She's the ex-stripper, homewrecking, mentally disturbed girl with freckles. I think it's the freckles that really throw people off. That, and the gap between her two front teeth. Something about a gappy grin just doesn't say "watch out for this one."

This dairy has been closed. Please feel free to read and re-read as much as your obsessive little self desires.

My favorite diaries:

Greschya profile - diary
comments: I hate feet, but I like her foot. It has flowers, so I know it doesn't stink. Much like her diary.
Curltwirler profile - diary
comments: I imagine she looks just like the painting. Always insightful.
Hulabelly profile - diary
comments: She hides under desks and tells her boss that Digs is a site about plants. What's not to love?
Obb profile - diary
comments: One word: wacky. Looooove it.
Ajax profile - diary
comments: I spit Diet Pepsi all over the place every time I read her diary.
deb-e-ne-ne profile - diary
comments: Her Friday Five makes me want to go make lists. But that's the OCD part of me talking.
consigliere profile - diary
comments: The original DigsMama.
janest profile - diary
comments: Definately not a plain Jane. She's the Janest of all Janes.
emmalola profile - diary
comments: The ring leader, if you will. I imagine her in d*land, whip in hand, keeping us all in line.
foxy-jeanne profile - diary
comments: "Really should look into this sugar daddy thing."
penutgallry profile - diary
comments: I wish I had teachers like her when I was younger. Maybe then I wouldn't have become a stripper...she's saving kids from doom, one day at a time.
janknee profile - diary
comments: It cracks me up that she follows me in the DigsRing. I hope the readers make it to her diary after reading my trainwreck.
hermia7 profile - diary
comments: She is living my New York dream.
i-roboctopus profile - diary
comments: Never one to hold back...and that's what I adore about her.
cinnamon22 profile - diary
comments: Fucking hilarious.
inca-roads profile - diary
comments: He challenged me to a tongue-off. I lost.
lulutrix profile - diary
comments: All I have to say is, HAHA! You can't read it and I can!
rhubelerosko profile - diary
comments: Smart, savvy, and gorgeous from head to toe.
amalgamate profile - diary
comments: "Who wants their co-workers to see them naked? Any hands? No, I didn't think so."
fairlywell profile - diary
comments: "Shut up inner voice."
schmance profile - diary
comments: "So . . . tired. Being charming really can wear a girl out."
uglydetails profile - diary
comments: Rock stars abound.
starstuff42 profile - diary
comments: Fellow NYer.

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