"and this vanity I'm breaking, lets me live my life like this..."

"Well I'll choose this life I've taken, never mind the friends I'm making

And I get a little shaken, because I live my life like this"

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Bad Religion
comments: This was the first band I ever listened to of my own volition in like 4th grade...I guess that might be why I turned out the way I did.
Type O Negative
comments: Because Peter Steele is so hot he could have sex with me via his voice only...but the rest of him would be such man candy!!!
comments: Because everyone's house should sound like the ultimate new age store/spa
My Chemical Romance
comments: When I woke up from the nightmare that was JC i needed an fixation/obsession and Gerard stepped up to fill that role *nicely*
I hate lists
comments: Which is why I won't go through everyone else, suffice it to say that <3 my rock goddess Mummy, my many self-destructive rock-god Daddies, and ever other bastard half-brother and sister we find out there

My favorite movies:

Interview with the Vampire
comments: Homo-erotic me to d*e*a*t*h (PLEASE)
comments: "There was no such thing as society and even if there was, I most certainly had nothing to do with it."
Anything by Pixar
comments: Because I must appease my inner child on a regular basis.
Fight Club
comments: Probably one of the only movies I've seen over a hundred times, and I'm nowhere near done.
Eddie Izzard
comments: Ok, so he's not a movie technically...but he is in some...and his comedy shows are on DVD...and I was born on his birthday, so it counts as a movie to me.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Because he wrote IT, a 1200 page book I can pretty much quote word for word...yet another thing I discovered in the 4th grade...probably another contributing factor as well.
J.R.R. Tolkein
comments: As escapism at its finest! I'll take Middle Earth *any* day.
Dan Brown
comments: Fiction that makes you think....a beautiful thing.
Ann Rule
comments: I'm a forensic files kind of girl...
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Someone reminded me I never put him on here...I can't exactly explain what would cause that, but i'm working on it, and if i find it i'm going to smash it :(

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