"Love All" only works in tennis

Keywords: long hair, Church of Satan, Mensa, misogyny, mathematics, Tantra, financially stable, cubicle, sober, non-smoker, MS degree, 5'8", bachelor, witty, bisexual, omnivorous, narcissist (but not solipsist), New England, playing assorted musical instruments, music theory, 30-something.

My favorite diaries:

sunstargirl profile - diary
comments: She actually reads my stuff!
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: Somewhat self-loathing, but still a much needed 180 from all those estrogren-flooded, male-bashing diaries. Oddly enough, this one has gotten quite a few positive reviews from females.
omzhaara profile - diary
omri profile - diary
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: The name alone just cracks me up, and the blunt rants within sustain my laugh. Though I'm not entirely sure if that's "laughing with" or "laughing at". At least last I checked.
arbus profile - diary
comments: My friend who introduced me to diaryland.com. But she gave up on posting here.
sarrowzend profile - diary
comments: A fellow CoS guy who takes the time to answer the questions we're all so tired of answering. Great entries. Disappeared though
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Used to have a Coop banner, and I used to be able to read it. Oh well

My favorite music:

The Residents
comments: "The World's Most Famous Unknown Band'. They changed my life.
comments: I had "Ronnie James Dio", but "Dio" is a bigger Diaryland list. A dream came true when Black Sabbath mark III, as Heaven & Hell, reunited in 2007.
Martin Denny
comments: And in general, 1950s/1960s exotca & space-age pop. I love the tiki stuff.
The Black Crowes
comments: I heard "Jealous Again" on the airwaves around March 1990, and I've been hooked since.
The Police
comments: Another reunion dream that came true in 2007. Wait...that's it? Only spaces for 5 bands? What the hell?!?

My favorite movies:

comments: My long-time favorite movie.
Men In Black
comments: Just a strangely beautfiul, funny movie.
Next Stop Wonderland
comments: It's not a corny Hollywood romantic comedy.
Josie And The Pussycats
comments: Pure fun. Great soundtrack. Just lighten up for once & enjoy it.
comments: "When your mind becomes obsessed with anything, it will filter everything else out, and see that thing everywhere"

My favorite authors:

Clive Barker
comments: But I like his movies even more.
Anton LaVey
comments: Hail Doc!
Anton Szandor LaVey
comments: This way my name is listed in both the "Anton LaVey" and "Anton Szandor LaVey" author lists.
George Orwell
comments: "1984" is my favorite novel.
George Carlin
comments: Yes, he's written 3 books.

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