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One Armed Scissor

yes this is the campaign slithered entrails in the cargo bay neutered is the vastness hallow vacuum check the oxygen tanks they hibernate but have they kissed the ground pucker up and kiss the asphalt now tease this amputation splintered larynx it has access now send transmission from the one armed scissor cut away, cut away banked on memory mummified circuitry skin graft machinery sputnik sickles found in the seats self-destruct sequence this station is non-operational species growing bubbles in an IV loitering unknown origin is this the comfort of being afraid solar eclipsed black out the vultures as they wait dissect a trillion sighs away will you get this letter? jagged pulp sliced in my veins i write to remember 'cause i'm a million miles away will you get this letter? jagged pulp sliced in my veins i write to remember..<BR>-At the drive in

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My favorite music:

Nine Inch nails
comments: No matter what mood i'm in, i can find something of theirs to listen to.
comments: tool, a perfect circle, joy division, the cure, tears for fears, chevelle, rob d., god i could go on forever...
Pink Floyd
comments: queen, led zepplin, simon and garfunkel, madeleine peyroux, coldplay, fiona apple, alanis morrisette, classical, opera and jazzz.
comments: I may be phasing them out of my playlists, but i still need a lil emo once in a while
comments: the first band that i loved that was not from my parents influence.

My favorite movies:

The Great Escape
comments: I am going to marry steve mcqueen...oh wait. he's dead.
Original Starwars Trilogy
comments: im a sci fi freak. but dont ask me to watch star trek
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
comments: i wish it were real and i wish i alive in it.
The Matrix/Matrix Reloaded/Matrix Revolutions
comments: lets put it this way: i, who never cries at movies, cried. how pathetic, but how awesome was this series??
Fight Club
comments: the movie and the book are my lifelines.

My favorite authors:

Ayn Rand
comments: Atlas Shrugged. Loved it.
Neal Stephenson
comments: Cryptonomicon and Snowcrash- Amazing. Just wish he would add another chapter to his books to tie up loose ends. Like the last 15 minutes of return of the king...
C.S. Lewis/Susan Cooper
comments: authors of my two most favorite fantasy series
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
comments: Ahh, how I loved Cat's Cradle. Player Piano.
Auldous Huxley
comments: Brave New World. I think we are headed in this direction :-X

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