A Full-Fledged Obsession

Another one of New York City's interminable queer boys, hell-bent on ruling the world through a cunning combination of wit, style, and being dead sexy.

My favorite diaries:

untough profile - diary
comments: The best of my many roommates, who is, despite the name, quite tough.
maigera profile - diary
comments: A lovely and quite smart girl, who made for an adorable boxen-baby. She wins the Wonderfulest Award.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: And thus I join the legion of admirers.
lkvw23 profile - diary
comments: It is like reading about my own life.
freyja profile - diary
comments: Poetry seems too bland a word.
blueapple profile - diary
comments: I am head-over-heels in love. I feel so much smarter just for reading this.
sooner profile - diary
comments: I feel like I should be paying for this kind of entertainment.
iota profile - diary
comments: Unbearably sweet.
shivery profile - diary
comments: "Shivvybugfacehuggylove," to those in-the-know; in other words, just to me.
amorphous profile - diary
comments: New York, D&D, Mountain Dew, and an eminently readable diary, all wrapped up in one lovely package.
sophetia profile - diary
comments: I am living vicariously through her -- and I love that her entries read like a conversation with your best friend.
seastreet profile - diary
comments: He lives in Estonia. And come on -- Estonia is funny! Plus, he's just disgustingly brilliant.
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: Evil Robot Army: I bow before you.
arizonabay profile - diary
comments: Former Roommate Of Justice!
kingdomcum profile - diary
comments: Somehow, I always suspected. Stick it (in)to the mouse!
dj-eurotrash profile - diary
comments: My own Big Fake Wedding (at the age of seven) was not as well received as his. Alas.
jcruelty profile - diary
comments: Not just your average face-rocking-Vin-Diesel-clone.
floodtide profile - diary
comments: How does Sea know so many fantabulous people?
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: He may have touched Steve Jobs on MULTIPLE occasions.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: Makes me laugh. Laugh!
silleehed profile - diary
comments: A very smart cookie, and only occasionally sillee.
doghigh profile - diary
comments: A wonderful New York boy who I rather enjoy reading.
koomaster profile - diary
comments: He's crikeylicious!
lovepuddles profile - diary
comments: C'mon in, the 4%-bodyfat-love-water is fine!
modelesque profile - diary
comments: At last, the blissful couple can be joined as one, even if it's only in my buddy list for now.
ohio21boy profile - diary
comments: Misadventures in the Midwest!
eon profile - diary
comments: Extra "u"s and fewer "z"s. My favourite!
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: She says she's sour, I think she's sweet. As in, Sweeeeeeeeet!!
taydo profile - diary
comments: A man of unparalleled wit and natural style. Don't believe him when he says he hates me.
sidewaysrain profile - diary
comments: "Ferrets are hysterical (and stinky), they have two speeds -- high and off. They are like snakes on coke with fur and legs."
girlsdontcry profile - diary
comments: Chocolate, vodka, red freaking velvet cake, and a fellow word-o-phile, all in one place!
inarticulate profile - diary
comments: She's like Diaryland Royalty. Plus, she's fantastic.
williamtells profile - diary
comments: "I was afraid that, during the bonfire there would be a Lord of the Flies moment and so I stayed away from the unpopular fat guy in glasses, just to be safe."
omegaverse profile - diary
comments: Overcoming adversity in the Canadian Wilds -- and being cute and funny while he's at it!
littlecough profile - diary
comments: "She used to read me Highlights magazine, and the Goofus and Gallant comics. Who do you want to be? Gallant, I'd tell my mom. I want to be Gallant. I want to be Gallant, so I caressed Tyler's prostate gently."
realjesus profile - diary
comments: Hahahaha! No really! Hahahaha!
djraindog profile - diary
comments: A completely adorable and charming fellow who writes about things I can't bring myself to (yet.) Plus, I inspired him to unleash his inner 'hawk! Sweeeeeet!
mare-ingenii profile - diary
comments: Can I please meet her over a cup of tea? Please??
petithiboux profile - diary
comments: Beautiful, charming, witty, with a firm mastery of puns, storytelling, and double entendres. Plus she throws a MEAN brunch.
blankwave profile - diary
comments: I can't imagine how this fell off my favorites list in the FIRST place. Oh wait, maybe it was all that about bad-mouthing the iPod. (laugh)
flexible profile - diary
comments: He's my honey-bun sugar-plum pumbyumbyumpkin, he's my sweetie pie. He's my cuppy-cake gum-drop snookumspookumstore, the apple of my eye!

My favorite music:

comments: I channel all my repressed heterosexual desires through Shirley Manson.
They Might Be Giants
comments: Brilliance. Unrestrained brilliance. And you learn stuff!
comments: The whole Bubblegum Europop thing, actually. Including Eiffel 65 and Toybox and all that jazz.
Sarah McLachlan
comments: Reserved solely for when I'm depressed.
Rufus Wainwright
comments: Grrrowl.

My favorite movies:

The House of Yes
comments: An incredibly dark comedy about incest, starring Parker Posey and Tori Spelling. How on earth could it go wrong?
The Neverending Story
comments: The source of both my lifelong love of fantasy, and my tattoo.
Thoroughly Modern Millie
comments: Julie Andrews. Mary Tyler Moore. Carol "Hello Dolly" Channing. I stand aghast at the camp value.
Dangerous Liaisons
comments: The best source of unbridled double entendres, and the role model for manipulative bitchiness.
Dancer in the Dark
comments: Breaks my heart. Ahh, Bjork, how I love thee.

My favorite authors:

Michael Chabon
comments: Kavalier and Clay. Made me weep uncontrollably on the subway, just because the story was over.
Robert Jordan
comments: The Wheel of Time. Please let him live long enough to finish it.
Connie Willis
comments: As far as I'm concerned, the unquestioned master of the short story. And her novels are damned good, too.
Michael Marshall Smith
comments: There is something mesmerizing in his books. I flew to England to find some of them. Well, that, and to buy shoes.
Neal Stephenson
comments: C'mon. Cryptonomicon. Nothing more need be said.

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