The Fever Monument

I walked across the park to the fever monument. It was in the center of a glass square surrounded by red flowers and fountains. The monument was in the shape of a sea horse and the plaque read We got hot and died.

-Richard Brautigan

"i could have told you kansas is flatter than a pancake. they didn't need any fancy tools for that. they could've just called me. maybe that's why i don't like your pancake pillows. it's like i'm sleeping on my home state and it doesn't feel good."- Nina Marie

My favorite diaries:

Seanandjacob profile - diary
comments: my brother and his partner in, well, i dont know really...
pullonmyhair profile - diary
comments: this one really great kid that lives in the uk
perceptions profile - diary
comments: great writing
starsalone profile - diary
comments: "it's just about that place where your hand and my heart meet that makes this worth everything or nothing"
februarykiss profile - diary
comments: if i was younger and her neighbor, i'd be in love
ohio21boy profile - diary
comments: if i liked boys and was his neighbor, i'd be in love
justcircles profile - diary
comments: n.o.t.d.o.r.k.
sporkmurder profile - diary
comments: the best diary that i cannot read, i can only asume that under the padlock, it is brilliance
killiansred profile - diary
comments: we could hold each other close as we stand outside of matthew caws apartment in the cold
neilyum profile - diary
comments: i think he's in a one man band like me. except he can play instruments.
fulograc profile - diary
comments: smart girl
cosmicsloths profile - diary
comments: seanandjacobsideproject Hilarious profile page by the way. Also see thier entry on my favorite entries page.
beholdthesky profile - diary
comments: probably the best writer i have found on diaryland
smltwn73 profile - diary
comments: found this one cause this one found me first
peteypuke profile - diary
comments: hilarious "indie punk goth fag smart ass little bitch ... let's not forget video game geek, reality t.v. addict, collector of action figures and champion of toilet humor!"
a-tasty-mint profile - diary
comments: read "the van and the bear" entry. it is funny and also sad (sorry about your van).
chlemmy profile - diary
comments: nice looking diary, just starting, so I can't really say much else yet.
notreallyme profile - diary
comments: another chlemmy? chlemmy part 2? chlemmy prequel? who knows
veronica-- profile - diary
comments: she thinks i'm "fucking hot!"
simplechaos profile - diary
comments: in common
emofaerie profile - diary
comments: i likes her
tallr-than-u profile - diary
comments: like im her like first favorite diary so she totally deserves a spot on my favorites
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: it's my favorite explodingdog drawing ever
monkeymitten profile - diary
comments: shes trying to lay off the drink just like me
hartattack profile - diary
comments: fantastic taste in music, and lives in colorado springs?! i thought jacob, of seanandjacob, was the only one!!!
fulminous profile - diary
comments: he knows a good burrito chain when he sees one!
pretendtious profile - diary
comments: tag your it
focus-free profile - diary
comments: petey's photo album. now i can finally put faces to the names.
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: rock music is evil, but apparently the grateful dead are stilll okay in the Jesus' book.
mix-tapes profile - diary
comments: mix-tapes!
bettinas profile - diary
comments: if people like her were in colorado springs when i was, it wouldn't have sucked so bad.
inthesun101 profile - diary
comments: not all who wander are lost
blankwave profile - diary
comments: the best diary i've ever seen in my many years.
transceiver profile - diary
comments: jacob 2.0 bigger and badder. well, actually, still skinny and good.
robin-smith profile - diary
comments: impressive writing. most, most enjoyable.
hucksterfinn profile - diary
comments: It is our distinct pleasure to welcome the voice and vision of hucksterfinn back into the dubya-d family
halfwayhome profile - diary
comments: the other half of a whole. and he agrees with my feelings on Ryan Adams- Love is Hell Pt. 1.
afrosrock profile - diary
comments: stuff and things
leitinaa-s profile - diary
comments: "A calling is a calling, and Queen Latifah was ringin´┐Ż me up somethin´┐Ż fierce." best.diary.ever.
a-pineapple profile - diary
comments: now she's a fruit, but she still tastes minty fresh to me.
trigger-cut profile - diary
comments: long lost friend
kayzotica profile - diary
comments: likes long walks and double barrel shotguns
habbit profile - diary
comments: another person living and dying in brooklyn, ny.
sullivan40 profile - diary
comments: just found this now (2005) but he's homeless and has been doing journals for a long time.
elysium1982 profile - diary
comments: an add for an add
mr-sparkles profile - diary
comments: not as embarassing as having the Chewbacca face that you got.
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: a good read to pass the time.
nonplus profile - diary
comments: ?
jonquill profile - diary
comments: fantastic writing
sumi37 profile - diary
comments: efficacy of walkers

My favorite music:

modest mouse
comments: gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job
The Candys
comments: Longwave, Cave In, Blur, Sondre Lerche
nada surf
comments: the good life, the delays, sigur ros, godspeed you black emperor, granddaddy, radiohead, stone roses, coldplay, london suede, smiths, my bloody valentine, the charlatans uk, Enon, belle and sebastian, the shins, arab strap, hefner, elliot smith, starsailo
comments: sunny day real estate, songs:ohia, spoon, the walkmen, the dears, clinic, rolling stones, the music, the pattern, the white stripes, the strokes, the hives, built to spill, guided by voices, desparecedos, old weezer, cursive, death cab for cutie, clem
nick drake
comments: lullaby for the working class, the music, neil young, nick cave, costello, cream, led zepplin, ccr, leonard cohen, velvet underground, bowie, neutral milk hotel, ugly casanova, the fever, the vue, calla, the list goes on and on.....

My favorite movies:

fight club
comments: fincher's finest
donnie darko
comments: hungry hungry hippo's!
Mr. Show
comments: (HBO's best show ever), waiting for guffman, high fidelity, best in show, any peter sellers.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
comments: Amelie, Memento, Requiem for a Dream, 12 monkeys, LOTR, 2001 A Space Oddessy, Snatch, The Score, American History X.
comments: The Royal Tennenbaums, Bowling For Columbine, Bottle Rocket, Empire of the Sun, Serpico, Being John Malcovich.

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
Davis Sedaris
Irvine Welsh
there isn't a space for this, but there should be
comments: favorite websites:,

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