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My favorite diaries:

angstabounds profile - diary
flopmaster profile - diary
polycount profile - diary
dismissme profile - diary
corroding profile - diary
spinnysedna profile - diary
unhaired profile - diary
whenyouare profile - diary
elbento profile - diary
comments: lyre bird
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My favorite music:

comments: my bloody valentine. bjork. amon tobin. boards of canada. ganglion.
bright eyes
comments: cursive. modest mouse. metric. ugly cassanova. jeff buckley. wax mannequin. the (fuckin') dudes. elliott smith. yeah yeah yeahs.
comments: apc. machinae supremacy. dresden dolls. front line assembly. aphex twin. the faint. hocico. joy division. autechre.
sigur ros
comments: godspeed you! black emporer. a silver mt. zion [...]. mice parade. jon brion. mogwai. rachel's.
animal collective
comments: broken social scene. do make say think. k.c. accidental. alvin lucier. william basinski. philip jeck. jaga jazzist. duke ellington. danny elfman.

My favorite movies:

un chien andalu
comments: blah. blah. avant-garde. etc. the brothers quay. quills. my fair lady.
american beauty
comments: 2046. baraka. i (heart) huckabees. the sweet hereafter. fargo.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
comments: being john malcovich. adaptation. the royal tenenbaums. the life aquatic.
plan 9 from outer space
comments: woodenhead. ha! little miss sunshine. lost in translation. almost famous.
comments: and admittedly, any film involving johnny depp. dead man, ed wood scissorhands, donnie juan debrasco, fear and loathing in the caribbean, etc.

My favorite authors:

jared diamond
comments: pre-history etc.
patrick suskind
comments: perfume: the story of a murderer.

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