is going to go through. i will look into the entry 19 business.
from bballcameo :
"Thanks for the help." <-- That's what I said. But, seriousy. You guys are funny. Thanks for the definition.
from angelic121 :
I'm a freak,very proud of it.
from antisocial45 :
I guess i can't take a joke. I asumed it was a nasty comment. I only called myself a loser in that diary entry becuase i was depressed. I am sorry for having a go at you but i didn't like your comment all that much!
from saranwrap :
hmm. i don't know sean and/or jacob, or which ever of you is typing tonight. if you want to come camping you can. it'll be just like last year.
from dragonfly651 :
hmm...thanx, means a lot to me...i have an idea, shut the fuck up and bugger off. i write what i want and dont give a fuck what other people think
from antisocial45 :
I express satisfaction for death? what the fuck? Who do you think you are calling me a loser? you seem like one yourself! You Stupid fucking Mongaloid!
from brieberryman :
So this is what it feels like to think. You have earned yourselves (yourself?) a new reader.
from chocochipw :
No, thank you. I'd say it was an expression.
from boltedwrists :
hey, you left me a note! what will you reward me with??? -Missy! ps.thanks for leaving me a note! :-)
from zee4ya :
Hmm.. you said you sensed alot of pain in my diary.. umm.. I dont know how to take that really.. its true, but kinda weird b/c I dont even know who you guys are. But, thanks for posting none the less, and keep up the good work with your diary. *Shelby*
from daniluscious :
oh-kay but I still dont know who u are and i dont care about ur diary coz I dont know you guys.I mean we can be friends and stuff but I was just asking who u are and its not about the contents of ur diary what so ever.
from nameless01 :
thanks for looking at my diary and i couldn't tell if that was a compliment or not but i liked your note just the same
from natchez :
interesting diary. i quite enjoy reading something different. keep it up guys. come check out my site, if you've got the time.
from unending :
Thanks for leaving me a note, m'dear. You're diary is very unique... strange and confusing, but unique. :)
from pixiesbitch :
well HEY! thanks for harassing me guys! your so cool! uh...yeah I am a poser...but everyone that is involved in the punk scene
from jewishcowgrl :
Ok i dont know what all you meant.. but what i meant by 'oh jesus what about the animals?' was what if this little forest fire i helped to start.. i feel terrible.. and i had to make sure that my stupidity didnt put any little woodland creatures to their demise... -beth
from soul-bleeds :
You picked a really bad day to criticize my diary. On any other day I would just laugh it off. But I feel like throwing myself into a train right now so I can't. First off, you don't know me nor do you probably even care. I can't even form a good argument for the note you left me, Sean, because I don't even know what the hell you meant by it. Thanks for making an already horrible day worse. -- Heather
from leslieirene :
Hey! The reason why I took some folks off my fav. list was that I noticed a lot of poor souls that had no one listing them as favorites, so I would list them- to make them feel good and encourage them. I needed to make some room. I think we should be allowed to list more than 75 as favorites.
from leslieirene :
Gee! You guys! I put you back. I don't know HOW that happened. ;) Forever a favorite...! Leslie Irene :)
from duk :
As allies in the great battle. You are now my linked as "Duk's favorite web site". In kissing your fabulous arses I hope you will be good to me. One day, at the appropriate time in our alliance, you hope you find it in yourselves to pucker up to mine.
from willbeforgot :
ah yes my poems are original.
from willbeforgot :
I'm glad you enjoyed the poem...but you don't have to bother reading the rest of my's just a bunch of meaningless nonsense...the rants and thoughts of a lunatic...the only things that are worth anything are the poems...if those.
from kissacod :
(Er, regret in the sense that I even looked at the bloody diary, of course.)
from kissacod :
Sean: I, too, would be filled with regret if I read a diary like mine. Thanks for the note. Your (both) writing fascinates and I'm still trying to figure it out. I will read more.
from ladyofthefae :
Hi Heh, that diaryreview thing was so hilarious. I don't really know what you meant by "Reading your diary fills me with the feeling of organic produce just before harvest." hmmmmm....But thanks for signing anyway, whatever you meant...
from annie-m-s-b :
I Love it!!!!! I'll be back! Didn't mean to make you sad. Annie
from everydayjane :
Now why would you go out of your way to wish me a happy birtday? How did you discover it was my birthday...Oh yeah, and thanks. :)
from rmsoboist :
Hey I came back...I forgot to mention that I LOVE TMBG!!
from horngoddess :
why thank you for leaving me a note. if you need any more help with fingering....please don't hesitate to ask. *S* TTFN
from disarmedone :
i can tell you right now, i didnt deserve an F. i do nothing but help that lady out. doing what the teachers should do. if anything, i should have an A+++++++++...but anywayz. thanx for readin!
from quitears :
Paranoia will get you far. Especially when the cop has alcohol on his breath.
from seanandjacob :
i think we completely lost you.
from yellowpetal :
ummm, are you referring to pleasantville? if so, i think one of the main messages is life shouldn't be predictable, fit into a neat lil box, etc. if that's not what your talking lost me completely.
from sycorax :
Heyyy, no problem. My pleasure. ;)
from daniluscious :
hey who is this coz U left a note and i just wanna know who this yeah...
from pennygirl :
hello there, here is a code: dissolve transition. <head><meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=1.0)"></head> -- peace :o)
from nny777 :
Hey, it' cool that you read other peoples diarys too. If I remember corectly the sandwich I made was ham and mayo, it was good. :)
from tatatatara :
Hey, thanks for the note. who is this?
from nathanreject :
woah, weirdness. made me laugh though.
from nathanreject :
woah, weirdness. made me laugh though.
from grlscout :
Yes, I did design my own diary - well kind of. There's this girl named Quinn who does templates - I bastardized a template she made for me (added my own photo, background, etc.) There's a link on my page to her page if you want to get a free template from her, she does some nice work.
from madxgrrrl :
oh you are right. heaven forbid we lose rain AND the internet. <s>vanz</s>
from jsaint :
LOL, Hey, "Matt" doesn't "know" that I "know" he "likes" me, but that I may be "catching on".
from kittyclean :
a shiny sword. need i say more?
from ceresfate :
I'm sorry if I insulted you i agree those who fail to recognize history are bound to repeat it I can't remember the exact quote. It's just the fact that what we are forced to take a long test on information that has been pounded into our brains by our teacher and that I have to study that just adds to the drdgery of it all
from loser68 :
So why did you leave me a note? I'm really confused about that. Did you look at my journal because i really don't care. Are you two different people or the same? I know I have alot of questions but i have to know my information about some people and you happen to be one i need to know about. Later Steph
from aigre-douce :
Okay, so I'm guessing you randomly picked me to leave a note. So what's up? Elliott is actually taking a nap right now, I'll tell him you asked about him. :)
from destroyable :
You really think it's normal? How about u? Are you soul-less? How'd you find me? How random? Who are you?! Thanks anyhoo nb love Tash x
from immortalsoul :
HA! I love your random notes on people's diaries. You should really check out "lovepuddles" and leave her one. She'll enjoy it. ::wink wink::
from odessa23 :
Thanks Sean, I can always count on you ;) But what about Jacob, I'd hate to think I upset him. Love is Contagious ~Odessa
from loser68 :
why am i a loser? lol.
from immortalsoul :
Err... Do I know you? What is with the note you left at my diary? I'm guessing you just go to random people's diary's and leave notes, because how can I be uptight? Did you even read my diary? All it has is quiz results. I don't write in this diary.
from nostawen :
Vedui'sure i'll translate some elvish for you. just send me what you want translated. Namarie!
from missmeggie :
hey..uh. that's great that you're in a band...not that i really care...
from hiphoppnpnai :
ummm whats with the note that you left my friend messypnai90?
from a-sailorsgrl :
Hey... Thanks, I really do appriciate it. But do I know you???
from mycreampuff :
well i got the nachos. so wheres the liquor??
from makeusproud :
No, I haven't. But I did dream about it. What makes you so curious? By the way, I've read a few entries, and you [guys?] kick ass. I'm off to read more.
from opinionshere :
Your review is up at Sorry it took so long. Good job!
from girlsdontcry :
cream, eggs and valid pineapple... your diary is very nutritious indeed
from ooxxxoo :
machivelli is... if i'm correct, the guy a couple hundred years back, ...the banking family. now WHY would you ask me that
from marylee219 :
were you joking??
from mesocyclone :
I look in my well forgotten notes page and I find a sleeping bag.I crawl in find myself surrounded with grey matter..however,this is not a mind..all I smell is rotting shit...wait..anyway George Orwell does rock..However..I do not know what his favorite interstate highway is..But your site made me forget for a thanks..As long as I get the sleeping bag I'll be stopping by one in a while.
from manders4u :
haha do you have fun leaving notes? anywayz sorry to tell ya hun but nope no boots for me.. im a flip-flop type cowgirl ;) PS Thanks for leavin the milk out for me, yall are too kind
from babyblu-eyes :
I think its funny that she's so not interested yet she wastes her time reading your site and responding back to your notes. There was no reason to leave a nasty note in the first place if she didn't want a reply... On the other hand I like everyone that thinks you're coming on to them. Keep up the good work, excellent, great job blah blah blah.
from seanandjacob :
Jacob speak: really sean. that was mean. but laughable.
from onlylittle :
that was a little unfair. is it such a travesty that i'm really not that interested in what you have to say? i wouldn't wish an ed on anybody. and i don't think anyone is less because they don't have one. i just don't like receiving random notes from people who really don't seem that interested in what i have to say as a person and seem to just write notes to anybody they feel like it. it just seems a little immature. and by the way, i did look at your diary and i did read some of it, and i think you guys are have some really good story ideas, just don't bombard me with notes when i've made it clear that i'm not interested. thanks. this is the only response you will get from now on. so have fun writing your notes to an unappreciative audience.
from onlylittle :
all you look for is reaction.
from vindicateme :
i've gotten one of these random notes. is this performance art? i like the breakdancing skit the best. drop plop plop. crunk.
from fan4 :
You send messages to my diary, acting like you're my biggest fan or something, but then after a couple of messages, you no longer talk to me. Then your diary is no longer interesting, so I remove you from my favorites. After I do that, you send another note to me?
from ohthesorrow :
I would also like to chemicaly peel you..i think?
from valondra :
What are you talking about? Birthday present?
from somthin :
Thanks for stopping in -- ignore my brother, he doesn't exist but if he did I'm fairly certain that he'd one of those guys who speaks ill of things he doesn't understand. He'd probably be threatened by the unknown, oh, and pear eating with clowns, but then who doesn't feel that way. By the way, which way to the store?
from satchmo3 :
do you like small naked women as much as I do?
from vampishone :
follow the banana peels to my branch of the tangent tree, i have heads for sale there.
from paulstanley :
whoa, I mean.
from sick-of-me :
huh? who's tired of the future?
from epipie :
wow! now I get two monthly visits. heh. lucky me! I'll have you know that your little note helped a lot. thank you for your kind words!
from mydyingbeta :
i enjoyed your last entry...
from xtrakrispy14 :
You obviously misunderstand my description of your diary. I find it rather entertaining, and the 'birdcage' thing is simply my way of expressing my appreciation for your product. Honestly, you're two intelligent guys. I figured you'd have gotten it.
from howlame :
i too have received a very random note. you must have gotten my name off blankwaves list. well yes. ill have to read you some time because you seem rather intruiging. au revoir. kelsey
from leslieirene :
Yeah, got the random note, too. I'm really glad I did. I think you guys are way refreshing. Thanks for being on this site. You're going on my favorite list.
from likeacat1337 :
Hi! Umm... yeah, it seems odd for someone that I don't know (I don't know you right?) to leave me my first DiaryLand note majig. I mean, yeah. Was there a reason you left me such a cryptic post? Yep... I read through your thing for a bit, and its interesting. So, who are you and such? And why did you leave me a note and all? Anyways, have a nice day, umm... person.
from penmaster :
from helderheid :
That's funny... keep "picturing" the lisp. Don't have one but can fake it in emergencies.
from hartattack :
Bitches! Its about time! For what you ask?! You know perfectly well, bitches! You're my bitches, and I respect that.
from rurisue :
When's good for you? @_@
from groban83 :
Your diary is interesting just reading the entires.
from karperegrine :
aahh, background no good for intoxicated girl!!
from shutupmom :
from timefreeze :
nope i'm not collecting notes just saying hi i guess. so uh hi and great diary
from unseelie-fey :
i didn't really understand the note you left me... at all.. but hey at least i can admit it. thanks for stopping by! p.s. you are some crrrazy cats, you know that right?
from twmostemo :
I hope this isn't a phase.
from babyblu-eyes :
dang, you have a million notes... and you're wrong, I did check mine =o) They sent me an email saying I had a note.. my first one.. lol.. Who ever is reading this, visit my diary at, =o) ~Andrea
from cabrona :
weird boys rock my socks, duuuuude
from briddy-b :
Read a map? Meaning...? XOXO Brid
from verdine :
Home to Ear Canal? You gotta buy me dinner first.
from msthangkp :
I honestly don't know what to tell you because for me I can read it just fine.
from msthangkp :
What do you mean you can't read my entry? I'm just wondering, cause I can read it and other people can read. I don't mean this in a mean tone or any thing, I was just wondering.
from fukup :
very strange but i liked it alot. come visit me sometime. gem :)
from candid-revu :
Hey guys I'll have your review done soon, I promise, I've had an overload of reviews and reviewers applications, it's a mess, so i appreciate your patience and look forward to giving you a review. XX Sommer XX
from xdodyroadx :
Hey. Thanks for the note lol.. You have a cool diary too. Well I'm going to go. See ya!
from julesmarie99 :
Hey, you left me a note, so I thought I'd do the same. My AOL screen name is NoCharlotteFX IM me sometime
from wildbohemia :
Thanks for the note--much appreciated. Didn't think my diary was that interesting to anyone who didn't know me, but it's cool that ya'll do. You have AIM or Yahoo Messenger? If you do, leave me a note with your screennames and I'll chat. Love the diary, btw.
from fab4footie13 :
hahahahahaha....what did you do with the parrot while your diseased roommate was in a coma? love your diary...and thanks for the note
from cike :
Hey, got your note. Thankye kindly :) I like the site. Monty Python influence? If yes, you make very good mimics. If no, is there Wilde blood in you? - for there's a small trace of genius here. I'll be back. Hopefully with something to say next time. Btw, advice on the flat mate problem: Use the witch solution. Tie him to a stake and burn him. If he doesn't die there's something severely wrong with him, try drowning. If he does die you can cherish his memory forever - he died a perfectly ordinary individual. Hope this helps. Cike.
from fan4 :
I'm not wearing a Final Fantasy costume. To me, FF=Fantastic Four. I'm a superhero fan and a comicbook reader. I mention my Fantastic Four interest in my profile. Sorry to dissapoint you.
from fan4 :
I like the format of you diary. I'm glad you found my diary to be interesting. What do you like about it?
from sweetnuthins :
thank you for the note, your diary is quite unique and very fun to read, in a break sense from the normal entries focused on that persons problems and how they're going 2 kill themselves b/c of them....maybe that's just my friends. either way very nice palahniuck-ness, angel? how did you find me?
from ohio21boy :
Hey...I totally know Rodney. He pulled the same shenanigans with me once... although, back then we were on harleys. Nice to hear he's in a more stable vehicle, what with his age and all... (p.s. thanks for the note.)
from jolieani :
Thanks for the note; I especially like the Self quote. That story about the indestructable Rodney was awesome.
from squeakybaby :
you were right i do like it and im not disapointed
from mydyingbeta :
ah, i see you strongly despise yuppie SUV soccer moms perhaps as much as myself! i thoroughly enjoyed reading a few entries of your diary, i am now quite intrigued, i look forward to reading more...
from epipie :
hmm. I'm definately intrigued by the both of you. I always love a good dark sense of humor (oxymoron, perhaps?). anyway, I'd love to stop the world and melt with you, too! Well, at least long enough to figure you guys out...
from liteningsyrp :
You make me laugh on really bad days. Thanks for the diary.
from liteningsyrp :
You make me laugh on really bad days. Thanks for the diary.
from angrystarlyt :
Great diary, and thanks for the lovely note you left me. I can see why God is your biggest fan :D
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, I know!)
from skamobiles :
yeah...well, i guess that you guys are sick of hearing that your "diary" is funny and all of that shit-so i'm going to keep it simple. humorous-yes, amusing-yes. make it into a book. i like it, i've been trying for a few years to get published (then again who wants to publish a 14 year old's books? they are not teen dramas though, impressive) and i think that this could be published before my book(s). i'm going to go cry now at how sad i am. tear.
from savedbygrace :
You realize that you are a tourist, don't you? Yes, your journal does have some intelligently humorous benefits. And yes, I do find myself chuckling consistently throughout your enteries. [sigh] I guess you are funny boys. I hope your endeavor to take over the world through your diary is successful.
from silentsnake :
ehee. *pokes* cool diary. and another lifeguard's as well. coolies. well, here's that note you asked for. *adds to favorites*
from jacobusone :
Hey guys. I like your writing style. Thatnks for putting me among your favorite diarys. You guys sent me a note saying that I should visit your page, and that I would be surprised. Was there something extra this time that I was supposed to be seeing?
from sporkmurder :
wowww im thrilled that someone likes my diary. actually, im thrilled that someone even reads my diary. i read yours and it made me laugh. i used to be a they might be giants fan. haha yeah yeah yeah. well keep reading my sillly little thing, and send more notes... its exciting. love rashida.
from seannyboy :
Oh really? You're gonna take ME in Colorado Springs? Well, prepare to be owned my my mad complete lack of skills! We'll see who the supreme Sean is then! Anyway, I'm glad you like my diary, but I must say, yours is very very good. I like it alot, and you are going on my favorites list as well. Thanks and Gig 'Em, THESean
from spoonbender :
i liked it
from samstania :
hey i checked out ur/u guy's journal. pretty tight got the whole part of coolness down. bravo. I bow to you -sams tania
from totto-chan :
Itz good, imaginative, and outmostly, OUTRAGEOUS! Keep up da good work!
from lovingpoet :
Oh my!
from alcholbuffet :
I'm glad that you guys like my diary, but I'm even more glad that I found yours. It is officially the best diary of all time. Don't question that either, I already asked. It has all of the following positive qualities and is: creative, intelligent, honest, morbid, humorous, and creepy. However, thanks to you guys, I will now spend the rest of my time in life playing extreme scavenger hunt and burning everyone elses stuff. I might wander around aimlessly and try to replicate some of your adventures as well, I'd really like to talk to that old man that knows Jodie Foster and Burt Reynolds. Take care guys and keep writing! When I get my actual alcholbuffet, you guys are invited. Sincerely, Ben
from prncsreviews :
Hi there, Katie here from Princess Reviews. Just stopping by to let you know that I'll be tackling your review within the next few days, but if at any time you have any questions or comments about the whole process, please don't hesitate to contact me at my own personal diary or through Best of luck!
from alohaphil :
My writing is like a river? Is that flowing or all wet? haha The Yanomani in Africa? Just what are you inhaling? :-) Tibet is cool. Namaste daju.
from anonny-mouse :
Dammit don't you hate it when you're just typing away and you forget to ask silly questions like how in the hell did you guys find my site? I know about it and I have trouble finding it. The gingerbread men will soon get theirs. Bakers across the globe are uniting in a covert plan to turn their ovens up a simple 50 degrees when forced to perform the ritual mass reproduction process (baking). We are working on an alliance with ant colonies and grubby children with unclean hands worldwide to unite against this affront to mankind (we didn't put it that way to the ants). Maybe I shouldn't have posted our covert plans on the internet. Oh well, what could be the harm?
from anonny-mouse :
Thanks for the effusive and somewhat skeptically received praise. If I inspired this I must be stopped, and soon. But before they stop me I may drop by a few more times.
from hysareyl :
And I was destined to know this, why?
from anon13 :
hi fella's, it's not visit's you need! I will try to read more when I am more awake, and able to make sense of your world! ps, what I have read, it sound's like fun anyway a daily dose of madness is good for the soul!
from neshachan :
Thank you kindly for your note and your visit. Interesting place you've got here... Erm...You're welcome at my diary anytime.
from shin-yuu :
Got your note - thanks! - do I know you guys? Nonetheless, thanks!
from girlsdontcry :
You kooky kids, what are you like?
from wearingout :
hello this is wearingout. you left me a note and i wanted to say hi. ill check out your diary because you are rad. see ya 1.3.03
from aphroditegrl :
Glad you like my site. I really like yours as guys are funny, what can I say? The first entry I read was a crack up...I'm going to read more!

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