bad pharie

you dont have to be rapunzel, to let down your hair...

My favorite diaries:

perceptions profile - diary
comments: i will bet him $500 he will never come see me...
obsidianfrog profile - diary
comments: the fabulous miss w
joebuddha profile - diary
comments: the brother i never had... till 5 years ago...
blackgiraffe profile - diary
comments: one of my favorite giraffes
meatpants profile - diary
comments: mwah
brokenwords profile - diary
comments: i just started and im intrigued
moonrattles profile - diary
comments: i love this chick... read it.... you know you cant resist it....
tinfoilheart profile - diary
comments: yeah... like she said, neighbors... maybe shes held the door for me at a store... or a restraunt...
mroptomism profile - diary
comments: i likey
candoor profile - diary
comments: -life in black and white-
gumphood profile - diary
comments: id like to have coffee with this one...
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: i LOVE reading this and IT'S SO PRETTY!
randomlush profile - diary
comments: we should have a drink if were ever on the same coast
soulstyce profile - diary
comments: im already additcted
worthlessl profile - diary
comments: me read you. me likey.
essaywriter profile - diary
comments: dig in! no matter who you are... you'll like this.
deadlyhope profile - diary
comments: yes... hummmm....
trapezoid profile - diary
comments: seriously...
penisface profile - diary
comments: enough said...
wickedcrazy profile - diary
comments: a new favorite...
crackisbad profile - diary
comments: a guest book slut... and i look forward to future updates...
logophobic profile - diary
comments: ironic sarcasm... just my speed...
pumpkinhouse profile - diary
bornearly profile - diary
kelsi profile - diary
azelya profile - diary
unclebob profile - diary
resonant profile - diary
focus profile - diary
evilgal profile - diary
dianabee profile - diary
ieatsoap profile - diary
dirtelilhole profile - diary
youdontknowme profile - diary
qypsy-rain profile - diary
unclaimed profile - diary
waterstain profile - diary
zeeth profile - diary
stomper4x4 profile - diary
jediboy profile - diary

My favorite music:

cave in
comments: incredible
faith no more
comments: fabulous
comments: ambient yumminess
ani difranco
comments: inspirational
tori amos
comments: essential

My favorite movies:

comments: "why dont you get out of my life and shut up!"
donnie darko
comments: "wake up"
28 days later
comments: "its not a lion.... its a giraffe."
21 grams
comments: " its said you lose 21 grams at the moment of heavy is 21 grams... "
the lord of the rings trilogy
comments: "one ring to rule them all..."

My favorite authors:

kurt vonnegut
comments: welcome to the monkey house
comments: the sun also rises, the short stories
jen paul satre
comments: no exit, nausea
jenette winterson
comments: art and lies, written on the body, gut symmetries, the powerbook, the world and other places
mark z. danielewski
comments: house of leaves

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